Monday, December 31, 2012

MY DIARY (185)

Tomorrow is new year's eve everyone...I still got my 2012 resolutions that I haven't accomplish,like a lot...BTW,my long awaits had finally ended,not because I give up but because it already happened..right in front of my eyes!yea!..though I hope it went better but it was good enough,at least I got to see it...I got a lot of things to do tomorrow for college stuff...I hope everything will be alright,wish me luck...


Saturday, December 29, 2012

MY DIARY (184)


I’m exhausted,I went to here and there,do this and that... *sigh*...I’m done for today but still a lot to do for me to go to college..I can’t believe that I’m going in about 11 days.. :O..



You might notice or maybe not,that I’m often online early in the morning or sometimes from late at night until morning.I did this because I’m waiting for something to happen.I’ve waited for like 2 weeks (maybe) but it still not happening.Sometimes I feel like “Screw it.I’m done waiting ,” but somehow,deep inside me,I want to see it happen.So,I’m not gonna give up,not yet.BTW,you must be wondering what is ‘it’ that I’m waiting for..I’m so sorry but I can’t tell you because if I do,I would have to kill you...haha..


Friday, December 28, 2012

MY DIARY (183)


I did a checklist for all the stuff I want to bring to college....I feel a bit down,right now...maybe because I’m tired and I haven’t print my novel yet and that I’m going to college in less than 2 weeks,maybe that’s why.. *sigh*...But as always,I found a way to be happy again.. J..and now I’m happy..

I’ve called my college to ask a few questions and it went well...I was kinda busy today and maybe tomorrow too...and starting next week,I’ll be a lot busy I think...The closer I am to the day I’m going to college,more nervous I feel...I really hope I won’t have to face any problems like I had in Melaka or anything..


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MY DIARY (182)


I have done filling up the forms..well,almost all of it... J...It is exactly 2 weeks until I go to makes me feel nervous when I think about it...but still,I have time to be happy and enjoy my free life,right??.. J.....Sometimes,when you like someone or kinda like someone and you wanna know more about them and sometimes,you found that they have a lot in common with you and it makes you like them more than you intended to..but at some case,it’s a good thing... J....


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

MY DIARY (181)


Sorry for not writing anything these past few days...I wasn’t really busy,just that I don’t know what to write.You all should get use to it because when I’m in college,I might not be able to update it as often as I do now..too bad...I haven’t made any preparation for college,not even start filling up the registration forms but I might do it’s going to be hard for me...BTW,last Saturday,I went to watch ‘The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey’ with A...that movie is awesome!.. J..I’m not gonna write a review about it because there’s nothing to say...A asked me if I’m ready to go to college,I said yes because this is the right time...actually,my sister asked me the same question yesterday and I gave the same answer,though it’s hard,I have to be ready because if I don’t,I might never be


Thursday, December 20, 2012


You all have already know that I'm going to college next month,in about 2 weeks actually.And as you know,my life will totally change at some point and I'm gonna miss my life now,so much... :( ..but I think,next year is the right time and beside,I always tell people that I will continue my studies next year and now I get it.If someone ask me whether I regret or feel that I wasted 3 years of my life not going to college,I would say no because if I stayed at Melaka or I go to other college a few years ago,I would have miss a lot of great things,like I would miss the opportunity to really finish my novel,I would not get a work experience,'My Diary' might not even exist,I wouldn't have time to hang out with my best friends and I would not meet a few people who helped me become who I am right now,which is something that I would regret my whole life.So,no,I don't regret not staying at Melaka or feel like I've wasted 3 years of my life... :) 


MY DIARY (180)

I have finished typing my novel..yea!!..Just gonna wait for my sister to give it to her friend.Hope she'll publish it.....2 more days until the end of the world..actually,I don't really believe it so much.Maybe it's not the end of the world,maybe some huge disaster,like Tsunami or something...but we just wait and see...I have made my decision,I will take the offer to go to the college next month..since that I have finished my novel,now I will focus on filling all the registration forms....This means,I have about 2 weeks to enjoy my life now before I begin my life as a college student.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MY DIARY (179)

I haven't update or write anything on Blog Around The Corner for a few days now...sorry about's just that I was quite busy typing my novel and I still have a lot to do...My sister told me this morning that her friend was looking for a new script or novel to publish,so my sister suggested my name and she's interested.I'm very happy with that news,makes me eager to finish my novel...wish me luck.. :)...I was thinking about doing a twitcam for my blog,so that all of you can ask questions about Blog Around The Corner  or myself...but I'm afraid that no one would be there...that would be embarrassing...


