Saturday, July 19, 2014


Do you believe in signs?...I do...but maybe not all of it,just a certain signs but mostly,I believe in fate and destiny...the reason I'm talking about it is because recently,something happened that got me thinking...I'm gonna tell you about it but I won't be specific...You see,at first,I was suppose to do this "thing" because I really want to do it but unfortunately,some things happened and I couldn't do it...and the 'some things' didn't just happen once,so the "thing" that I'm suppose to do had to be postponed until recently I got to do and I was so happy but then something bad happened(but not to me or my don't worry) and it was all over the news...and it somehow connected to the "thing"...though I could just ignore it and be happy,I still feel like it's not,you see? It's like a sign or fate that shows I'm not suppose to do it,that it's not meant for me to do it and be happy about it...I'm not mad,but I was just wondering why....I know you must be thinking,what the hell am I talking about...haha...but I don't mind if you don't understand,I just wanna share with you guys... :)




I know that I haven't done this for a long time and might not do it again after this(maybe)...The reason I'm doing a review now is because the movie is amazing and I've waited to watch it for like a month and I finally got to watch it yesterday...The movie that I'm talking about is ' The Fault In Our Stars'...I have to say that the director,Josh Boone,have done a great job adapting the novel because the movie is exactly like the novel,maybe not 100% but it was like 80% the same as the it's good..About the actors,Shailene Woodley,she managed to be the Hazel Grace that I imagined when reading the novel..same goes to Ansel Elgort who played Augustus Waters..he potray it amazingly..Nat Wolff was also amazing being Isaac...all of them was awesome..I would also like to say congratulation to John Green for his success in writing a novel that give an impact to a lot of people and also myself.. :)