Saturday, February 16, 2013


I had fun on my holiday(from Friday to Tuesday),I hang out with my best friends,we ate at Nando's :P,I miss them so much but we had the chance to talk about our life....On Monday,me,my brother and 3 of my sisters,went to Malacca on the afternoon and went back home at night.It was fun,though tiring.We had the chance to shop and ate was great... :)...I can't wait for my next break...Sadly,I will going back to college tomorrow morning because I have class at 12 p.m... :(..BTW,I have a fever,luckily it isn't so bad...

Woke up at 6 a.m.Get ready to go back to college by commuter...I arrived at my hostel at 9....Though I've stayed here for like a month(kinda),I still can't think of this as my second home yet...strange...My friends and my roommates asked me to join them play footsal at midnight tonight..but I said no because I have fever,though it's not so bad but I don't think I have the strength to play it,much less I'm not good at footsal or they are gonna play tonight and leave me in my room alone.."amazing"...I hope everything will be ok..wish me luck...

Last night was horrible,I couldn't really sleep well...I wanted to sleep at the room next door(the one that share bathroom with me),I knocked a couple of times but no answer.They were already I try to sleep in my own room.I told my sister that I couldn't sleep and she suggested that I read the novel that I bought,so I did...luckily it did helped me but not so much,I still woke up for like every half an hour and at about 4 a.m.,I woke up and couldn't sleep again,so I read but this time I was really luckily because as I'm about to fall asleep,my roommates came back,so I finally sleep well...This morning would be the first time I ever made my own Milo drink here,before this I just go and buy it...