Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey you all...ok,lets just cut to the case,yeah I have a job.I"m working at an optical/optometrist shop about half kilometre from my house.Actually I've been working there since 19 July 2011,so it's almost 3 month now.Everything is great so far,I mean it's not stressful and my boss,eventhough he is a bit annoying,he's kinda ok,but lately he's a bit harsh,for whatever reason...but you know what my respond is??I do the same thing,I just not being talkative to him.He also have this problem,he's kinda have a short memory lost or something,for example,sometimes if he did something wrong and he finds out about it later,he would say that it's my fault and sometimes if I'm done doing something,he would ask me if I've done it or not and he also forget where he put all of the tools,it's weird....Besides that,he hardly give me credits for the job that I did well.He rarely say 'please',I can't recall if he ever said 'thank you' and like 'good job' or 'nice work' and other nice things,you wish he would say it.He never say something like that,sometimes  wonder if I ever did a good job when in fact,I did my job pretty well....but there's an advantage when working there.You see,working at an optical shop is very relaxing because you guys can imagine that how many times do you make a glasses,right?Like once a year, it doesn't have a lot of customers,that's why I said it's relaxing but boring sometimes.So,usually at my free time,I read a book....I just finished reading 'To Kill A Mockingbird' by Harper Lee and now I'm reading 'Peter Pan' by J.M.Barrie,or if I'm not reading,I play games on my phone or just sitting and planning what to do the next day.Besides the salary,I also got a  knowledge about optometrist.Now,I already know how to check the power of your eyes using a machine and also from your glasses.I can check how high is your eye power and the point of your astigmatism.Other than that,I can cut lenses using a machine and insert it in a frame too but that's all for now.There's one time,someone said to me that maybe if I work here long enough,I might go to college and choose optometrist course because maybe at that time I might wanna become an optometrist.....but you know what,I don't think so.I don't think that I have a heart for it,I'm not the 'science guy',u know....hahahahaha.The actual reason why I'm telling you all about me having a job is because in about 5 days,I'm gonna get my salary!.......payday!!! :) So I'm just gonna forget my problems and just spend my salary buying stuff that I want LOL.....Oh,I forgot to tell you guys that this is my forth job...surprise???Me too,but it's true,this is my forth job....I want to tell you guys about my old jobs but I don't have enough time.So,I promise I will tell you all later.ok?
I guess that's all for today....maybe I will write again next week,hopefully because next week I will tell you all about my favourite songs,a list of if actually......a looooong list.......byeeeeeee :)


MOOD = :(

Lately I've been thinking,have you ever feel that you like someone and knowing that they will never like you back but you still like them???.....Well,I had and maybe I'm still am.She's great,friendly,nice to me,open minded and like who I am or at least that's what I thought.At first I didn't have any feelings for her but as day passed,I have this strange feelings,you know.....and sometimes I dreamt about her(but actually just once) and sometimes I think about her and imagine that if we are a couple that I would ask her out or sing to her....hahahaha it's a ridiculous thinking,I know but it did happened,I mean I do think about her sometimes.I remember that I sometimes said something stupid so that she'll be happy but sometimes she got a little annoyed with it,so she would step her feet on the for so hard :)....hahahaha.There's one time,she told me that she had lost her was so funny because of the way she lost it but I'm not gonna tell you because I think it's not an appropriate thing to write about...but it was funny,I laughed when she told me  and she was like mad at me...hahahahaha.It's was a good time for me.You know what,all the stuff that I imagined will not gonna be real because actually I never tell her how I feel but I don't wanna do it because I know she'll never gonna have the same feelings as I am and in fact,now she's with someone else.I even told my best friend,A,that if she likes me,it will rain for 2 know what,it did(for real) but I'm not sure whether it'd rain for 2 days or just 1 day but I know that it was just a coincidence.She would never have feelings for me.So I'm just gonna do what I've been telling my friends,that I'm gonna move on and forget her,eventhough I've tried and this would be my third or forth try...I have a strong feelings that this time I will forget about her but who am I lying to???We can't just erase someone that we knew from our life.So,the best thing that I can do is just throw away my feeling for her and maybe it all be ok because you know,at some point we all have to move on and forget about the what she did...yeah,I forgot to tell you guys the bad side of her...she can easily erase people from her life or maybe just me and I'm pretty sure that she's already forget about me or at least she's almost made it because I really feel like I"m just her acquaintance...maybe she hope I was....I know that you all are surprise,so am I...but you know,when I told her that people change,she didn't believe it but look at her now...
So, wish me luck on forgetting her or at least my feelings for her.
To her,I just wanna say that I hope you're happy with who ever you're with but I'm still not gonna forgive what you did until you apologize to me...I know it sounds cold hearted but I have to do it.



