Monday, January 30, 2012


Back to work...Yesterday,G texted me and already solved the problem between us(through text).She said she won't do it again,lets hope that it's true...BTW,I tried to finish building that house model but sadly I couldn't ,perhaps I could finish it later... :)

Since yesterday,I'm being serious all the time(@work)because if I'm being who I am,I'm afraid that something might ruin it,like get into an argument with my boss.I know it looks like inappropriate but I have to do it,it's for my own good....

Yesterday,I watched 'My Soul To take' on tv.That movie was quite awesome,well,it was written and directed by Wes Craven.It have the element of suspense and humour...So I can say that it's worth to watch.... :) I'm almost finish reading 'Eragon',just about 5 chapters to go...I'm a bit worry if I done reading it before next Sunday because I haven't bought a new novel yet maybe next Monday,so I'm afraid I might die of boredom....Right now,I feel like I wanna quit my job,it doesn't makes me happy anymore because lately we often argue.What makes me kinda pist-off is because he never appreciate me for my good deeds but he wants to get mad at me for my little mistakes..I think he thinks that if he pay me,he can do whatever he want and not appreciate me as a worker..I mean,if he look at the side of 'give and take',he gave my salary,I do my job..he's mad for my mistakes,so he should say good thing for my excellent work,right??but no,he didn't...No wonder his employees always changing....


Sunday, January 22, 2012


I watched the 69th Golden Globe Awards yesterday,it was awesome(even though Vanessa or Zac wasn't there)a lot of A-list celebrities attended,so it's pretty amazing...can't wait for the Academy Awards!!..BTW,Vanessa's new movie 'Journey 2:The Mysterious Island' will be in cinemas 19th January 2012....G texted me last Sunday,she asked what I was doing and then I replied.We texted for a while...then she said "donkey donuts" for whatever reason,so I said to her that I just ate Dunkin' Donuts because it was true,my sister bought a Dunkin' Donuts...she thought I was mocking her,so I said I wasn't and I told her to go to bed because she have to go to work the next day,then she said I was trying to kick her out...then it became an argument but I tried not to make it longer,so I told her again to go to bed,then she was like angry at me(WTH!).I was happy that day but then it gone away.."thanks" to her..Then yesterday,she texted saying that she's tired but I didn't reply because I can feel that it will turn out to be an argument again because of her confusing attitude...Sometimes when she said something to mess with me,I mess with her back but then she said I was insulting her..she's crazy,right??..You know what,at first I was like "why is she acting like this??" but after a few times I didn't really care  why she's acting like that because we're  just friends but then I realize that  even though we're just friends but you still have to know who they are,why are they acting all confusing and that's why I have to see her and solve  everything....My boss,he want to buy a meal for me tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,then he asked me what I like to was embarrassing but I didn't tell him I just said that I like any kind of food..I was laughing when he asked I am kinda happy right now,hopefully G will not text me..LOL

I'm alone at my shop right now because my boss went out for lunch....and now,he's back.... :) Remember that I said I sometimes write novels???Well,my sister gave me an idea to write a novel about mystery or magical story.I could do it but I need a lot of time and I really have to learn to put my imaginations into writing,which is pretty hard for,I'm still considering it... :)

A wants to meet me either tonight or tomorrow night,he said he'll text me,so I said ok...BTW,I already applied for university on Monday but I'm not so sure if I could get accepted...I really hope I do...wish me luck everyone..:) Had fun with A tonight,talking and online and of course,eating @McDonald.. :) I told A about what happened between me and G.He also think that we should meet and he told me that she works at the clinic that I used to go for my,maybe I will see her....

I'm alone at work right now,sometimes I like this moment,I mean being alone especially when I just argued with my boss about something that I think we both wrong...I've been wearing contact lens since last Saturday and I will wear it everyday because this is monthly disposable,so if I don't wear it,it's be waste of money...:) I'm still reading 'Eragon' but already half of the book..and the story is getting interesting... :) My boss bought me KFC for's so embarrassing,a little awkward actually... :P

I'm a bit surprise when my customer,a Chinese women,didn't thanked me for returning her file after I followed her almost the entire block because she left it in my shop but you know,I wasn't hoping so much because I know that what I did is a good thing...that's all that matters.. :) My nephew are here for today,thanked God I have to go to work..LOL..BTW,he's also wearing spectacles,what a nerd..hahaha..

Yesterday,before I got home,I argued with my boss again,he looked upset..Today,I'll work for half day because tomorrow is Chinese New Year and we'll close until Thursday,probably and hopefully..Today,my boss is in an ok mood,maybe because tomorrow i Chinese New Year...but I think this is a good thing because I'm tired of making my serious face... LOL


Monday, January 16, 2012


Finally,a free time for me....I didn't write any activities yesterday is because I was so busy until half of my day here today..I had to write 600 customers' name and address by hand..crazy,right??but finally,I've done it and now I'm free.... :) Can't wait for the Golden Globe tomorrow,eventhough Zac or Vanessa wouldn't be there tomorrow but still,I can see a few celebrities....


