Friday, February 17, 2012


I was thinking about making a video for 'My Blog',you know,instead of writing,I talk on video and upload it here but the problem is,I hate my voice,I hate the way I look,I hate the way I talk and I'm not very good in communicating with,I guess I'm not gonna post a video of myself for the moment but maybe I will post a lot more pictures of myself.I know said before that I don't wanna do it but I think this is the way I could increase my level of confident,right??So,wish me luck you guys.... :) And now,I'm gonna continue checking our customers' records....

I think I will post more pictures here but haven't get any idea yet....Wow,EURO 2012 will be starting soon..I know I didn't tell you guys this before but yes,I am a football/soccer fan.My favourite country is England,even though they didn't do well on World Cup 2 years ago but I'm still a big fan...and I also support Portugal and Italy.My favourite club would be Manchester United,of course and FYI,they're no. 2 in EPL!! and I believe will be no. 1 again... :) Ok,enough of soccer,if I keep on going,there wouldn't be enough pages.... :P I stopped reading 'Eldest' at page 780... Sadly,I haven't finish checking yet.Hopefully I could finish it tomorrow... :)