Monday, December 12, 2011


Today,obviously I'll be reviewing the movie "New Year's Eve"..First of all,I just want to say that this movie is....AWESOME!!!!!!..hahahaha...but seriously,this movie is great...well,you should expect it because the director was the one who directed "Pretty Woman" and the producer is the one who produce "Valentine's Day",knowing that they are the people behind this movie would make you say "Oh,no wonder this movie was so great"...and lets not forget the cast...they have Michelle Pfeiffer,Robert DeNiro,Halle Berry,Sarah Jessica Parker,Zac Efron,Ashton Kutcher,Hillary Swank,Bon Jovi,Katherine Heigl and few others and the camio was shocking,they have Alyssa Milano,Matthew Broderick,Joe Mcintire...just to name a few...So,overall the movie is amazing and the script,some of it make us thinking "Yeah,that's right"...this movie is like reflected to us,even I have been saying to myself "What have I achieved this year??How many good deeds have I done??"you know,things like that....but like they said in that movie "New year's eve is about second chance", you guys should watch this movie..... :)


Second day at my aunt's house,we went to the beach..a bit far from where we're staying...there's a lot of people at the and my sisters swam in the was amazing.I haven't been into sea for quite a long time..After that,we grabbed lunch..the food was delicious...It was raining heavily...For dinner,we ate at the seafood was expensive but the food wasn't so good and there's a lot of starving sister was so disturbed by them..and when we got back to my aunt's house,we had to eat again because she already bought a lot of food,after we already told her that we were going out for dinner....amazing,right??We were so full....So,that's all for today... :)

Last day here,after we took our breakfast,we packed our bags and head home but before that,we went to the flea market not so far from my aunt's house...I bought some souvenir for A and S...we also took some pictures there..after that,we head home and now I'm at my own house,home sweet home.... :)....It's kinda sad because we couldn't stay long there,eventhough  it's not so happening like here but I wish I could stay for a few more days.... :)