Monday, September 3, 2012

MY DIARY (134)

Today is our Independence Day,so,HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO MALAYSIA!!!!! and my family are preparing for our open house but this time for my relatives and my sisters' friends but unfortunately I'm at work all of my family is on holiday because of Independence Day.."great"..BTW,today was suppose to be my last day but I gave the resignation letter 5 days late,so I have to stay until 5th of September and I told baldy that if he couldn't find my replacement,I'll stay until 14th of September...One other thing,the house model is still in a working progress..LOL..

The open house went well yesterday...I watched the movie 'Stand By Me' this morning.I've seen it a couple of times before but this morning when I watched it,I just realize that neither one of us(me and my best friends)are like Chris,a character played by River Phoenix.He's brave,quite mature,kind to his friends and he protect his friends.Non of us have that in on person,especially being able to protect others,though A was like a big brother because of his appearance(sorry A),he's friendly and he's the one who drive us if we're going out but still,I haven't seen him protecting us and S,I don't think he could.Maybe because we haven't face a situation where we have to protect each other,though,I don't know if A and S remember this but when we were in high school,sometimes I did try to protect them,if someone said something bad at them,I will say something back and that's why I feel like I should be the one like Chris but the problem is,I couldn't,I'm not brave or strong enough...but I hope,I really hope that if circumstances force me to do it(hopefully not),I could do it...

These past few days,I've been listening to sad songs and reading sad quotes...I don't know why,maybe because I don't want to feel happy at work(you know why)...but I'm happy at home,though sometimes I tried to be happy,not because of my family but just I don't feel happy's weird,right??....Me and A was suppose to be going out tonight but I haven't got a confirmation from A....Me and A are confirmed to hang out tonight...Uh-oh,I think I will habe to key-in the customers' records because baldy asked me to arrange the new records in alphabetical order.. :O