Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Yesterday I planned to have breakfast with A and S...but it was also been cancelled because has to go back that morning and A had to sent his sister to job interview..but then,A and I decided to go out and have dinner...It's too bad S couldn't come....We had our dinner at A&W...have lots of fun talking...we talked like we never seen each other for a month LOL....I had a great time yesterday..... :) Lately,it's been raining everyday....and right now,I feel sleepy..LOL


Monday, November 28, 2011


i promised you all that I will write about my 3 previous jobs.So,my first job was when I was 14 years old.I worked at my school but actually just at a stall that was provided by my school.So I worked there as a sales assistant(I think).I worked for about a month and a half,the reason I quited is because...hahahahaha this is gonna make you guys laugh because I miss my home but also because I was so tired working there.I said that because I have to come for work in the morning and straight away to afternoon at the time where my class start and then up to almost evening,when I now allow to go home.I was there almost the entire day.So that's why I resigned and besides,they paid me RM3 per's so cheap.My next job is when I was 18,I actually opened a my own food stall(Amazing!)LOL..but just a small stall.I sell fried ice-cream...hahahahaha I'm sure that you all are scratching your head right now,yeah fried ice-cream.It's actually a dough,like a bread but tha shape is like a a puff or a pie and you have to deep fry it but just for a few second or unless it will explode..hahahahaha...just kidding but really,you cannot overcooked it because the ice-cream will melt and it won't taste so good.Besides that,I also sell drinks,sweets and stuff,it last for a month because the stall is a bit far from my house,so we had to drive a car to go there.In fact,we have to bring a lot of things for cooking and drinks.Then,my brother got a job,so he has to take back the car and I decided to just close the stall because if not,it's too much difficulties to go there with a lot of stuff to bring.It sucks a bit,you know because it's fun do that and we were doing quite ok but I guess it was meant to end that way.Moving on,my third job was working at the KFC a few blocks from my house.I worked the twice actually.First,I started working last year,middle of october if I'm not mistaken but it last for a month and a half.I resigned because I was continuing on my studies but it doesn't last long either,I'll tell you all soon.The second time was this year,middle of May(I think)and that also last a month and a half LOL.This time I quited because I can't stand working there,it's not just because it's a load of work but it also because of the person I'm working with,she was such an asshole..but I'm not gonna tell you guys about that now(maybe next time)because she was so horrible and it's gonna take a long time to write about her pain-in-the-ass's attitude because it's a lot.So I'm just gonna continue on telling you guys about my job.BTW,the second time working at the KFC,I also worked with A but different department.Working at the KFC is a lot of work but sometimes it's kinda fun.Then until now,I'm working at the optometrist shop(likek I told you guys before).I also have a story to tell you all about when I was working at the KFC but I think that I'll tell you on the next time,ok???...BYE2


I'm alone at my work place right now,luckily I borrowed my sister's phone so I can listen to the radio and lessen my boredness... :) It's raining outside but there's no dark clouds but it's not too sunny either...a perfect scenery for a sad scene in a movie..LOL..My boss is back and the rain ahs stopped...OMG!!There's no electricity at my work place and even at my house...hahahahaha..I don't know how are we gonna be when night comes....Well,that doesn't last long,it's ok now,the electricity is back on...LOL


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Earlier today,I watched 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid',I know it's lame because that movie is like last year but I just watched it first,when it was in cinema,I didn't feel to watch it but some people said it was a great movie and now it's on tv,so I watch it.The point is,when I watch that movie,it makes me thinking "what kind of guy should I be?",I mean,I sometimes feels like wanna be a nice guy,you know,clean cut guy but sometimes I wanna be a bad guy or mysterious guy or even a happy go lucky I don't know what to decide..I can't be all of that,people might think I have spilt personality....but most of the time,I do like being a nice guy because I can't be a bad guy  look like this,people will say "Look at that guy,his ugly and mean.I hate that kind of guy",....So I don't wanna be label as that....but it doesn't mean if I become a good looking guy(I don't think if it's possible)I will be mean,just saying that if I'm being mean now,it's not a very good now I'm still searching but  I think I am more of a nice guy but I'm not gonna be too nice until I'm making fool of myself...just intermediate.... :) Wish me luck!! BTW,I didn't write  anything yesterday because nothing happened and I don't know what else to write........OMG!!S is back!!!We can hang out but not sure when but we can't go out on Monday because he'll be going back there on Monday....