It's sucks that  can't update my blog everyday because,u see,my home doesn't have any wi-fi or anything to connect with the Internet and of course,I have to go to work everyday except Mondays because it's my day off but I have to online somewhere else,like usually at the Burger King about 2 kilometre from my house.So,I wondered what am I suppose to do to keep updating my blog if I can only get a chance of once a week??Then,I came up with an idea to make this blog kinda like my own diary.The plan is,I will write anything that had happened to me everyday in a piece of paper and once I get a chance to go online,I will blog it and I will put a date on it but not on every story because some of it had happened a long time ago(you'll understand it later),so that you guys can know when it happened.I'm so genius,right??LOL but maybe not like everyday activities,just an interesting event or something.So,from now on,this will sometimes be kinda like my diary except you guys can read it....hahahahaha.Hope you guys like it...... :)

It's been raining almost everyday.I don't know why because here the weather often changing,sometimes it's rainy and sometimes it's hot..but lately,it's been raining,heavily sometimes.I told my sister that maybe it's been raining because it's Autumn now(eventhough we don't have 4 season like other countries)LOL....I seldom wear a short sleeve shirt to work,usually long sleeve shirt or if I wear a short sleeve or a Polo  shirt,I will cover it with my cardigan because it's cold especially at night and early morning.Furthermore,my boss always turn on the air-conditioner,so can you guys imagine how cold it would be???But like I said to my sister,it's Autumn now,maybe this is the chance for me to experience the cold season like other countries.... :)

Now,it's been sunny for 2 days...see,I told you that here the weather often changing...but maybe sunny is ok too.Eventhough it's sunny out side,but inside my work place,it's cold,though it's not as cold as before but it's still a bit chill...I'm not sure what it's gonna be tomorrow,maybe it's rainy or still sunny...I guess we just have to wait and see.I know that in your mind this kind of story is not interesting at all but you see,I haven't get any interesting stuff happen to me yet...and I feel like writing about weather....LOL..maybe I could be the 'weather guy'........hahahahaha just kidding... :)

Something happened but it's not like really amazing thing,just that at work,there's this Chinese girl,younger than me I think.She's the daughter of our customer.She kept looking at me,not like staring just she sometimes look at me and not like an empty look but it's shy look,u know,like she didn't look at me directly,like she's shy but still want to look at me,get it??I'm not saying that I'm proud of myself because of that.At first I thought that there's something on my face,like something embarrassing(you know what I mean)LOL,but there's nothing like that on my face.So, I don't know why she looks at me :P.....hahahaha.She's ok but that doesn't mean I like her,ok??Just that she makes me smile after she left because it's a good thing for me,I mean for someone that is not so good looking like myself but still someone interested(maybe)in me..... :)......btw,it still sunny.

I guess that's all for this week....


Monday, September 19, 2011

Adele - Someone Like You (Lyrics)



