Saturday, December 1, 2012

MY DIARY (172)

I tried to call the college and ask if I could postpone or defer it for a while until I’m ready and about the payment.They did answer but when they transfer my call to the registration department,no on pick it up.So, I called again but then,no one answer...what an asshole!!How can they not pick up the phone??!!What if it’s important??!!WTF!!!...My dad wants me to take it(I think)and he said if I couldn’t postpone it,he said I should register on the 10th of December because he said it’s a shame to turn it down...I really don’t know what to do...I’ve called them again and the payment is about RM800++ which I have to pay on the 10th of December and if  I want to postpone it until next intake,I have to reapply next year....I’ve talked to my dad and 2 of my sisters,again and they all said the same thing,the decision is up to me,though my sis did say something  about being ready and they also said I could discuss it with my other sisters....but I think I’ll pass because they’re gonna say the same thing and I’m not sure if they understand me.....I have made my decision and I already told my family.They look as if they’re ok with it,they didn’t look as if they disagree but I think they support my decision...Fiuh,glad that’s over,I’m feeling much better.... J...I’m not gonna tell  you what my decision is,yet but I will tell you on my next update....