Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I already reminded those people about the rules inside the class for that fiercesome lecturer...I did it in front of the whole class...I talk to them nicely,so hopefully they would listen and do their best to follow it until the end of the semester....NZ told me earlier that I should prepare for the worst,I am...maybe...but whatever it is,even if it doesn't go well tomorrow,I already have my back-up plan...which is to resign....I forgot to tell you all about Y,I still haven't say a word to her and apparently,she kinda notice that I'm ignoring her but I'm pretty sure she doesn't know my reason,she's sorta think that I just don't wanna talk to her,so she doesn't say a word to me either,maybe she's hoping I would start talking to her first...sorry Y but I would not talk to people who only text me when they need help from me......BTW,I texted with A and S last night,we had a great talk,though it was quite short....I really miss hanging out with them,especially when I have a lot of things to share...haha....Once again,I really hope everything will go well tomorrow...wish me luck! I just found out something shocking...NZ told me that Y asked him earlier today about me,why I suddenly acting different around her...but he told her that he don't know anything(which is true) and when he told me,I just said I didn't realize I was ignoring her(which is a lie)..I don't wanna tell NZ the truth because I know he wouldn't understand and probably think that I'm just overreacting....The thing is,I didn't know that she notice my ignorant...which is not really a surprise because it's the beginning of a new semester and she definitely gonna need my help for studies...that's all..