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MY DIARY (178)

I think I’m gonna take the course...but again,I’m still not confirm.It’s just that,if I want it,I should tell my family quickly so that they can help me out with the payment and I also have to tell myself to be ready somehow to let go off my life now....I’m gonna say this one more time,I don’t wanna talk about it for now...


MY DIARY (177)

I slept at about 2 a.m. this morning and woke up at 5 a.m....I took a chance and online for about 2 hours....Today’s the big day!! J...I’m very excited...We left home at 9.30 a.m. and drove for about 2 and a half hours before we finally arrived at Port Dickson..yea!!...We went for lunch before we checked-in to our apartment...Something happened :O..the thing is,we reserved a 3 bedroom apartment which have 1 queen bed and 2 single beds in the master bedroom but we got just 2 single beds.So,me and my brother went to see the manager and sort things out.It turns out I was mistaken,it wasn’t 1 queen bed + 2 single beds,it’s actually a 1 queen bed or 2 single beds..sorry,my bad...but we changed to another apartment which have 1 queen bed,so that we would be more comfortable....Unfortunately,the sea at our apartment  is not to beautiful or clean.I mean,we can swim and we did swim but it’s not so clean and full of rocks at the bottom of it..too bad...We had a dinner at the restaurant in our apartment building.The food was great...After dinner,we walked at the beach,it was quite dark but windy.I played my guitar and did a little dancing..haha...Then,we all head back to our apartment and sleep...

Woke up at 7 a.m.Took a stroll at the beach with my dad...Oh,I forgot to mention that one of my sister did come with us because of work but my nephew is and after my stroll.I went to the pool with my dad and my sister,to watch my nephew swimming,he’s kinda good at it because he took a swimming class....We had our breakfast at the hall not so far from where we’re staying and after that we (me,my nephew and my sisters)walked around the beach,again,before we go back to our apartment,pack our bags and checked out... L...but before we head home,we grabbed a lunch at a restaurant  next to a beach(far from our apartment) and finally going back home.....On the way,something shocking happened,my sister asked me if I still have the set of key to our house and my brother’s car key(we didn’t bring that car to Port Dickson),which she gave to me yesterday...unfortunately,it’s not with me,I left it in our apartment at Port Dickson... :O...That news really killed my mood..luckily,my sister have the other set of key to our house but not the car key...When we got home,me and my sisters checked for it in all my bags and theirs but to no avail..My brother doesn’t know about it.Fortunately,he doesn’t use his car very often.Finally,my other brother(the one who helped me yesterday)called the place we stayed at Port Dickson to ask them to checked for it.One other thing happened,I got a letter that says,I got accepted to a college for Business Management and I have to register next month...OMG!!You have no idea what I’m feeling right now.I just got from a vacation,I’m tired,I have a huge problem and now I have to make a decision whether I should register or not...are you kidding me??!!!..It was devastating.I wish I could runaway somewhere and not to think about anything...I wish everything will be ok....After a while,they called me back and said they found it and will post it to us tomorrow or the day after that...Fiuh,one problem solve,one more to go...My sister asked me why do I look sad or stressful when I got accepted somewhere,is it because I don’t wanna study at all and I said no to her because I do want to.(This part I didn’t say to my sister)It’s just that it’s sad to know that I’ll have to say goodbye to the life I’m living now because I know my life will change completely.Ok,maybe not drastically but one day it will and that’s not so easy for me..but you know what,I don’t wanna think about it for now..I just wanna relax and be happy because I went to a great vacation... J...


Friday, December 7, 2012

MY DIARY (176)

I’m excited for our holiday,which is in a couple of days.I have planned a few things for myself,hopefull it will be great,I hope everything will goes well all the time we’re,wish me and my family a good luck....


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MY DIARY (175)

I just “reprocessed” what A told me when I called him the other day because he told her sister about my college offer and he said “I always tell my family everything,” :O...I think he told me before but I didn’t really believe him but now,I kinda just imagine,I told him a lot of things that I thought would be the secret between the 3 of us but I guess not...He’s so not like me,I don’t tell my family everything except where we go and what we do when the 3 of us hang out....


