Thursday, November 17, 2011


I just found out something about 'It' but I'm not gonna tell what it is because I don't want you to know the real 'It' is,ok?I just want to share the feeling with you all.Sorry you guys...I was like so mad and frustrated,actually I'm still am..I know I shouldn't really care about 'It' because 'It' is not related to me or something but I'm just frustrated that 'It' have something that I shouldn't like...I mean,I know 'It',in fact,I've been seeing 'It' for all this time but I didn't know that that person was 'It' and now I know and also found out something shocking about 'It'.I'm not mad at 'It' because we can't choose what kind of person we are when we were first born,just that why 'It'???for all people,why someone I know???I know that this is a test for I'm just gonna be patience and hope for the best....but I do hope 'It' will change that stuff...but you know what,whoever 'It' is,I will always support 'It'...and I don't have to care about it as long as 'It' is nice to people(eventhought 'It' didn't reply to me)that's good enough for me... :)


Yesterday went crazy...LOL..not really.Having so much fun with A and S making that house model,eventhough we have to rearrange a few things and making that house model smaller than I planned,I mean not the size but the space..but I did have fun yesterday.As you can see from that I've uploaded yesterday,the house is still in working progress.I don't know when will we continue on making it because S will be going back to his college,which is far away from me :( but maybe I could  make a time for it while we're all still here...wish me luck...BTW,I am alone right now at my work place because my boss has to go somewhere that I don't know about but he told me that he will b back soon...but I don't know for sure....My boss just got back from where the hell he was after leaving me for almost 2 hours...Besides that,I just met with another ex-worker,the one before me.She's Chinese and a girl but she's ok....

Today,I had an accident...but not a car accident,just that I accidentally kicked my bed post...That thing is a solid wood,do you can imagine how painful and the affect of it...It was painful and actually it's still is and also I'm a bit limp right now but the tragic thing is,I have to go to work and right now I am at my work place..I'm wearing flip flop to work because my toes are swelling.My dad's worry that it might be broken,so maybe tonight or tomorrow,I have to go to the clinic....Something else happened yesterday,I got a missed call from G.I texted her asking why,she texted me back said "What?",so I said "Excuse me?You're the one who missed call me", and than she said she "accidentally" dial my number and she also said "Thank you for everything",I know she was trying to mock me because I didn't help her..OMG!!!Grow up....I forgot to tell you guys that tomorrow is A's go to his blog and wish him there... :)