Friday, June 8, 2012


Yesterday was great,though we didn't spent too much time...but it was fun,ate an Indonesian food restaurant,laughing like a drunk person,talked in the car while we went around town.. :) Thank you A and S for a great night and for the presents and for the delicious Tiramisu cake!.. *showing my teeth*..tonight,the party is at my house but it's a small one,just my family and I invited A and S.. :) BTW,I received a lot of birthday wishes by text,on Facebook and on Twitter,thank you so much,I really appreciate it..*showing my teeth*.Oh,I forgot to tell you all,I'm at work right now.. :( ...I think I will start reading 'Inheritance Cycle' again after I finish reading 'To Kill A Mockingbird',I know it's surprising,I didn't plan it before,I thought I will read it again after a few months but you know,I will resign in about 3 months,maybe I will be in a university or college or work at somewhere else,so might not have the time to read anything.That's why I decided to read again 'Inheritance Cycle' and try to finish all 4 books..wish me luck! *showing my teeth*..You know what,tonight,we'll not gonna celebrate only my birthday but with my nephew's birthday(which was last month)..WTH?!!so whatever...I didn't invite so many people because it's not like they'll come..but you know what,I'm just gonna have fun tonight,even though I have to go to work tomorrow but I will enjoy myself.. *showing my teeth*