Hey,what's up??......So,today I'm gonna write about how me and both of my best friends become best friend.A and I was a classmates since kindergarden,but at that time we don't really knew each other...funny thing is,I didn't remember it but he told me after we become best friends that we were classmates since kindergarden and up to Standard 6.Well,actually we were an enemy but not so serious...just know,hate each other....but I always wonder why.I tried asking them but they don't remember it.They didn't even remember about all the fight thing.So it'd all started on the year 2003,I was on Standard 5 and the 3 of us were in the same class but I wasn't their friend and both of them are friends.So I don't really remember how this enemy thing started but I just remember that they always picked on me,said something bad to me and ignored me sometimes...but I was a survivor.I don't even care what they said about me,I just acted like nothing happened.One day,they even tried to make me move from my seat because we were placed on the same group of table,but I was glad that I had friends that were nice to me there in my class.You know what,A and S already apologize to me once we become best friends and I also have forgive them...So back to the story....The next year,we were at Standard 6 and still in the same class together.Oh,I forgot to mention that S and I were a prefect but A was a librarian.So,a few months later,prefect society was arranging a camping trip.We all have to go and S was asking me if I would want to sleep in the same tent with him if I'm going,so I agreed.Since that,S and me become friends but sadly,I didn't go to that camping trip because I had fever,very bad.But we still friends and then,day after day,A was becoming our friend too but once we leave primary school,A was transferred to another high school.Then just leave A and me in the school next to our primary school.About 4 years later,A transferred to the same school as S and me.So since that,we become closer and closer and suddenly we become best friends until now.They were so surprised when I told them that they were mean to me and they quickly apologize to me but I told them that it's ok because we were so young at that time.But there's one time,I was mad at them about something,so I was like ignoring them and I was just being alone....hahahaha(so childish).The awkward thing is,like almost the whole class wanted us to make up and become best friends again because we were like the 3 musketeers LOL,like going everywhere together,in addition,the 3 of us were the school prefect.So that is why they wanted us to be friends again and at last we did but not just because of them but because it's the right thing to do.Actually,I was apologising to them because I knew that Troy would do the same thing...LOL...So the conclusion is,I was a nerd in primary school,I always had my recess alone or sometimes I was accompanied by my cousin but when I becoming a teenager,I try not to be a nerdy but I'm not so sure if it worked.When I was in standard 6,another thing happened.....I had a crush on someone and I think she had a crush on me too.....hahahahaha...we were like not officially saying that we like each other(maybe because we wasn't sure about our feelings),just sometimes we met in private(behind the school buildings)LOL and I gave her a present but she broke it,not on purpose I hope.It's funny because the crush also started with a fight but more to argument.I called her power rangers.....hahahahaha because she was kinda rough and she called me skinny because I was skinny.....hahahahaha...but it was a great experience.Then she told me that she will move to somewhere far once we're going to high school but I saw her at my high school(she didn't move) and actually we did exchanged bio data when we were Form 1(high school freshman year) but the strange this is,she was not the girl I knew,I mean,she was different and not in a good way.A few day after we exchange our bio data,she stop talking to me and besides I was kinda busy with studies and becoming a prefect.So we were apart and the next year,she moved because I didn't saw her again and until now,I don't know where she is.......
About being a perfect is a lot of work,I mean,a lot of things to do in making sure that the student are following the rules and I'm telling you,it's not easy.....


Monday, September 12, 2011


Today would be the first day I start writing about myself on blog.My personal life,you see,I never share it with people except my family and my 2 best friends.....yeah,I have 2 best friends.One of them also have a blog,the name is 'BeFriending The Furry Beast',you can view it,it's kinda awesome.So,go now....but maybe you should finish reading mine first....hahahahaha..
Well,I don't actually know how to start but I guess I should start by telling you guys a bit about myself.My name is .....for those who recognise me,they know my full name but for those who don't,you can call me Zac...I know some of you might think that this is a fake name but trust me,it's not.My name does have the word 'Zac' in it.I'm 19 years old,I have finished high school 2 years ago but I haven't entered any university or college yet....actually I have,but I quited because.....well,that's a different story,I'll tell you guys someday.But I hope I will continue on my studies,maybe next year.I live in Malaysia,my address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx......hahahahaha.My family.well,I come from a big family...not big as fat(no offend),just that I have a lot of siblings and I'm the youngest.I have 2 best friends,I don't want to write their names because I don't want to  be charge for invading their privacy.....hahahahaha.So,let's just put them as A and S.My friend A is the one that have blog(the one that I mentioned before),while S,he doesn't like all this blog stuff...he doesn't even have a Facebook,but that's ok with me,eventhough it's hard to connect with him.So,I guess that's it for now but actually I have a lot to tell about myself,my family and my's actually is one hell of a story,you know,about how the 3 of us become best friends,actually from enemy to best friends but I've wrote too much right now,so I'll just write about it later......BYEEEE.



Hi again,I know I haven't write anything for a few months but now,I'M BACK!!!!..First o fall,I would like to thank all of you who still keep on viewing 'MY BLOG',eventhough nothing new was published...sorry you guys but thank you so much for your support.I hope the reborn of 'MY BLOG' will make you guys visit it more often....... :) and I also going  to change a few things on 'MY BLOG' but not so much,just that I will write more about myself.For Zanessa's fans,don't worry because I will also going to write about both of them from time to time but maybe not so much as before.When I said more about me,meaning that I will write about what's going on in my life,like what had happened or what am I thinking about or what's my interest is,for example,what kind of music or song that I like,what movies I like and stuff.I might even write about  my opinion on songs or movies that I know...or maybe I'll even write  about where I'm going to for holiday or even better...I might write about my crush,you know,my personal crush...hahahahaha.I really hope that you all will like it and keep on viewing 'MY BLOG' and maybe leave a comment too....