Sunday, January 15, 2012


OMG!! I have to run shop by myself!!!...kinda awesome but it makes me nervous..I'm not alone actually,his mom is here to accompany me but it's sure is quite because he didn't leave his laptop,so no music......Today,everything went well,although there was a panicking moments but overall it's ok..but I'm still nervous about tomorrow,hopefully tomorrow will be ok too...

Yesterday went well,hopefully today too...1 day down,1 day to go..but I'm not so sure he(my boss)will be here tomorrow because he told me that he might not be here tomorrow and someone will replace...OMG,I don't think I could manage another day running this shop by myself..It'd happened again,I saw a girl that look like the girl that I mentioned in 'Mood = :(',lets put her as 'X',so I saw this girl with her mom but this time I was a bit 50/50,not like last time which was 70/30(meaning I'm pretty sure that's not 'X') because this time,the girl was looking at me as she walked past my shop,so I was not sure whether it's really her or not,or maybe it's because I'be start to forget how she looks like :)...because honestly,before this,I sometimes visit her profile on Facebook,I know it's creepy but I wanted to know what she was doing..but don't worry,I'm not doing that anymore,I've stopped for quite a long time now...I guess I did move on...:)...After my break,I took my laptop and I online here..LOL....."Great" news,my boss will be here on Friday,so that means I have to run this shop again tomorrow...

Here I am again but this time I'm not alone,I'm with his mom and this girl,also an optomologist (I know the right name now),she was also here last night and today,she'll be here the whole day.She's ok,friendly and sometimes talkative... :) BTW,she likes Zac Efron too...It's almost the end of the night,that means time is almost over for me to run this shop by myself..thanked God but still,tomorrow is a big challenge because I have to explain everything to my boss about all the problems and all the confusing,wish me luck...

Back to basic,that means my boss is back..I'm quite nervous to tell him about everything...I told him everything and it went well(thanked God),hopefully nothing bad will happen...


Monday, January 9, 2012


I've told you guys that I got accepted to college before...last year to be exact.So,lets just make it simple..I got accepted and the college was in Melaka which is 2 hours drive from my,it's kinda far..There are a few reasons why I quited..First,that place was far away from the city and far from grocery stores,so it's hard for me to buy stuff I need,eventhough I stayed there for only 3 days LOL..but still,if I did stay where should I buy all that stuff??..Let me tell you how,we have to take a bus and go to the town,which is kinda like an old town and we have to get back to our apartment before 6 pm.."amazing",right???because our curfew starts at 6..Second,we have to share the apartment,8 students in one small apartment..the entire time I was there,my bed was at the hall because there's no space in the bedroom because there's only 1 bedroom...imagine that..Third,my roommates sucks,they turned the radio up until I think the whole building could heard it..and the music was techno,which is I hate the most..and not just the radio,even the tv..what an asshole..and the weren't friendly too.They were a bit weird,they like to be in dark,even in the afternoon..but I made a few friends,they were my classmates..I actually crushed on one of my friends apartment because I can't stand sleeping in mine...Forth,the facilities were hopeless,the library open until 6 pm,a small grocery shop rarely open,the IT lab never can you live like that??..The good thing is just we have a swimming pool,cafeteria with cable tv and my classmates were nice to me,that's it....and another one is,one of the librarian was so pretty but she's older than me... :P,that's all I have to say,that's the reasons why I dropped off college...Let me tell you what happened while I was there.So lets start from the first day..ok,I arrived there pretty late,it almost night was sad to be apart from my family.So honestly,I cried but just a little.. :P ..what??It was kinda sad,ok....the thing is,there were a holding class that I must attend,which is something that I didn't know..that class was already started a few weeks the next day,I went to that class and there were about 20 students were already on their seats.Once I entered the classroom,all eyes was on I was like so nervous because I don't like people stare at I was just acted cool and luckily,there was a guy said hi to me and asked to sit next to him,so I did it.Since that,I was always sat next to him,eventhough all my classmates was nice to me.Oh,did I mentioned that my apartment was the most popular room??because my roommates they sell cigarette to other students.."amazing" know what,on the same day of my class,I slept my friend's apartment,the guy who was the first one said hi to me..I slept in his room every other night because his roommates was a senior,so they were having their semester break..He was nice,eventhough his knowledge about celebrities and English not is as great as my BFFs but he's friendly but not with my other classmates,I don't know why....I remember there's one of my other classmates,he's tall,wore glasses,he's nice to me too and he's the one who force me to mingle with the other classmates but there's one time,we met at the library..we talked for a while but then he said 'Don't tell anyone about this meet," I was like "Why?" and then he said "I don't want people to keep asking me about this,'..I was a bit surprise and confuse but I said's weird,right???..I spent most of my time alone,outside of my apartment,I usually go swimming or hang out at the cafeteria or the library...The third day,was my last day,I left on the afternoon,after I finished swimming...LOL...There's one thing I regret,though,is that I lied to one of my classmates..I told her that I got accepted to a college which is close to my house..I shouldn't lie...I said that because I don't want them to think that I'm a wimp..."genius",right??..So that's all that happened there... :)


