Sunday, July 9, 2017


Hey guys!

This week I’m gonna review a new movie that I’ve just watched.

Some of you might already know what movie is it, if you follow my Instagram or Twitter.

It’s a new movie, a movie that I’ve wanted to watch for like months.

You got it; it’s Spider-Man Homecoming!


Before I begin my review, I should tell for those who don’t know, that I’m a big Spider-Man fan, though I never read the comic, but I will one day, but I like all Spider-Man movies. And no, I’m not gonna be bias and yes, I will genuinely review it.

So, here we go!

1.       The casts + characters
I know Tom Holland, not personally but through a few movies that he acted. And honestly.... I’m scared to say....I wasn’t his big fan (#nohateplease) but I do like his acting in The Impossible, it was great. Nevertheless, I did look forward to see him play Spider-Man and when I saw him in Captain America: Civil War, it made me even more intrigue to watch Spider-Man Homecoming. To be honest, I think now I’m becoming one of his big fan because he portrayed Peter Parker so amazingly. So yeah, he did a great job. I feel like a proud father...haha.
Zendaya’s character in the movie is so interesting, a bit mysterious and more or less funny. The character really suite her.
Michael Keaten also did a great job portraying The Vulture and, I’m just gonna tell you a glimpse, there is a scene between him and Tom Holland that gave me the creeps, and I think it’s because how good Michael Keaton was at playing a villain.

2.       The plot
I can’t say much on this matter because this is a movie review not movie spoiler....duuhhh... And also since I know a lot of people haven’t watch it since it’s new in the cinema. However, I can say that the story line and plot twist (I guess) was pretty amazing. And of course, since it’s a Marvel movie, there are some funny scenes, but really genuinely funny, not like in an annoying way or something.

3.       The score
Actually I don’t think I have any favourite score in the movie because I’m pretty sure I didn’t focus much to the music because I was paying attention to the story. Maybe when I watch it again, I might realize them.

I think that’s all I could say about the movie, though I actually have so much more to write and to tell about the scenes where I think was amazing but I don’t wanna spoil it for you and I don’t wanna be sued or condemned by anyone.

But I should tell you this, the ending was pretty shocking, I really didn’t see it coming, but it was great, totally unexpected.

So that’s all I got for you guys this week.

I hope you enjoy my short review.

Tell me what you think about the movie? If you haven’t watched it, who are you planning to watch it with? If you’re not planning to watch, I suggest you should.

Leave your opinion in the comment section below. Share this post to your friend, family, cats, etc. And follow BATC for more posts.

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