Oh my God!!My boss is so lame......he knows nothing about fashion.He didn't even know what a suspender is ...WTH!!!He said I look like a performer and he laughed...he really needs to be expose to fashion...Another bad news,we might not go all because A is at somewhere far.....far away.So,I'm not go sure about this hang out thing..It is already confirmed that we are not gonna go out..bummer..but what to do??Things like this happen all the time....


Saturday, November 26, 2011


  1. Step-up 3
  2. Jennifer's Body
  3. Transformer
  4. Transformer:Revenge Of The Fall
  5. Transporter 1
  6. Transporter 2
  7. Transporter 3
  8. Death Race
  9. The Day After Tomorrow
  10. Sleeping With The Enemy
  11. French Kiss
  12. Van Wilder:Party Liaison
  13. 3 Ninjas
  14. 3 Ninjas:Kick Back
  15. Take The Lead
  16. Love Lies Bleeding
  17. Shrek
  18. Shrek 2
  19. Shrek The Third
  20. The Invisible
  21. Hollowman
  22. Spiderman
  23. Spiderman 2
  24. Spiderman 3
  25. Fanboys
  26. Superman Returns
  27. Batman
  28. Batman Forever
  29. Batman And Robin
  30. Batman Returns
  31. The Dark Night
  32. Fast & Furious
  33. 2 Fast,2 Furious
  34. Tokyo Drift
  35. The Fast & The Furious
  36. Next Karate Kid
  37. Long Kiss Goodnight
  38. Anastasia
  39. Aladdin
  40. Little Mermaid
  41. Beauty & The Beast
  42. The Goonies
  43. Toy Soldiers
  44. Small Soldiers
  45. Troy
  46. The Mummy(remake)
  47. The Mummy Return
  48. The Mummy:Curse Of The Dragon Emperor
  49. Pirates Of The Caribbean:Curse Of The Black Pearl
  50. Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest
  51. Pirates Of The Caribbean:At World Ends
  52. Reign Of Fire
  53. Gamer
  54. Gremlins
  55. Gremlins 2
  56. The Mask
  57. Truman Show
  58. Cable Guy
  59. Yes Man
  60. Liar Liar
  61. Me,Myself & Irene
  62. Cheaper By The Dozen
  63. Cheaper By The Dozen 2
  64. Father Of The Bride
  65. Father Of The Bride 2
  66. Dirty Rotten Scoundrel
  67. America's Sweetheart
  68. Identity
  69. 2012
  70. White Chicks
  71. Hot Chicks
  72. Ghost
  73. The Three Musketeers(2011)
  74. Monster Inc.
  75. Cars
  76. Toy Story
  77. Toy Story 2
  78. Toy Story 3
  79. Prince Of Persia:The Sand Of Time
  80. The Social Network
  81. Dangerous Mind
  82. Hairspray
  83. Flatliners
  84. My Best Friend's Wedding
  85. Eagle Eye
  86. Maid Of Honor
  87. Mission Impossible
  88. Mission Impossible 2
  89. Mission Impossible 3
  90. Casino Royale
  91. Girl,Interrupted
  92. Lara Croft:Tomb Raider
  93. Lara Croft:Cradle Of Life
  94. Salt
  95. Jaws
  96. Jaws 2
  97. Night At The Museum
  98. Night At The Museum:Battle Of The Smithsonian
  99. The Expendables
  100. Final Destination
  101. Final Destination 2
  102. Final Destination 3
  103. The Final Destination
  104. It's A Boy Girl Thing
  105. Pleasantville
  106. Amytaville Horror(remake)
  107. Changeling

Thursday, November 24, 2011


My leg was getting better but yesterday morning,when I lifted my nephew because he was so stubborn and refused to take his bath,I got strain again but it's not as painful as before but I am limp again...It's raining heavily outside...Just now,G texted me and asked me to buy her phone credit,again but this time I'm not short of money but I'm totally broke and this time I told her that I'm broke and I'm sorry..but this time she's cool with it....

