Sunday, December 25, 2011


Feeling a bit better,I mean my fever but I feel sad for my friend,M,she just broke up with her boyfriend..well,actually he broke up with her..M is one of my online friends and she lives in US,it's kinda sad when thinking that she'll be celebrating  christmas but  yesterday she lost a boyfriend..but I talked to her and she's getting better... :) I hope she'll have a great christmas...One other thing,this is actually when I think about it again,it's not really surprising but at first it see,there's one time,I was giving an advise to M and she said "I guess this is how it feels like talking to Zac Efron," and I said "Maybe," because we both thought that Zac Efron is a person that like to give people advise,then I found out a few days ago that he's not like that...So,I guess that's one of our differences,other than looks and talent of course...but I understand,maybe he doesn't like to interfere in people's relationship but it doesn't mean I like interfering in people's life just that I have to see people sad...So,if he or she talk about it,I'll try to help them solve their problems...I'm gonna off work early today,an hour early because my boss will be going out somewhere and me and A will go for a grocery shopping because S is here and we are gonna have dinner at my house tomorrow!!!!

OMG,I'm so tired,just done making cake and I'm at work right now...I'm still not done with the preparation for tonight main schedule is full for today..I'm not sure if I could online tonight..Amazing!!!....My cake taste delicious,a bit too sweet but the taste and the looks are the same as the one that I saw on TV,so,that's mean I did it!!!..OMG!!!They're all here!!...Had a lot of fun cooking and dinner with A and S..we've cooked a lot of delicious food...Stayed up late,talking,singing and then laughing again..and of course,laughing like a drunk person..It's amazing,I wish we could it again,eventhough it's exhausting but it's fun because I did it with my 2 best friends.... :)

Woke up a bit late than usual,eating leftover for breakfast and head to work...BTW,today would already be 3 months and 4 days since I've started this "MY DIARY" thing....time flies so fast feels like I started it last week...this also mean,OMG!!,6 more days till 2012!!There's a few resolutions that I haven't achieve!!PAUL!!...I had a fight with my sister but not that I had with before,you see,it started 2 days ago,when I planned about this whole dinner thing...A told me that he wanted to cook a chicken and asked me should he cook for my family too,then I said to him that it's not necessary and besides it's embarrassing to ask him to cook for my family.So,my sis said "It's ok,we can just see you guys eating and smell,"and stuff..and yesterday,she said it again and sometimes she act like she knows all about my friends,I was like so mad and I yelled at her because I was so sick of listening to her talking about not cooking the dinner for her too and she knows all about my friends,I mean she's the one who always say "You don't know my friends,","You don't know how my friends are," and suddenly she's acting like she knows my friends.After I yelled at her,she said she was just kidding about that dinner stuff and she's the one that clean the kitchen so that my friends could use and she said it in a yelling tone too...Then,since that,we didn't talk to each other...I'm not the one who suppose to apologising,right???because she was so annoying about that dinner stuff...I know that I was acting like I don't care but actually I feel guilty and stuck between my family and my best friends..I mean,I wanted my family to eat the same thing that we eat but I couldn't ask A to cook for my family too,it's too embarrassing because he bought all the ingredient for the meal he cooked,using his own money and besides,it's not like my family doesn't have anything to eat...but yesterday,A and S cooked an extra meal and we served it to my family..but anyway,had a blast dinner yesterday,thanks S and A...... :)