Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MY DIARY (178)

I think I’m gonna take the course...but again,I’m still not confirm.It’s just that,if I want it,I should tell my family quickly so that they can help me out with the payment and I also have to tell myself to be ready somehow to let go off my life now....I’m gonna say this one more time,I don’t wanna talk about it for now...


MY DIARY (177)

I slept at about 2 a.m. this morning and woke up at 5 a.m....I took a chance and online for about 2 hours....Today’s the big day!! J...I’m very excited...We left home at 9.30 a.m. and drove for about 2 and a half hours before we finally arrived at Port Dickson..yea!!...We went for lunch before we checked-in to our apartment...Something happened :O..the thing is,we reserved a 3 bedroom apartment which have 1 queen bed and 2 single beds in the master bedroom but we got just 2 single beds.So,me and my brother went to see the manager and sort things out.It turns out I was mistaken,it wasn’t 1 queen bed + 2 single beds,it’s actually a 1 queen bed or 2 single beds..sorry,my bad...but we changed to another apartment which have 1 queen bed,so that we would be more comfortable....Unfortunately,the sea at our apartment  is not to beautiful or clean.I mean,we can swim and we did swim but it’s not so clean and full of rocks at the bottom of it..too bad...We had a dinner at the restaurant in our apartment building.The food was great...After dinner,we walked at the beach,it was quite dark but windy.I played my guitar and did a little dancing..haha...Then,we all head back to our apartment and sleep...

Woke up at 7 a.m.Took a stroll at the beach with my dad...Oh,I forgot to mention that one of my sister did come with us because of work but my nephew is and after my stroll.I went to the pool with my dad and my sister,to watch my nephew swimming,he’s kinda good at it because he took a swimming class....We had our breakfast at the hall not so far from where we’re staying and after that we (me,my nephew and my sisters)walked around the beach,again,before we go back to our apartment,pack our bags and checked out... L...but before we head home,we grabbed a lunch at a restaurant  next to a beach(far from our apartment) and finally going back home.....On the way,something shocking happened,my sister asked me if I still have the set of key to our house and my brother’s car key(we didn’t bring that car to Port Dickson),which she gave to me yesterday...unfortunately,it’s not with me,I left it in our apartment at Port Dickson... :O...That news really killed my mood..luckily,my sister have the other set of key to our house but not the car key...When we got home,me and my sisters checked for it in all my bags and theirs but to no avail..My brother doesn’t know about it.Fortunately,he doesn’t use his car very often.Finally,my other brother(the one who helped me yesterday)called the place we stayed at Port Dickson to ask them to checked for it.One other thing happened,I got a letter that says,I got accepted to a college for Business Management and I have to register next month...OMG!!You have no idea what I’m feeling right now.I just got from a vacation,I’m tired,I have a huge problem and now I have to make a decision whether I should register or not...are you kidding me??!!!..It was devastating.I wish I could runaway somewhere and not to think about anything...I wish everything will be ok....After a while,they called me back and said they found it and will post it to us tomorrow or the day after that...Fiuh,one problem solve,one more to go...My sister asked me why do I look sad or stressful when I got accepted somewhere,is it because I don’t wanna study at all and I said no to her because I do want to.(This part I didn’t say to my sister)It’s just that it’s sad to know that I’ll have to say goodbye to the life I’m living now because I know my life will change completely.Ok,maybe not drastically but one day it will and that’s not so easy for me..but you know what,I don’t wanna think about it for now..I just wanna relax and be happy because I went to a great vacation... J...