Saturday, January 28, 2017


Hey guys! Happy holidays! So, since it’s the holiday and I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going for a vacation, like me.

Ching! J

Yes, by the time I’m posting this, I’ll be going to Port Dickson on the next day.

So excited!

*Jumping around hysterically*

So, following the mood this week and since I’ve went on vacation for quite a few times, I’m gonna share with you guys 5 things to prepare when you are going on a vacation. This applies to either local or abroad.

I’m sure there’s more but for now let’s just share 5 things.

Tips #1 : Accommodation.
Make sure you have a place to stay at wherever you plan to go because if not, then you’ll be a homeless person on a stranger’s place. Check if you have a relative who lives nearby and if you do have and they are willing to let you stay, perfect!

If you don’t have any or they don’t allow you to stay then you can just book your place online. Nowadays we have a lot of websites that can help you find a place according to your preferences. We have Trivago, Agoda,, etc.

Now we’re moving on to....

Tips #2 : Transportation.
Make sure you know which transportation you will use to get there because you definitely not gonna walk to go to that place....I mean, you can but then you might die half way there.

So once you have decided which transportation, make sure it is in good condition or if you travel by public transport or airplane, make sure you remember the time of departure, write it inside you handphone’s memo pad or the refrigerator or on the ceiling of your bedroom or at the mirror in your bathroom or all of the above.

Tips #3 : Map/Know the location.
If you are going to a foreign place or a place you have never been before, make sure you have a map either in your phone or the old fashion map or even the globe, any way possible.

I know it’s much more fun and adventurous if you just randomly go and find a place but you might waste a lot of time, you might end up in a scary place and again, you might die.

So it’s best to be safe and study the place you’re about to go on vacation.

Tips #4 : Money.
Make sure you have enough money for accommodation, transportation and for emergency, in case something happen. I’m not saying that it will happen, which is good God, I hope not but you can never be sure. Shit things happen. Hope for the best but expecting the worst.

Honestly, if I don’t have enough money to cover all that stuff, I would just cancel the trip because I would freak out if something happen and I don’t have the money.

Tips #5 : Handphone & Charger.
Its 2017, I’m sure almost all of us have handphone. So, it’s important that you bring it with you when going on a vacation. Like I said earlier, shit things happen. So if you have a phone, you can contact appropriate person to help you out or something.

But, the phone will be useless without sufficient battery. Therefore, you should also bring your charger or power bank or any sort of devices that will increase your phone’s battery.

Okay, that’s all I got for you this week. I’m sure there’s a lot more things to prepare when going on a vacation but this are the most basic things you should know.

So this week  I wanna know, what are your tips when going for a vacation? Where are you going to this holiday? What are the most memorable moments of your previous vacation?

Leave your opinion in the comment section below. Share this post if you’re going on a vacation or maybe your friend or family. And follow BATC for more posts.

Have a great holiday everyone!

Love Always,

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