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So this week will be another post regarding tips & relationship. Which one of it is my expertise. You guys know which one. LOL. 

I'm not gonna repeat myself about how am I qualified to give such advice/tips bla bla bla...because this is not 100% my own personal advice. I have made some research and I just add on a little of my perspective into it.

Before I begin, I just wanted to point out something. Is this month a breakup month? Because I've heard people getting divorce, people broke up, separated etc. And I thought this month is just the Durian season. LOL. I mean like, what the hell? 

Anyways, yeah, that's why I'm inspired to post this for my blog this week. In hope that it'll help those people who are going through breakups.

Let's begin!

1. Acknowledge your feelings.

Suppressing unpleasant feelings is a natural impulse, I've done it a couple of times tbh, but doing so will only emplifies it and eventually prevent you from moving past them and prolong the grieving process. It's normal to have lots of ups and downs and feel many emotions like anger, sadness, relief, fear, lonely etc. So you just gotta feel what you are feeling, without judgement. If you feel like crying, just cry. And this relate to number 2.

2. Write or talk about how you're feeling.

Sometimes it's not easy to share what you feel with people, trust me, I know, but when it comes to this situation, it is best to let it out. Talking to someone about how you are feeling will make you feel less lonely and it will help you gain clarity you need to see why the relationship didn't work and why you'll be better off without your ex. Or if you really can't talk to people, then write. Write on your journal or your blog. 

3. Eat.

I know this is not a specific thing, but I'm gonna make it specific. Eat means not to eat junk food or ice cream excessively. You can eat a bit, tiny bit. LOL. What I mean is to eat foods that are high in fiber, protein and nutrients to boost your mood and energy. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, greens and stress-busting superfoods can help counteract the physiological stress of the breakup.

4. Exercise.

By exercise, I don't mean hitting the gym and weight lift. Going for a run or doing some cardio can help you to not focus on the breakup, hence lower down your stress level. It is true. When you jog or run, it seems like all your worried and tension just disappear. It's just you and that moment. However, do not over do it. Do it in a way that you enjoy, not to make it as a punishment.

5. Remind yourself.

Remind yourself of all the things that you appreciate and that you still have a future. One can easily get lost in pain and anger from the breakup, so that's why you need to do this. You need to even out your moods/feelings. In a way, be positive.

6. Do what you love.

There are probably a bunch of things that you love to do before the breakup and now you might not have the motivation to do it. However, you need to push yourself to do it because doing things that you love and make you happy, is a big help to heal yourself. Laughing can help boost your mood. So go watch a comedy movies or a sitcom. Be happy again.

7. Give back.

Meaning you do something to help others. Spread love and kindness. It is proven that by doing so (act of kindness) can help relieve stress and improve your well-being. Maybe you can help other people who just had a breakup very recently or anything that you can contribute to.

8. Remember that moving on is the end goal.

So guys, that's all I got for your guys this week. I hope these tips helps you, if you are going through a breakup. If you have anything to add or respond to, please do let me know.

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