Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm so sorry for not updating anything for like awhile,that is because I was busy with the loan application,which is very complication and a lot of stuff to do....I skipped class yesterday,3 classes to be exact...I did that all because I have to go home to finish the application that requires the  signature of  the commissioner of oath... :O..."amazing"..Now I'm back to college,I arrived yesterday night by commuter and I'll be sending the forms today...hopefully everything is ok...I'll be going going back home tomorrow... :P...I should tell you that I might  not be able to update 'Blog Around The Corner' starting next week because I already have an assignment to do,plus next month will be my mid term test,so I'll be busy studying,I might not have time to write...but we'll see about that...


Saturday, February 16, 2013


I had fun on my holiday(from Friday to Tuesday),I hang out with my best friends,we ate at Nando's :P,I miss them so much but we had the chance to talk about our life....On Monday,me,my brother and 3 of my sisters,went to Malacca on the afternoon and went back home at night.It was fun,though tiring.We had the chance to shop and ate was great... :)...I can't wait for my next break...Sadly,I will going back to college tomorrow morning because I have class at 12 p.m... :(..BTW,I have a fever,luckily it isn't so bad...

Woke up at 6 a.m.Get ready to go back to college by commuter...I arrived at my hostel at 9....Though I've stayed here for like a month(kinda),I still can't think of this as my second home yet...strange...My friends and my roommates asked me to join them play footsal at midnight tonight..but I said no because I have fever,though it's not so bad but I don't think I have the strength to play it,much less I'm not good at footsal or they are gonna play tonight and leave me in my room alone.."amazing"...I hope everything will be ok..wish me luck...

Last night was horrible,I couldn't really sleep well...I wanted to sleep at the room next door(the one that share bathroom with me),I knocked a couple of times but no answer.They were already I try to sleep in my own room.I told my sister that I couldn't sleep and she suggested that I read the novel that I bought,so I did...luckily it did helped me but not so much,I still woke up for like every half an hour and at about 4 a.m.,I woke up and couldn't sleep again,so I read but this time I was really luckily because as I'm about to fall asleep,my roommates came back,so I finally sleep well...This morning would be the first time I ever made my own Milo drink here,before this I just go and buy it...


Friday, February 8, 2013


Back to college after I spent my weekend at home...Thank goodness I can sleep well here last night,hopefully tonight and any other night too...I will be freaking busy this week because I have to assignments and 2 quizzes... *sigh*...Luckily our Chinese New Year holiday starts this Saturday until next Tuesday... :)...I hope I could go home early this Friday,not like last week,since that I'm going back by commuter again,last week my family picked me up....I really hope everything will be ok....wish me luck with everything....

OMG! I just have the awkward or freaky experience.You see,there's this few girls talked to me,they were like "very friendly",so they creep me out a bit.They took my phone number and they borrowed my marker pen today,the first time we meet.How weird is that??,long story short,I just hope I don't have to sit with them again because they made me feel uncomfortable....

Done 1 presentation,1 more to go...I still have 1 more quiz,which is tomorrow...Out of all the presentation that I've done,I think today is the best,I feel satisfied with it... :)...Since that it is holiday next week for 2 days,one of my roommate who's from Terengganu,want to go back to his home town today and he's living tonight... :O...I do feel jealous but I was surprise because he's one of my group for the presentation tomorrow..I'm not mad at him because he haven't go back home for like,asked my other group member to cover for him...wish me luck..BTW,after like a month I'm here,it never really rain but it starts to rain since this Monday morning,but not continuously(thank God)...strange,right??...


Saturday, February 2, 2013


I'm in college for like 3 weeks now.I got a few assignments to do.. "amazing"...Everything is ok so far...but I miss my best friends,I haven't call or text them for a while now...Funny story,there's these 2 senior(but they are younger than me),girls,wanna be friends with me(awkward),they texted me a couple of times,just talking...but it's ok,maybe I could refer to them if I don't understand something.. :)...About the girl that I mentioned before,my sisters kept teasing me with her,like they think I have a feelings for her or something...owh,please...I don't like,like her...we're just friends...OMG!I have a presentation tomorrow morning!..I'm so nervous...I've done it before(presentation) but it didn't went so well,so I'm worry it might goes the same..but hopefully not..wish me luck...

OMG!Something scary just happened in my class.It was on the first class..ok,I'm just gonna be straight of my classmates,a girl,was possessed by a demon or a ghost,I don't know.It was a bit terrifying for me because it was the first time I ever saw something like this happen right in front of me,not to mention that she pushed my table until it fell down with my other stuff...they said it happened because that thing was in the class but later,they said they saw it in the girls' hostel....actually they(the girls) was being disturbed since a few days ago and so is a few guys at our hostel..thanked God it didn't happen to me..lets hope it will never happen to me...I've said to myself and my sister before that if I'm being disturb by that thing,I will not gonna stay here anymore,even the slightest disturbance...

I couldn't sleep well last night,I don't know why,maybe because I was thinking too much about that thing,since we(me and a few of my classmates) talked about it last night...I can't wait for tomorrow,though I have to go home late afternoon tomorrow because there will be a briefing about our student loan that I want to apply.. "amazing"...BTW,I really hope I can sleep well tonight and any other night..