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MY DIARY (174)

Everything’s ok,I feel more cheerful..thank God.. J...Lately,I frequently dreamed about this girl.I knew her in real life but she’s not X or G or the new girl from my primary school but she’s from my high school.We knew each other in high school.It’s strange to me that I dreamed of her a few times because we weren’t so close,I didn’t have feelings for her,though she is pretty but we were just,I wonder,why I dreamed about her for a lot of times??


Monday, December 3, 2012

MY DIARY (173)

A called me late last night.He was worried about me with the whole problem thing.He told me a huge news too about the registration and the news is that I might not be able to apply to a government college next year.That news really made me reconsider my decision because my choice was to apply for it.Honestly,it makes me feels off,I’m not mad at him for telling me about it,it just made me hard to fall asleep last night....My dad told me that if I take the offer,we have to come up with about RM1500,including the payment and stuff.Since that I don’t have any savings(ridiculous,I know),I know my family will find a way to get it but I don’t want to and with the vacation thing,they gonna need that money....but I don’t wanna give that as a main reason because the real reason is,I’m not ready.....I’ve already told 1 of my sister and of course A about my final decision,which is not to take it because I looked at other government college application,doesn’t state that I couldn’t apply again next year..both of them was ok with my choice and A told me about other college and now I’m talking to his sister on Facebook to ask about her college...Thanks A for your advice and information!! J you’re my best friend.....A told her sister about my college...are you kidding me??!!...Ok,now I can focus on my vacation next week.. J...Hopefully nothing will happen that can ruin my happiness...


Saturday, December 1, 2012

MY DIARY (172)

I tried to call the college and ask if I could postpone or defer it for a while until I’m ready and about the payment.They did answer but when they transfer my call to the registration department,no on pick it up.So, I called again but then,no one answer...what an asshole!!How can they not pick up the phone??!!What if it’s important??!!WTF!!!...My dad wants me to take it(I think)and he said if I couldn’t postpone it,he said I should register on the 10th of December because he said it’s a shame to turn it down...I really don’t know what to do...I’ve called them again and the payment is about RM800++ which I have to pay on the 10th of December and if  I want to postpone it until next intake,I have to reapply next year....I’ve talked to my dad and 2 of my sisters,again and they all said the same thing,the decision is up to me,though my sis did say something  about being ready and they also said I could discuss it with my other sisters....but I think I’ll pass because they’re gonna say the same thing and I’m not sure if they understand me.....I have made my decision and I already told my family.They look as if they’re ok with it,they didn’t look as if they disagree but I think they support my decision...Fiuh,glad that’s over,I’m feeling much better.... J...I’m not gonna tell  you what my decision is,yet but I will tell you on my next update....


Friday, November 30, 2012

MY DIARY (171)

I’m still not as cheerful as I thought I would be...too bad...I got a text from one of the college that I applied and I got accepted but I have to start my class this December and I must send a kinda like agreement letter 7 days after the date of the offer,which is tomorrow...Ok,maybe it’s my mistake for not checking it before and I thought I would never get accepted after I failed the first time I checked and I was planning to apply again but I was waiting for teh opening day...Now I don’t know what to do....I’ve checked and I have to register on 9th or 10th of December.....I’ve talked to my sisters and they gave me a few opinion but still,the decision is in my hand and right now,I don’t know what to yeah,I have a decision to make....My sisters asked me to watch ‘Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn Part 2’ with them tonight but I refused,I told them that I’m just tired but the truth is,I don’t think I could focus watching that movie when I have a huge decision to make.....Right now,I’m a little bit confuse because at first,my sister acted like I should take the offer but then,my other sister asked me if I’m ready to take the course and just now,I think they think I want it but I looked stress because it’s too soon and I was worry about the finance or something,when the truth is,I kinda decide to not take it because it’s too rushing and I don’t think I’m ready but maybe it’s a silly thing to do and I don’t wanna let my family,I’m really,really confuse and stressfull.... :(


Thursday, November 29, 2012

MY DIARY (170)

