Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Hey guys! As you all can see the title, I hate everyone...that’s what my best friend, A, said but not in judgemental way. Okay, yes, I probably sometimes kinda sorta hate people but let me tell you, I don’t hate people without a reason. A said I hate people especially on the first meet. That is because I’m protective of my friends, and, on my point of defence, I don’t hate them, it’s just that I’m not the kind of person who would be like “OMG, you are the nicest person I’ve ever meet, we should be bff,” after like 5 seconds of meeting them for the first time. I need to know more about the person before I can accept them into our group (me,A and S). Because what if that person is a psychopath? Or a drug dealer? Drug addict? Murderer? Child abuser? Con man? Alien pretending to be a human? Or a blood sucking  vampire? I would regret it my whole life if I accepted those people into our group. And A and S might say that I’m a bit picky, well maybe I am because come on, how can you be friends with people that you can’t be comfortable around, right? So, for me, if the person is going to be in our group, he or she somehow or sorta have the same thinking or characteristics as one of us. So yeah, maybe some of you agree with A, that I hate people but whatever, I’m sticking with what I believe. Anyway,just so you know, when I don’t like those new people, I don’t show it in front of them, I would just say it on their back or something, which is yes, it’s a bad thing to do but at least it’s better than showing it in front of them and making them feel bad or label you as an asshole or probably slap your face. So yes, I’m not a very friendly person as you all know, maybe because I don’t really mind being alone...I don’t know. To conclude this post, I just wanna say that I don’t hate people except those who annoy me or mean to me, but other than, I don’t.

So,the different pattern I mentioned on the post earlier today, is that from now on I will want to know your opinion about my post and the topic I write about. So today, I wanna know what do you think? Am I being unreasonable for being picky? Are you the kind of person who would accept people as your bff after the first meet? Or you will never admit them as your friend even after years of knowing each other?

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Love Always,

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Hey guys! I’m back after like 8 months of not writing anything here. I do feel bad when I saw that people still viewing BATC but I didn’t update a shit. Though a few things did happened to me but it’s all in the past now and I’m not gonna write it all in here because it will be long as hell. I know I’ve said before that I might delete BATC in case my novel get publish or something. Well I guess you guys probably know that my novel is not yet publish, hence BATC still here. But, I’ve been thinking and got a few influents, which make me decided that I probably won’t delete BATC even when my novel get publish because it has become a part of me and my life. Yes, I’ve written a lot of personal things here but when I think about it again, why bother if people know a lot about me, they would know about me somehow at some point, right? It’s not like I’ve posted my nudes or something. Plus, I’ve obtain more than 15 000 page views, that’s a lot even though it did take 5 years to get it but still, it’s freaking awesome! Such a huge accomplishment in my life. So, I would like to announce that BATC will STAY FOREVER! Yeay!

Now, I would like to tell you guys why I didn’t post anything in the past months. First of all was because I was busy with writing my novel a few months earlier this year but now it’s finished and I’m actually writing a new short story. Second, I’m working at the same company I performed my internship. And I have to work from 9am to 6pm (sometimes more) on Monday to Friday. Third, was because I’m a slacker, I’m too lazy to write every day. There you go 3 reasons why I didn’t update. But I’m back now!

Which lead me to another thing I wanna share. Since I’m working 5 days a week and every morning I have to wake up at 5.30 am because I need to prepare for my side job which is making a sausage roll to be sell at my aunt’s stall and doing my writing on the weekends,  but I still wanna continue blogging, I have made a decision.  I’ve decided to post 1 post once a week, which probably be on the weekend but I’m still not sure whether it will be on Saturdays or Sundays. But, maybe if I have a lot to share, I might post twice a week...we’ll see. And my post might not be my every day activity or me summing up my whole week because let’s be honest, my life is boring. So, what I will update is more into what I feel or what I’ve been thinking about or my opinion on something or a major thing that happened within that week or maybe some random stuff. And there might be a few different patterns on my post, different from the usual one I did, including me being more expose about myself (not like being naked and stuff, you pervert!), meaning I might post my photos here, with my face on it J  but for those other people,I will keep them as alphabets. Even the title would be My Diary...or maybe it will but not for every post. You might also realize that I have deleted a few old posts which were not about me because I wanna make sure that BATC is about me and me only. Though that old posts did contribute a lot of page views but no,I need to focus on myself now. Though I might probably post my opinion about other people...haha...

Since today is my come back day, so I’ll be posting 2 posts. One is this one, and the other one will be above this one in a few minutes with the title ‘I Hate Everyone.....Do I?’. Hope you guys will keep on viewing my blog and leave your comments and follow BATC.

I would also like to take this chance to say I’m so sorry  for making some of you guys wonder what’s happening to me, why I didn’t update anything for the past 8 months and also I wanna say thank you to you guys who still view BATC these whole time and helped increasing my page views every day. I love you guys!

Oh,oh, I also wanna tell you guys that on 2nd November is my convocation!! Wish me luck!

Love Always,

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