Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hey everyone...All I wanna tell you is that in about 2 days,I'll finish my second semester..yea!!..but before that,I still have 2 more final exam papers..wish me luck!....I don't know what else to talk about,just that I've been busy for quite a while,hence,that's why I didn't write anything before...BTW,we've finished our shooting yesterday,finally.....You know what,maybe I wasn't meant to share my interest with people...I have to say that I sometimes have new interest after another in even just a few months but it's not like I changed my interest,just that I add a new one...but my sister act like as if she wants me to stick with one's just that,when I'm interested in something it's because that something have what I like or what I want to be or what I hope I that's why have interest in a lot of stuff...but maybe my sister just got tired listening to me talking about my new interest...but sometimes,the only reason I talk is because she told me what interest her,which have the same point or the same I guess when I have new interest,I should just keep it to myself or write here maybe and don't get any comment from you guys...haha...