Saturday, November 17, 2012

MY DIARY (165)

This morning,something great happened,someone replied my tweet! :) .....and it makes me realized that I'm not really alone,God is with me and granted my wish....I really,really grateful for it... :) ...So far,everything's ok,though I'm still not very talkative,I don't know why.....Tonight,when me and my sister was going to pick my other sister from work,which isn't so far away ffrom my housr(we went ther walking) and on the way,there was this black colored dog,running towards us and it tried to attack us.. :O..luckily we brought an umbrella and there was 2 of us.We finally managed to drove it away and fortunately,my brother went and pick up my sister at work because we didn't do it after what happened and in addition,there were a few more dogs next to my sister's work place....though it was scary but it's quite funny experience for me...LOL