My leg is getting better,I'm not limp anymore...Thank God.



The reason I use the word 'Girls' is because it happened a few times and I think it's not the same girl.The first is not really a mystery,just that I don't remember who she is.So,it happened I think when I was 15,I was in a prefect camping trip and me and her was climbing a small hill(I think),so I gave a hand to her so that she can climb it and she took my hand and climb up...but there wasn't a spark thing,just me being gentleman..but the thing is,I don't remember her...Amazing,right?(cynically).The second one  happened when me and 2 of sisters were walking in a shopping mall near my house.So as we were walking,we past by a girl giving out flayers(I think),then my sis said "Hey,that girl was staring at you like she knew you",I was so surprised because I didn't realize it,so I looked back at her but she was talking to someone,so I didn't really saw her face.The third time happened at the night market close to my old house,which is about 1km from where I live now and it happened a week after the second one.It happened slightly the same as the second time,the different is she's not giving out flayers and this time didn't saw her at all because it was too crowded.I was there with my other sister but she said the same thing.It's weird but I really hope that someone could help me figure out or even better if that person herself step foward and tell me.I would appreciate that.Actually,there are few more but I didn't remember the details.So this is the 3 times that I remember.I have something else to tell you all,I don't know why actually but kids always stare at me.It's not just happened once,it's a lot of times.I don't know whether it's because of me,I mean my appearance which is totally normal or kids are wierdos because they wasn't staring at me like afraid of me or something,they just stare like  someone they know and they didn't even smile,just stare.It's so weird!!!!!!!!!


  1. How I Met Your Mother
  2. Raising Hope
  3. Friends
  4. Spartacus
  5. True Blood
  6. Glee
  7. Glee Project
  8. Spongebob Squarepant
  9. Courage The Cowardly Dog
  10. Shaun The Sheep
  11. White Collar
  12. Mr Bean
  13. CSI
  14. CSI-New York
  15. Law & Order-SVU
  16. Off The Map
  17. Greek
  18. The X-Flies
  19. Melissa & Joey
  20. The O.C.
  21. Dawson Creek
  22. Gossip Girl
  23. Hannah Montana
  24. ICarly
  25. Lizzie Mcguire
  26. Scooby-Doo
  27. Dexter's Laboratory
  28. 2 Guys & A Girl
  29. Gilmore Girls
  30. American Idol
  31. Gina Davis Show
  32. Happy Endings
  33. New Girl
  34. The Nanny

Monday, November 21, 2011


My leg is getting better,thank God...About the 3 of us going out tonight is still not 100% confirm because S said he might not make it but I don't know....we just have to see about it.BTW,listening to 'Holes Inside' by Joe this song!...I did something crazy today but  I have to do it because that's the only way to not live in the past..eventhough at first I was doubting it but now I feel relief... :) We didn't go out tonight because A is stuck at somewhere far away,so we cancelled it but I did say goodbye to S(by text)...Luckily,he will have his break on Christmas,for a week....Yea!!!!

My nephew cam yesterday,he actually stay at my house until I can only online at midnight because if not,he will want to use it and watch YouTube...imagine that,YouTube...he's only 8 but he want to watch YouTube but just watching cartoons obviously.....we sometimes messing with each other but  mostly he started it..LOL..but actually he's kinda adores me..hahahahahaha... :P This afternoon,I saw a girl with her boyfriend and that girl looks like the girl that I know(the one that mentioned in 'Mood=:(')..I was so surprised.She went to the shop next I was like talked to myself "Is that her?"..and when she walks to her car,I looked again but she's not the same girl that I know...I'm not sad because if that's her,I'm just ok with that and if she's not,I'm still ok.... :)


Friday, November 18, 2011


Yesterday I went to the clinic,got my MC but just for one day and luckily,my toe isn't broken just a sprain,thank God.So,yesterday I just spent my time at home,online and watching tv.....I asked A if he want to come and finish making that house but unfortunately,he has to help his that house is still not finish but it will finish...I think I want to hang out with them tonight to tomorrow night,at least before S go back to his college...but we'll see about that...Well,I guess we're not gonna go out tonight because A is busy and S didn't reply to me but maybe we'll be going out tomorrow night....Hopefully....So,it's confirmed that we're going out tomorrow night..but we still have 24 hours,anything can happen but lets hope nothing bad will happen,ok????


