Monday, September 14, 2015


Next Tuesday is my Dean's List Award and I will attend it this time even though it will be kinda further away than of the reason that wanna I go is because I wanted to ask for my plaque from the previous Award because as you all know I didn't attend it,I just got back from shopping with my sisters...One thing happened yesterday,something that I knew would happen but hoped that it wouldn't but it boss asked me if I wanted to work here permenantly and she said I should give the answer by I talked to my sisters and they say it's my choice,they would agree whatever decision I see,my plan was that after I've done my internship next month,I wanna like take a break for like a couple of months and just not think about studies and work but not like doing nothing,I wanna open my own business(online) and continue writing my novel like for,I still haven't made up my mind...I guess we'll see how it goes on Monday.....

I had fun today,went out with 2 of my sisters...we went to this event called 'Idearaya',it's basically an independent event with art stuff and novels and we went there this afternoon and we bought some stuff and I bought a present for my sister even though her birthday was on July...haha...and after that we grabbed a bite to eat and went back there to watch a gig but unfortunately the gig was a bit boring and the band who played there was not the band we know,so we went back home early....all and all,it was quite a fun experience,because I've never been to a gig,this did take my mind away from thinking about my decision...