Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm at work right now...I brought 'Eragon' with me today but I won't tell you at what page I stop reading because I did it before with the same book,so it's not important for this time....I jogged yesterday for 1.7km and walked for 2.4km..a progression,right???and BTW,it doesn't hurt so bad like last week... :)

As any other Wednesday since 3 weeks ago,I started work an hour early today but I will go home an hour early too... :)

I'm so mad right now!!Let me tell you what happened.You see,last week,this dispatch guy accidentally sent us the wrong spectacles.So,yesterday the same guy came so I told him that he sent us a wrong spectacles and gave it to him to send back to his company.The stupid thing I did was I didn't ask him to sign anything for proof that he already took it.Today,his company called me and ask if we have that spectacles.So I said I already gave it to their dispatch boy and then they call again and said that they didn't receive anything.So I told them that I already gave it to that asshole dispatch guy and they said they'll check it again.It was suppose to be an easy thing but thanks to that fat ass(because he's fat),freak dispatch guy this thing become a tragedy...I swear to God,if he come here I will be pist at him...God,why this thing happen to me??!!!I'm so stupid fir not asking that fat guy to sign...ARGHH!!!...He came,that fat and baldy were asking him where he sent that glasses?Why his company call us?He said he sent it already..we asked him "Then why your company call us and said they didn't receive it?"Then he said he'll call his company and tell them it's been sent and we also asked him to sign for proof...I was so mad I feel like I want to punch him in the face...I hope this thing will be solve...That company haven't call us since I got back from my break.Maybe they solved it already(I hope).I don't think I could manage to deal with it for another day....

I didn't go to work today because my house was flooded.It started at about 3 am and last until I think 9 am.It was scary but thank God it didn't last long and luckily our house is a double-storey,so we were safe on the second floor...but I had to walk in it to save our shoes.It was gross.Imagine that the water was from the drain and other disgusting places but luckily it was not so high,just level with my knees.So,me and my family had to clean our house.That's why I didn't go to work.After we've finished cleaning,we took a break,ate our lunch and then we went to the Raja Tun Uda Library at Shah Alam because my sister wanted to do some research,while I was online there..LOL.The library is amazing but the books isn't so many and most of it are old ones.It was fun.. :).We bought our food for the entire day today,I mean we bought our meal for breakfast,lunch,tea time and dinner..even though it's exhausting(cleaning house)but it was great..but I hope there wouldn't be any flood...

I'm at work right now.Baldy didn't ask me anything about yesterday.I don't know  if he's mad or maybe he doesn't care but actually I'm glad he's not asking me anything... :) You know what,I think I should stop lying to myself by keep telling that one day I will be a better looking guy because I know and a lot of people know that it's not gonna happen.So,the best thing I could do is make sure that I look clean and maybe more fashionable...agree??..."Amazing" news,I didn't know that today was 'Earth Hour Day' until I heard it on the radio..I wish I could participate but I'm at work :( I think my family didn't know about it either...

Tomorrow is my off day!Yea!..S is here for 2 months(I think)but maybe we might not go out these few days because he didn't say anything about hanging out..but A told me that he want to meet me next week.. :)