Nothing happened yesterday,thanked God...lets hope nothing bad will happen today...BTW,I might have to stay back at work today because my boss wants to teach me how to close the shop because he said I might have to close the shop on Tuesday..I don't know why,he didn't tell me(like usual)..about the Tuesday,I'm both excited and nervous,I'm excited because I will be alone,so could pretend to be the boss..LOL but I'm also nervous because I'm not very good at selling spectacles..he looks pretty sure about his absent on Tuesday and Wednesday..that makes me 20% excited,80% worried..hopefully everything goes well..OMG!!!My boss don't know about pomegranate,he never heard or saw or ate it,our customer gave him 1 and I thought him how to eat it but it looks like he's not like it so much...LOL...He already thought me how to close the shop which is not so difficult and I might not be alone on both days.....I'm so nervous about it....wish me luck you guys....


Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today is the day but nothing happen so far....I really hope nothing bad will happen...I've started reading 'Eragon' yesterday,finished a few chapters already... :) ..I don't know whether it's true or not but I'm pretty sure that my boss is mad at me because of something that I didn't do...I mean,the lens was already broken before I clean it.So I told him and he asked me if I clean it too rough...I was like "No,it was already before I clean it,"and the he's just quite...I could feel that he's mad at me,it's not my fault! but you know what,I don't mind because I know I'm right...


Friday, January 6, 2012


Yesterday,I watched the movie by myself...I watched 'Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol',that movie is awesome,love the score....BTW,I will not review about this movie because there's not much to say,it's an amazing movie,the score and the effect is incredible...that's all..and it's kinda awesome watching movies offend A and S...LOL..other thing is,I bought a new novel 'Eragon' by Christopher's also a trilogy novel and this is the first,I just feel like reading it but I want to finish reading 'Robinson Crusoe' first... :) Ok,I'm done reading 'Robinson Crusoe',overall it's ok but kinda boring...LOL

Yesterday before I went to bed,I was thinking about...relationship...for the past 19 years of my life,I never had a,will I have a relationship??Or I was meant to be single forever???but I guess,it's impossible for me to be in a relationship with especially face like know what the other problem is??I have no one to talk to about this....I mean,I can't talk to my best friends because it's a bit weird,we guys don't talk like that to other guys,right???Or should we??I can't talk to my family,this is too personal to be share with family and I can't talk to my internet friends because these stuff,we have to talk face to face so that we know their,I just have to talk to myself or blog it here eventhough I know no one would respond...but you know what,I'm not gonna whine about it,I'm just gonna wait and keep looking until I got it.. :) Hey,guess what,'It' also watch 'M.I:Ghost Protocol'...hahahaha 'It' also said that the movie is awesome.. :P OMG tomorrow is the day but I'm not saying that I'm sure that something will happen tomorrow..I'm just saying that we would just be prepare because we never know what might or might not happen,right???..Hopefully nothing bad will happen tomorrow...


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Did a little shopping yesterday,a preparation for Eid day... LOL..Did I tell you guys that I wrote a few novels??I don't think,yeah,I wrote a few,I even sent one of if to a publication company but until now,I don't know what happen to it...I've started writing novel when I was 13 or 14 years old but it took me a while to finish the first book because I was in school and a few other stuff that I have to focus on..but then it was done and since that I keep on writing novels but I stopped it for quite sometimes and now I'm starting to write it again,still searching for ideas,though....I forgot to tell you guys that something funny happened yesterday while me and my sisters went for a that shopping mall,it was so crowded,a lot of as we were walking around,we then split up..I was looking around by myself,I then talked to a girl that I thought was my sister,it was so and that girl was looking at each other in surprise...I was so embarrassing,I turn around and walked was so funny,I think this is the first time it happen to me... :) that girl,I'm so sorry if I scared you... :) LOL


