Monday, October 1, 2012

MY DIARY (148)

Today,I feel happy but a bit sad.I'm happy because I got what I want but I feel sad because it would be the last for a long time...but hopefully it won't be too long...Tonight,G text me after a long period of time.She asked me how I'm doing and stuff...everything was ok,I told her I'm not working and I'm writing a novel now...but then,I asked her why suddenly she text me and she said she was busy and she also said that she'll text me everyday.The thing is,I asked her that is not because I'm pist off at her or something,I just wanna know why,maybe she want me to buy her phone credit or maybe there's no other guys in her life or she has some important question to ask.Actually,I don't really mind is she didn't text me anymore because,you know how I feel about her,I don't love her,I'm not so sure if I like her anymore after what I found out about her.Right now,she haven't reply my text after I said I didn't intend to ask her to text me everyday.I don't know if she thinks I'm mad at her or what but the truth is,I'm not...I just don't want her to text me everyday....She replied my text,we talked for a while,she asked me about my novel but then we cut off...

I know I'm suppose to feel happy today because there was something that would make me happy but I don't know why I'm not a very good mood...maybe because G suddenly popped into my life again while I was in a great moment...and I don't know why but every time she text me or something,I don't feel happy,maybe because we sometimes we end our conversation in an argument,instead,I become grumpy ...weird,right??...I'm gonna take a nap,hopefully I will feel better.....I do feel better after I woke up,though G text m again today but I didn't reply because I was too tired... :P

My nephew came this afternoon but he didn't stay so long because he got school tomorrow...but he did accidentally pisted me off.I didn't mad at him so much....BTW,I don't hate children,I just don't favor them...