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Hey guys! I’m back with a movie review, which I haven’t done in like....years?
So this week, I’ll be sharing my opinion about a movie that I watched at the cinema last Wednesday with my colleague boss, because he said we need some bonding time. Therefore he decided to do a “company outing”...”amazing”!

Honestly, the only bonding thing I can think of for the company is by using superglue.

Well back to the movie!

So, at first my boss planned to watch Rogue One (I've watched it actually but I don’t care) but the movie is no longer in cinema, so he switched to Passenger.

Okay, some people might label me as a big fan of sci-fi movies and books, and maybe I am, but only those that are good ones because I know there’s a few lame ones. So, yeah, I don’t like those sucky sci-fi movies.

Anyway, I did saw the trailer for Passenger and honestly, I did feel like watching it. From the trailer it looks interesting and a bit mysterious on why they were the only people who woke up early from their hibernation thing. And plus, there was a part in the trailer where Chris Pratt said ‘There’s a reason why we woke up’ or something like that, and I was like ‘Holy crap!’.

So yeah, when my boss said we will watch the Passenger, I didn’t argue...haha...

The movie was about 2 hours...I think.

All I can say is that the movie is.....AWESOME! I know that it sounded cliché coming from me but it’s the truth. The plot was not as stereotype as you thought it will be. Maybe there is a few scenes that are but a lot of them are not. That’s all I can say about the plot, I don’t wanna spoil anything.

The scenery or the set of the movie, to me, is not that special. Maybe because I’ve seen a lot of movies involving space ship and stuff, so nothing really impress me.....Oh, but I like the shape of the space ship, from outside. It was interesting. And I also like the space, I mean, the stars and the planets, but maybe that is because I like the sky in general.

The scores were quite good, it suite the scenes but I can’t recall if there’s one that attracted me.

Now let’s talk about the casts. Chris Pratt’s character in general is pretty standard, nothing really pops-up. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good actor. He played his character very genuinely, but his character is just an average guy. Of course I didn’t expect him to be an alien or a robot or have super powers or so, and I’m ok with his character but just that nothing really interesting.

Oh my God, I probably just ruined your thoughts on the movie.

I’m sorry!

For Jennifer Lawrence’s character is more or less pretty standard but there are a few things that I think interest me because she did something that average women won’t do. And of course her character is a tough woman. I think it’s because it’s Jennifer Lawrence, she will not play a woman who is weak or dependent. And honestly, I like one of the scene that made me a bit surprised but it was good, unexpected I might say.

So overall, I say, I recommend you to watch it. It’s amazing.

That’s all from me this week! Ciao!

This week I wanna know what’s the last movie you’ve watched on cinema? And what do you think of the movie?

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