Monday, January 2, 2012


  1. The One That Got Away-Katy Perry
  2. Timeless-Kelly Clarkson & Justin Guarini
  3. Best Of Me-Daniel Powter
  4. Mr. Saxobeat-Alexandra Stan
  5. Crossfire-Brandon Flower
  6. The Gift-Jim Brickman & Martina Mcbride
  7. Bath Water-No Doubt
  8. E.T.-Katy Perry & Kanye West
  9. La La Land-Demi Lovato
  10. Your Song-Elton John,Harry Connick Jr.
  11. What A Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong
  12. A Thousand Years-Christina Perry
  13. Holes Inside-Joe Brooks
  14. Bridge Of Light-Pink
  15. My Baby You-Marc Anthony
  16. You Sang To Me-Marc Anthony
  17. Say You Like Me-We The King
  18. When You're Gone-Avril Lavigne
  19. Wish You Were Here-Avril Lavigne
  20. Never Gonna Leave This Bed-Maroon 5
  21. Wake Me Up When September Ends-Green Day
  22. 21 Guns-Green Day
  23. Could This Be Love-Victoria Acosta
  24. She's Always A Women-Fyfe Dangerfield
  25. I'll Never Find Another You-The Seekers
  26. You're Only Lonely-J.D. Souther
  27. The Show-Lenka
  28. Trouble Is A Friend-Lenka
  29. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head-B.J. Thomas
  30. Talking To The Moon-Bruno Mars
  31. The Silence-Alexandra Burke
  32. What Are Words-Chris Medina
  33. Tearing Up My Heart-N'sync
  34. Cookie Jar-Gym Class Heroes
  35. Please Release Me-Engelbert Humperdinck
  36. I Want To Spend My Life Time Loving You-Marc Anthony & Tina Arena
  37. Bittersweet Symphony-The Verve
  38. Top Of The World-Ace Hood
  39. When She Loves Me-Sarah McLachlan
  40. Closer To The Edge-30 Seconds To Mars
  41. It's Gonna Be Love-Mandy Moore
  42. I Can Wait Forever-Air Supply
  43. Mistletoe-Justin Bieber
  44. Somewhere Only We Know-Keane
  45. Dare You To Move-Switchfoot
  46. Someday We'll Know-Mandy Moore & Jonathan Foreman
  47. Wait-David Archuleta
  48. Things Are Gonna Get Better-David Archuleta
  49. Have A Little Faith In Me-Jon Bon Jovi
  50. Auld Land Syne-Lea Michelle
  51. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve-Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  52. Little House-Amanda Seyfried
  53. I Cry-Westlife
  54. Collide-Howie Day
  55. Never Knew Love Like This Before-Stephenie Mills


  1. Lion King
  2. Lion King 2
  3. Lion King 3
  4. Blade
  5. Blade 2
  6. Blade Trinity
  7. The Proposal
  8. Miss Congeniality 
  9. Miss Congeniality 2
  10. Speed
  11. Speed 2
  12. The Lake House
  13. Flicka
  14. Dance Flick
  15. Sherlock Holmes
  16. Never Ending Story
  17. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
  18. Robin Hood ( 2010)
  19. The Black Sheep
  20. Piranha ( Remake)
  21. 50 First Date
  22. Reality Bites
  23. The Seeker:The Dark Is Rising
  24. The Illusionist 
  25. The Incredible Hulk (2008)
  26. Hulk
  27. Franklyn
  28. Stepmom
  29. SWAT
  30. Takers
  31. Cruel Intentions
  32. How To Train Your Dragon
  33. Despicable Me
  34. The Great Mouse Detective
  35. Ratatouille
  36. The Witches
  37. Hocus Pocus
  38. Home Alone
  39. Home Alone 2
  40. Home Alone 3
  41. A Christmas Carol
  42. Polar Express
  43. Santa Claus
  44. Santa Claus 2
  45. Comfort & Joy
  46. Before You Say 'I Do'
  47. A Christmas Shoe
  48. Paul Blart:Mall Cop
  49. Christmas With The Kranks
  50. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  51. A Christmas Visitor
  52. Angel In The Family
  53. Vampire Suck
  54. Trick 'O' Treat
  55. Boogeyman
  56. Boogeyman 2
  57. The Mirror
  58. The Back-Up Plan
  59. New Year's Eve
  60. Tron:Legacy
  61. Inception
  62. Shrek Forever After
  63. Fright Night(1982)


Hey,it's the first day of 2012....It's kinda sad you know,saying goodbye to 2011..last year,I can assume that it was a good year..After the countdown last night,I was listening to 'Auld Lang Syne' by Lea Michelle,so it was an addition to my sadness..but I'm ok now,eventhough I didn't celebate it with my BFFs,I celebrated it with my family,it was fun eventhough we just stayed at home... :) Oh BTW,G texted me yesterday and this morning,talked about college applications...I continue reading 'Robinson Crusoe' by Daniel Defoe,after I stopped for a few weeks to read other books.I did that because this book,to me it's a good book but a bit boring,so that's why I stopped but now I'm reading it again to fill my free times.......


Sunday, January 1, 2012