My mood today is not very good,a bit melodramatic because I was just thinking about,you know,how lonely a person could be(referring to myself),I mean,I don’t mind being alone,though I have my best friends and my family,but not being able to say what you’re feeling,is sucks sometimes.I know I could share it but they(my best friends and my family)won’t understand,no one can understand everything and besides,I don’t wanna burden them with my problem,they have their own problems.Ok,now back to my feelings,it’s hard sometimes to decide or solve your problem by yourself and it sad when you couldn’t share your happiness simply because  they don’t understand or they just not interested to hear about it or you just couldn’t because you’re afraid of what people might respond.I know I’ve said that God’s with me but somehow we want someone who sit right in front of us,listening,hold our hands,look in to our eyes and  say “Good for you,” or “Everything’s going to be ok,”,someone who is not just there when  we’re happy but also a shoulder to cry on,literally...someone we can cry with....I don’t know if I ever going to find that person.I know A’s going to say “You can share it with me!”,but like I said,I can’t share it with them,maybe not with anyone at all,except to write it here,on Blog Around The Corner....You know what,sometimes I get jealous with my sisters and my brothers because they could share their feelings with their friends or sometimes to me but I couldn’t do the same to’s not far for me but again,maybe it’s my fault,I choose not to share,right??..but I’m glad that somehow I could sort of share it here,thought no respond from anyone... J...but I’m happy I can let it out... J..and don’t worry,if nothing bad happen to me,you might see me as a cheerful person again...Oh,BTW,I’m gonna have a hair cut tomorrow,I asked my sister to do,wish me luck...


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MY DIARY (169)

My family plan to have a vacation next month but unfortunately,maybe not the entire family because a few of my family members have a job to do...I will update to you about my vacation....I was sort of busy these past few days,busy with my novel,I’m half way to finish it....but besides that,it’s because I slept late and woke up late but today I manage to get up early because I slept early yesterday... J...I didn’t even practice my guitar,hopefully I coud do it today.....BTW,I found out that Blog Around The Corner have 5000+ pageviews...YEA!! but I also realized that it was viewed,quite a lot,from Malaysia,kinda creeps me out because some of that people might be the people that I talk write about in here... :O..hopefully not...


Saturday, November 24, 2012

MY DIARY (168)

Today we'll be helding the 'Tahlil',there's a few more things to clean up.I hope everything will went well...I'm kinda happy today because something shocking happened to me this morning when I opened my Twitter,a celebrity followed me,how amazing is that??'s really a great news for me... :)...I can't believe it,it really blew my mind... :)...The ceremony went well,we(my family)had a great time and I hope our prayer will be accepted by God.. :)

Today is my mom's birthday,so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM..though I don't really know her,well,more like I didn't get the chance to know her but I know I'll miss her forever...I love you mom!!...I hope you're in a better place... :)



I was thinking about G last night.We haven't text each other for weeks.Maybe she's busy with work and I don't wanna disturb her and you know my situation with her..So,the thing is,I just don't want her to think that I'm ignoring her because that would be the last thing I wanna do to people....unless I hate them..LOL..because I know how it feels to be ignored,especially by those who we thought would be there for us,would help us out somehow and the one who would make us smile,sometimes for no reason.I understand the feelings when you say hi to them and hoping that they would reply even just by saying hi back,would already make us feel happy but then you find out that they didn't reply to you and make you feel as if you're invisible.And after that,you're wondering weither you have done something or said something wrong to them and that question is going to be stuck in your head all the time...but for me,eventually,I managed to forget about them and make a conclusion that no matter what I did or how nice I am trying to be to them,they would still ignores me and now,I just pretend that they are strangers,someone who I bumped for a few times..but I hope that's not how G thinks about me,though maybe wwe'll never be together but I hope somehow we could be friends...For those people who about to ignore someone,I suggest you think about it again and for those who have ignored others,I think you should at least give an explanation for your act but if you have done it to a person for too long,I'm afraid it'll be too late because maybe that person has erased you from their life.And for those whose being ignores by others,I suggest you do the same as I did...


Thursday, November 22, 2012

MY DIARY (167)

I think I'm having a fever but I hope not because right now,I'm feeling a bit tired and my body feels hot....Tomorrow my family will make a ceremony for my mom.It's a ceremony where we pray to God for her(we call it 'Tahlil') and wish that she's in a better place.The reason we do it tomorrow,is because this Friday is my mom's birthday.It's just a small ceremony,just our family.So,this afternoon I cleaned up my house,a part of it...Tonight,I feel a lot better,maybe my fever is gone,thank God...


