Monday, October 12, 2015


Yesterday was such a fun day because I got to online,though it was because I had to reply customers' email and doing my final report, I went out for dinner with A and S and since they decided to stay up until this morning and planned to have breakfast together,we went to A's friend's hostel which is at A's old university. At first A was planning to just see him and probably talk for a while but since we don't have any other plan than the breakfast,we all agreed to stay at his hostel and just talk until morning...but we all ended up sleeping there,I was the first one to fell asleep because I was soooooo sleepy...I feel kinda bad though because A's friends was so friendly and talkative but I could really join them because I spaced out a couple of times because I was sleepy....And then this morning we woke up and head home after we went to IKEA to look for something that A's mother told him to find...we didn't get the chance to breakfast together because we were all pretty tired....Anyway,it was a fun experience even though I did slept on a friends hostel before when I was at Malacca (I wrote about it previously) but I'm hoping that I acted right in front of A's friends,not that I was being mean or rude but just that I hope the way I respond and talk to them is the way I wanted to,I hope they see me as I wanted to...Anyhow,thanks to A's friends for letting us "hijacked" their hostel and thanks to A and S for such a fun night!...