Thursday, November 17, 2011


I just found out something about 'It' but I'm not gonna tell what it is because I don't want you to know the real 'It' is,ok?I just want to share the feeling with you all.Sorry you guys...I was like so mad and frustrated,actually I'm still am..I know I shouldn't really care about 'It' because 'It' is not related to me or something but I'm just frustrated that 'It' have something that I shouldn't like...I mean,I know 'It',in fact,I've been seeing 'It' for all this time but I didn't know that that person was 'It' and now I know and also found out something shocking about 'It'.I'm not mad at 'It' because we can't choose what kind of person we are when we were first born,just that why 'It'???for all people,why someone I know???I know that this is a test for I'm just gonna be patience and hope for the best....but I do hope 'It' will change that stuff...but you know what,whoever 'It' is,I will always support 'It'...and I don't have to care about it as long as 'It' is nice to people(eventhought 'It' didn't reply to me)that's good enough for me... :)


Yesterday went crazy...LOL..not really.Having so much fun with A and S making that house model,eventhough we have to rearrange a few things and making that house model smaller than I planned,I mean not the size but the space..but I did have fun yesterday.As you can see from that I've uploaded yesterday,the house is still in working progress.I don't know when will we continue on making it because S will be going back to his college,which is far away from me :( but maybe I could  make a time for it while we're all still here...wish me luck...BTW,I am alone right now at my work place because my boss has to go somewhere that I don't know about but he told me that he will b back soon...but I don't know for sure....My boss just got back from where the hell he was after leaving me for almost 2 hours...Besides that,I just met with another ex-worker,the one before me.She's Chinese and a girl but she's ok....

Today,I had an accident...but not a car accident,just that I accidentally kicked my bed post...That thing is a solid wood,do you can imagine how painful and the affect of it...It was painful and actually it's still is and also I'm a bit limp right now but the tragic thing is,I have to go to work and right now I am at my work place..I'm wearing flip flop to work because my toes are swelling.My dad's worry that it might be broken,so maybe tonight or tomorrow,I have to go to the clinic....Something else happened yesterday,I got a missed call from G.I texted her asking why,she texted me back said "What?",so I said "Excuse me?You're the one who missed call me", and than she said she "accidentally" dial my number and she also said "Thank you for everything",I know she was trying to mock me because I didn't help her..OMG!!!Grow up....I forgot to tell you guys that tomorrow is A's go to his blog and wish him there... :)


Monday, November 14, 2011



2 days ago,G texted me and asked me to buy her a phone credit.She said she'll pay me back..This is actually the second time...The first time,I helped her and she paid me back but this time I didn't because I was short of money but what I told her was,"I'm busy"..I don't know why I did that...G wanted it so much because she said that her friend texted her and apologized,so she needs to texted her friend back because G's friend said "If you accept my apology,text me back"(so ridiculous)..G said that her other friend and her brother didn't want to help her and she said she was too lazy to go and buy it(WTH) to me,she was like "Pleaseee" and I said  "I see what I can do" but I didn't buy her that credit because I don't have enough money.....I wonder why she didn't force her friend to buy it,like he did to me????.........Besides that,she also said that she's not texting with other guys because her mom will check her phone,her mom was asking her about I said to her "What did you say?",she didn't answer my question,she just said to me"I couldn't say boyfriend because you never say that we are a couple"...I was like surprise,so I said to her"I thought we already decided to be just friends,besides,you want Chinese and I want Vanessa Hudgens,"and I asked her again what she said to her mom but she didn't reply...Hmmm weird but you know what,I don't care.Lately,I didn't try to be too nice to her,just like I was nice to her but at the same time I was kinda messing with her,just like what friends do...OMG!!!!!!!!!Tomorow is the big day,first day on the making of house model... LOL


Saturday, November 12, 2011


My sister told me that her friend also have a blog and she also write about her own story but she puts a picture on it...My sister said "Why don't you do the same?".I've been thinking after that and I decided not to do it because if I do it,it will be just like her friend's blog,right?So I'm just gonna stay like this.I might put some photos if I want to show you guys something,like I did yesterday...It's sunny outside but not hot,it was raining before but not anymore...I don't know why,but I'm feeling very happry and kinda excited too...for no reason...but I'm also afraid that it won't last long...people always say that if we are too happy,sometimes bad things will happen after that...So,I'm trying not to be too happy or least until the end of the day....