Monday, November 19, 2012

MY DIARY (166)

Today is A's birthday,so HAPPY BIRTHDAY A!!!!...I'm getting better,I mean happier... :) ..Yesterday,I was being friendly and said hi(through Facebook) to the girl that I mentioned in 'My Diary (118)' and she replied and we talked and then she asked me if I remember her and I said no but then,she told me what name people call her,there were a few and one of it hit me because I called her that name and then I remember that we had a study group or something together in primary school but that is all I remember about her,I wish I could remember more.Then we talked some more.....Today,I talked with A on Facebook and on phone.A told me something great about what happened to him but I'm not gonna write it here,it's too personal for him....but I'm happy for him.. :) ..I miss spending time with A and S but maybe we will again soon... :)

I'm practicing with my guitar for almost everyday lately and actually I'm getting better.. :P ..I think I'm happier from day to day..... :) ...On our way to a wedding,just now,my dad remind me(accidentally) about the highway incident(in 'My Diary (162)') because there was a car that look kinda the,I was sort of turn off because of it and I was quite for a while but then at the wedding,there was like a "red carpet" moment because I met someone from my high school who said hi to me first :P and then,after that,I find a solution on how to not being too grumpy or too quite or bother about the incident,is to think happy thoughts and today I sort of manage to do it but the happy thought is not the "red carpet" thing,it was something else... :)


Saturday, November 17, 2012

MY DIARY (165)

This morning,something great happened,someone replied my tweet! :) .....and it makes me realized that I'm not really alone,God is with me and granted my wish....I really,really grateful for it... :) ...So far,everything's ok,though I'm still not very talkative,I don't know why.....Tonight,when me and my sister was going to pick my other sister from work,which isn't so far away ffrom my housr(we went ther walking) and on the way,there was this black colored dog,running towards us and it tried to attack us.. :O..luckily we brought an umbrella and there was 2 of us.We finally managed to drove it away and fortunately,my brother went and pick up my sister at work because we didn't do it after what happened and in addition,there were a few more dogs next to my sister's work place....though it was scary but it's quite funny experience for me...LOL


Thursday, November 15, 2012

MY DIARY (164)

Maybe the reason why God haven't or didn't give me someone special or someone who understand me,simply because God knows I can somehow sooth myself,somehow find a way to make myself happy again,alone but strong..God knows though I have no one to talk to,no one who understands my feeling,no one who help calm myself but I will somehow manage to do it right now,I feel better than yesterday(so far)....I hope everything will be much wish me luck...


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MY DIARY (163)

I was kinda quite today,most of the sisters think that I might be mad at them.I wanna tell them that I'm not mad at them,I'm mad at myself but I'm afraid they might not understand,so I just leave it that way.I'm still kinda "haunted" by what I did yesterday.I can't believe that I did that rude thing,I really wish I could turn back time....I was thinking about going back to being talkative,just to make things clear to my family,I mean that I'm not mad at them but maybe I'll sort of limit my words,try not to talk too much,so that I won't make a lot of mistakes...Hope everything will be ok.....Right now,I really wish I have someone to talk to,someone who really understand my feelings but someone who isn't my family,someone I can talk about anything....unfortunately I haven't found one... :(


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MY DIARY (162)

I can’t wait to watch MTV Europe Music Awards tomorrow morning at 4 a.m....I slept this late afternoon for a couple of hours,hopefully I won’t get sleepy tomight... J..Two of sisters are kinda involve in show biz.One worked as an intern at a production company and already have a tv show that credit her name on screen....congrats to her..and the other one,sort of like a personal assistant for a celebrity but it’s not very official and she said she don’t really want to because she said she doesn’t really like that guy(the celeb) but I think she likes him... :P ..well,it’s good for her actually.....When I hear they talk about their work and celebrities,well I’m lying if I say I don’t get jealous,I do,kinda but it’s ok for me because most of the celebrities they met,isn’t really my favourite.Maybe if I am jealous,it could be because they might be popular but it also makes me determine to finish and hopefully published my novel...wish me luck... :)

You know,the word “I’m here for you no matter what”,for me,means a lot.Either I say it or someone say it to me..I don’t remember if I ever said that to people and I don’t recall if anyone ever said that to me either...but it’s ok,maybe when the time comes,I will hear it from someone.. J ..I know A is gonna read this and he might say it the next time we meet but I hope he won’t because I know he’ll do it because he read my blog....and besides,I know he’ll help me out even though he didn’t say it... J....Something happened,you see,my sister,my dad and I was trapped in a traffic jam.We were on the right lane and suddenly,there was this 4 Wheel Drive tried to cut the line in front of us and they were so close to our car until we almost hit each other but my sister didn’t let them and then I did something crazy.I showed my middle finger..they honked at us and then cut us on the right side of the road and honked again and shout at us but I respond with a stare,they were furious but I’m not scared because they started it...the reason I’m telling you this isn’t because I wanna brag about it,I just wanna share because honestly,I’m not proud of what I did,I shouldn’t do it.That’s not who I am,I’m not a brown nose or a gangster.And one other thing that’s on my head is my decision to be quite again because from my point of view,the more I talk,the more mistakes I make...So,right now,I’m not in a very good mood....


