Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Did a little shopping yesterday,a preparation for Eid day... LOL..Did I tell you guys that I wrote a few novels??I don't think,yeah,I wrote a few,I even sent one of if to a publication company but until now,I don't know what happen to it...I've started writing novel when I was 13 or 14 years old but it took me a while to finish the first book because I was in school and a few other stuff that I have to focus on..but then it was done and since that I keep on writing novels but I stopped it for quite sometimes and now I'm starting to write it again,still searching for ideas,though....I forgot to tell you guys that something funny happened yesterday while me and my sisters went for a that shopping mall,it was so crowded,a lot of as we were walking around,we then split up..I was looking around by myself,I then talked to a girl that I thought was my sister,it was so and that girl was looking at each other in surprise...I was so embarrassing,I turn around and walked was so funny,I think this is the first time it happen to me... :) that girl,I'm so sorry if I scared you... :) LOL