Friday, November 11, 2011


Today I finished sketching the house model..but actually just the inside of the house...I drew it but it's not so perfect...not beautiful like the professional architect did....So,below is the pictures of are allow to leave a comment or advise... :) S will be joining me on making this house model..He is still not feeling well but I think he'll be ok on Monday..



I've told you guys that I have a few friends that I met online.So today,I'm gonna tell you guys how did we met...It all started last year,June 2010.I joined this group,it's actually a competition for Charlie St Cloud movie fans.I found out about it on facebook but it was much more like a website..The competition is that  you have to complete a few tasks,like fill in your personal information,asking your friends to join it and the most important task is,you have to write on your status in that website,like what you do in twitter or facebook,as many as you can...So,from there we started talking to everyone that join the group..and the most memorable time is when we started talking about our crush.It was amazing,that website suddenly turn to a love site..LOL.It was fun....Since that,I started talking to about 6 or 7 of them and they are all girl and some guys too I think..And then,we added each other on facebook because that website was going to end...Besides that,in that website,we also make our own group call "The Zacpack"...LOL..It was awesome...The sad thing is,that website already ended and I didn't win anything but I get a few friends...The strange thing is,just 3 or 4 of them that still keep in touch with me and there are some that's becoming my best friend now.I don't know what happen to the others btu anyway,it was an interesting experience.I just wish they reopen or make a new website like that.. :) I miss that time and I miss the conversations.....


As usual,'It' didn't reply....Maybe 'It' didn't see  it yet because last time 'It' online was 2 days ago...but I don't care...I know I've been saying it for a few times but maybe I was lying to myself...somewhere deep inside i'm still hoping that it will notice me..About my plan on making a house model will begin next week.A wants to help,I don't know about S because yesterday he got poisoning I think....but A is confirmed to help...It's gonna be fun!!!.I already start sketching the design for my house model....


Thursday, November 10, 2011


I already met 2 former of my work place,meaning the person before  me.The first one is a Chinese guy,older than me,I think...I met him a couple of weeks ago.He came in and I was alone because my boss went out for dinner.I thought he was just a customer.He asked me to fix his glasses..I didn't know how to do it.So he said "Never mind,just let me do it"he said in a good way...but I just called my boss and told him is it ok if the customer wants to fix his own frame??....My boss was a bit surprised but he said ok...Then,when my boss got back,he was still here,still trying to fix his frame(he doesn't know how to do it either)..So my boss fix it for him.After he left,my boss told me that he used to work here...After that,I saw him a few times.He came with his family because they wanted to make a new pair of glasses for his brother and sister.He was kinda ok,a bit friendly but not very good looking,just white skin and slightly tough body...but you know what,last week he came again and this time with his girlfriend(I think)...surprise???Me too.... LOL..And on the same day,I met with the second ex-worker but he's Malay,dark skin,darker than me I think and also not very good looking...He came in and as usual,I thought he was a customer,BTW,i was typing at that time.....So,as he came in,my boss said "Hi",well not really "Hi",more like "Hey"...and he(the ex-worker)was speaking in English,pretty well,so I thought...then as they were speaking in English and that guy was speaking in a broken English,very broken LOL but at least he speaks in a language that I understand rather than the other guy,he speaks in Chinese,just 2 or 3 words were in English...I heard that my boss was asking him if he want to work here again(when he's free)but that guy said he will be busy because of something....I didn't really hear what they were talking about because I was typing and I'm controlling myself not to laugh at the way he was talking....He stayed here for a couples of minutes but we didn't say any word,I didn't actually look at him...I don't know if he thinks I'm a snob.It's just that I don't know what to say to him,he didn't say anything to me too...Then,after a while,he left because he needs to study.I think his either same age as me or younger,I don't know.....


