Sunday, May 13, 2012


I haven't told you guys this but G and I texted each other sometimes,but mostly she started it...She asked me about my application last Tuesday and I told her I didn't get in,so I asked the same question and she also didn't get in but she didn't send an appeal like I did...when I asked her why,she said she don't want to talk about it....I respect that,so I didn't ask her that question again,even though I would like to know why because it's kinda ridiculous for not trying to send an appeal....maybe she's giving up...I don't know but if I'm at her place,with a good grade like her,I would try to apply at a lot of colleges or university that have what I want...sometimes I feel like she's the one who makes her life complicated....pretty sad,right??but it's her life,so she can do whatever she long as she didn't drag me with her in her complicated life...LOL

I could sense that today,the customer will come and collect his spectacles because I heard baldy mentioned his name(I think) on the phone while he was calling someone...Argh!!!!I'm definitely dead!Lets hope he'll collect it when I'm not here...Earlier today,A said something about something that makes me realize who I become now..a different person...a better person...I'm not saying I hate who I was but I like who I am more..because even though I'm alone and not in a relationship,I'm happier,more confident,braver(I think).I know you guys might think I'm bluffing but I'm not,it's true...I am becoming better...So,to those who pushed me away,ignoring me because I'm not the same level as they are,I would like to say..thank you...sincerely..thank you because if you didn't do what you did,I wouldn't be who I am and I wouldn't find people who give me something that I never thought I had,and that is courage...if not,I think I would still be the same lame guy,who have to pretend to be someone else just to be accepted by,I'm happier,I'm being myself and thank you for those who pushed me away,thank you for those who helped me become better and thank you to my best friends for supporting me.... :)