Saturday, November 5, 2016



Hey guys, as some of you already know, I have officially done with my convocation which was held on Wednesday (2.11.2016). I’m just gonna wrap it up for you. It went well for me, I didn’t fall off or on stage, though I did mistakenly held the scroll in a wrong way...haha...but other than that, everything was great. I had an awesome time there. I met a few of my college friends and also K and Y.

There really isn’t much to tell, nothing bazaar or out of the ordinary thing happen. Though I don’t really happy with the way I look on that day because my hair was short and I forgot to wear my big glasses, so all in all, I look older. But on brighter side, I did get the chance to wear my blazer for the first time. And again, I’m glad that it went well.
I know that I’ve wrote my “speech” on Instagram (if you follow me,you’ll know) but I’m just gonna write it here again.

I would like to take this chance to say thank you to my family, my best friends, my college friends, my lecturers and those people who have directly or indirectly supported, encouraged and guided me through those 3 years of hard work,blood and sweat..and occasionally tears..haha...Thank you to those people who have directly or indirectly lifted me up when I was feeling down and made me feel happy in the time when I was stress. I am forever grateful for all you for what you have done for me until I am being awarded for the Chief Executive Officer Award on last Wednesday. That is something that I can never repay.

Okay, I’m being emotional now. *wriggling my body*

In other news *reported style*, me family and I went out for dinner on Thursday, that was fun and super delicious. Oh,oh, and also A gave me a bouquet of lollipops! Thanks A! He knows I love candy. And my sisters gave me flowers with a small teddy bear...awwww...... J

So yeah, I think that’s all for today.

This week will be a bit different because I’ll be posting again on Sunday with a different topic because I should’ve blog about it before but I forgot (typical me), so I’ll post it on Sunday.

Okay, so this week I wanna know how was your graduation or convocation? Did it go well? Were there any awkward moments with your friends or your friend’s family? Were you happy with the way you look on that day?

Leave your opinion in the comments below. Share this post if you or your friend experienced that same thing as I was and follow BATC for more posts.

Love Always,

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