Saturday, July 7, 2012

MY DIARY (110)

I'm a bit grumpy today,maybe because I feel tired and knowing that I will have to do the typing's not actually because I have to type but it's because of where I do it,you know,I have to do it at baldy's table,like last time,which is sucks because that place is small and a lot of things is on that desk.Baldy will go to his desk for a lot of times,to do this and do that and because of that place is crowded,every time he want to do something,I have to stop typing and move a bit,so it interrupt my work and I couldn't finish it early and I have to drag it for a few days.I don't know why the hell did he moved the desktop to his table because he knew that he will eventually ask me to do some typing's ridiculous...Right now,his sitting at his table,so I couldn't do my work..I prefer the table when I first started typing(in 'My Diary 3')because I could start typing whenever I want and it's more comfortable...I didn't do any typing today because at first,baldy was checking the records for I don't know what,then he asked me if I want to type but I said he should finish checking.So,that's why I didn't do the typing stuff...but maybe I have to do it tomorrow...

I might have to do the typing thing today..had a small argument with baldy.He's like,I don't know,like never give me chance to put on the nylon or nose-pad on a spectacles..well,not really but it's like when a customer came and want to change a nose-pad or put on the nylon,ok,yeah,I admit that it takes me some times to do it but I can do it and I successfully done it before,a lot of times but he'll come to me and take the spectacles and do it himself...what's that?!..The same thing happened today,ok,I did a mistake but I did it because I was doing it too quickly because I don't want him to interrupt it...but lastly,he did it...He asked me to practice using our spectacles but it's not the same,our spectacles are easier than the real thing, the situation is different..baldy  is such a dumb-ass...I did the practice that he asked me,I did it pretty quick..I'm so stressful and pist-off today,besides what happened with baldy,my sister pist me off...You see,this morning,she asked me to take out fish from the freezer but she didn't say what kind of fish and in which container but I saw one type of fish,so I took it out..then later she text me and said I took out the  wrong fish,it was the other one on the other container,a closed container.Ok,maybe it was my mistake for not checking but she should told me what kind of fish,at least I could see the different...Duh!!!...When I went for my break,I didn't say a word to her but later she talk to me a bit and I said back a bit....I did some typing today,still a lot more to go..."great"...this is most "amazing" day...