Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today,I'll be continue on reading 'Eldest',still got about 600 pages to go.. :) I've stopped for today at page 450... :P

Yesterday I didn't write anything because I was so busy checking our stock list.I didn't even get the chance to read 'Eldest'..So,I planned that today I would finish checking the stock but "amazingly",I don't know how but our computer is jammed.So now,I'm just waiting for it to be fix and I don't know how long will it take...I'm hoping that I could finish it today because I don't want to be stuck with it.As you all know,like before,I'm not at my own seat,so I miss my own chair and the view,that's why I decided to finish it today but now,the computer has a problem..."great"...I'm almost finish checking the stock but because it's almost time for me to go home,my boss asked me to take a break(I think so),so now I'm just waiting for my sister to pick me up..hopefully I could finish it by tomorrow...

I've never told you guys this before but I just want to make today sort of a memory,so I'm gonna tell you guys that my sisters have a cats and they are gonna send their cats to a shelter today.Which is not so cheap,RM100 per cat and my sister have 8,so do the math....It's a good place but too expensive.They send it anyway because this is the only place that they didn't kill the today,before 4 o'clock,my sisters' cats will be send away but I wouldn't be there because my break is at 4,so I guess no....I haven't finish checking stock in the computer yet but I will finish it wish me luck... :) ...Funny story,the cats is still at my house because the person in charge to take the cats to the shelter isn't arrive yet,maybe around 5 o'clock.."amazing",right???...Yea!!free at last,I'm done checking stock thing but hopefully baldy(my boss)will not ask me to do any typing stuff...and now,I can read 'Eldest' in peace...:)

I've watched 'Eragon' movie this morning on my laptop.I asked A to download it for me.I've watched before,a few years back when I didn't knew that it was from a book.When I watch it this morning,I looked at it in a different way,I mean before this I watched it as if was just an awesome adventure movie but now,I watched it and thinking how amazing the story is and how they can interpreted from a book to a was fantastic... :) ..I met a woman,she's actually our customer.She's gorgeous and most of all she's nice and polite and soft spoken..and she's Malay but she's older than me,8 years different..but she's pretty..I'll never forget her... :P I've done reading 'Eldest' until page 620... :)