'It' didn't reply to me....I checked's a bit bomer but I'm not I said maybe 'it's' busy...and I'm just not gonna be sad or something,I'm gonna focus on myself now...There's another bad news...I still haven't receive my salary...maybe today,in cash....hopefully.....Yea!!!! I already got my salary!!!..LOL....Btw,yesterday me and my sisters went out for a supper @McD....It's midnight,so I was full and sleepy....we were talking bout something but I didn't remember,it was a funny thing though,so I laugh,really laugh,tears went out of my eyes...It was crazy but great because I never had that kind of laugh for a long time.....

Yesterday I asked A if he would want to go watch a movie today....I asked S,but he didn't reply.A said he's ok with that but he think S might not agree...So,I texted A again and asked him if he got any news from S...but he didn't reply yet.....we just have to wait.....We are going out tonight!!!but we haven't decide what movie should we watch...this is gonna be fun!! :) ....S was driving his sister's car and he accidentally hit the divider in front of my shop...I was shocked but it happened before I got in,they were just arrived to pick me up...but don't worry,they are all ok...A was feeling so guilty(as usual LOL)because he was suppose to be driving that car,and I was feeling guilty too(a bit LOL)because I was the one who asked them to go out with me..but after that,everything was ok...because A was driving...hahahaha though he was a bit panic.....hahahahaha...So we watched 'In Time'.....that movie was awesome!!.....Quote "Don't waste my time" LOL

I woke up late than usual but I still make it to work on time... :) Well,I had a small fight  but just for a few minutes with the girl that I mentioned in "MY DIARY (2)" because I asked her why she's always changing topics but you know what,she didn't answer.....I apologised to her,she's not mad anymore and I also get the answer that's been in my head....the answer is,she likes Chinese guy or Chinese look,which is way different from the way I look....Don't worry,I'm not frustrated about it...I'm not even sure if I want us to be a couple....So now I know and I don't have to worry if I found someone else.... :) I know I'm suppose to be sad,but I don't...I don't know why but I feel that mean I'm cruel????

I spent almost half of my day texting with her...lets just put her as 'G'...we talked mostly about out future,not as a couple...just in education.It's great to have a girl-friend like that...I actually have a few girl-friends that I met online...I will tell about them but not now...but of course not as great as my best friends....sincerely... :)

Tomorrow is Eid Day but it's not like the one we celebrated 2 months ago.This one we call it as 'Hari Raya Aidiladha'..the previous one we call it as 'Hari Raya Aidilfitri'..So tomorrow is also my day off...Yea!!but I'm not gonna go online because it's a celebration day of course....LOL.BTW,my sis and i plan to buy a broadband at home but we haven't figure out when we want to buy it...but hopefully soon...

First of all,I want to say I'm sorry for not updating my blog yesterday because I went out with my BFFs but don't worry because from now on,I will update my blog everyday because we already bought a broadband!!!!!!!......but if I have a chance to online because I'm busy with work...This afternoon,A texted me but I left my phone at home and I read it when I went back for my break,H texted me and said that he wants to talk about I texted him back and said "Ok,sure"..but until now,he still not replying my text...I wonder what does he wants to talk about....BTW,I have finished typing our customer's details,thanked God...hopefully I will not have to type it again....A texted me tonight,saying that he'll call me after I got off work..which is another 30 minutes.....God,I'm so nervous right now.........Fiuh,it was actually nothing,he was asking me about contact lens because we didn't finish our discussion yesterday..... :)

I did something stupid...I write to 'it' again...I don't know why I did's so stupid...but hopefully 'it' reply though....hahahahaha...



This week,I will be reviewing the movie 'In Time'.....Overall this movie is awesome but it's kinda like modern Robin Hood meet Bonnie and Clyde...except it's modern day and not really about money and a bit of comedy...I like the score,it's great....The cast was amazing,they have Justin Timberlake,Amanda Seyfried,Alex Pettyfer,Olivia Wilde,Matt Bomer and few others....So,the conclusion is,it's worthy if u spend your time and time....I mean time and money(LOL)to watch this movie...but of course,it's just my opinion.... :)