Sunday, November 11, 2012

MY DIARY (161)

I finally changed my blog’s title.I really hope you all like it because I do..LOL..I don’t know why but I have this very strange feeling.It’s not the same as the one I had before,this time is totally different but I don’t know what it is...but it’s not a bad feeling,I think it’s a good one.I don’t know exactly what it is,it’s kinda like excitement or maybe nervous or’s really strange...

I went shopping with my sisters today,though I didn’t buy anything and not just because I’m broke but also because I left my wallet at “amazing”.....I just found out something crazy.My sister and I’m pretty sure most of the girls out there,they force their feet to fit in a shoe.... :O shocking was that??I mean,they don’t mind that it hurts as long as it’s beautiful...WTH.. :O....BTW,all the time I was there,I was like “I’m gonna find a job,I’m gonna find a job so that I can shop,”... LOL

My sister plan to go for a vacation next month but it still not confirm....She asked me to look for a place to stay,like I did when we were going to Cameron Highlands....I don’t wanna say much,since that I’m not working yet and my family are the one who’s gonna pay for everything...LOL..


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MY DIARY (160)

I slept at 6 a.m. this morning and woke up at noon because I was online... :O..I'm planning to change my blog's title today....You know what,something strange happened to me,not like scary strange but feeling strange.The feeling that I feel after 6 hours of online,a feeling like I think some people said,"I just met you but I feel like I know you",it's weird,right???...but when I woke up and think about it and still have a little bit of the feeling,I kinda like it,not that I hate it before,I was just surprise because I never felt it before....BTW,I just want to tell that I was quite busy yesterday because I went to 2 events.First was a wedding,which I have to get dress in like 20 minutes and second was a small concert/carnival which I had 30 minutes to get dress,it was adrenaline rush...LOL...I am definitely getting better,thank God.... :)

It's been raining everyday and almost the entire time....I'm sorry for haven't change the title yet,I was kinda hesitated because maybe I'm afraid of what people might think or maybe they'll get confuse...but I think I'll change it today.....BTW,I got a letter from Google yesterday,saying that they can promote my business blog,they gave me a voucher for if I give them RM50 for the promotion,they'll change it to RM200...I thought about it for a while but then I decided to not do it because no one bought my clothes before,so why would they want to buy it now?and besides,I don't even have RM50,I'm unemployed and broke....LOL..


NEW NAME!!!!!!!!




Saturday, November 3, 2012

MY DIARY (159)

Happy November!!..Since yesterday,I must say,that I'm kinda happier and sort of better,though I was quite the whole time,when I went out for lunch with my sisters....but I think I'm getting better... :)



I was thinking about changing my blog's name because the name 'My Blog' is too common and hard to find mine in Google..ok,maybe because it's not so popular but it's also there are too many blog with title 'My Blog'.So I decided to change and I already have an idea but I hope everyone will agree with it and maybe I'll change it in a few days...wish me luck..


Thursday, November 1, 2012

MY DIARY (158)

I didn't get any "sign" yet but I think I might keep it...but we'll see.....I kinda feel that I should let it go because we can't have everything we want,though it breaks my heart but I think it's the best thing to do... :( ....It's raining almost the entire day,I don't know if it's a sign.....It's 12 a.m. and I've finally made my decision and I choose to,this is not easy for me.Right now,it takes time for me to write this...but I gotta tell you that I will keep my secret,I'm not letting it go.I know this means I'm keeping the sad part too and I've been through it today and I will have to do it again at some point but I'll take the risk because these also means that I got to keep the good part... :) ..and besides,I'm being myself again,well,it still in the process...


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MY DIARY (157)

I went to the cyber cafe to online,so I have updated my blog....I have a decision to make,I don't know wether I should keep the secret or let go of it.If I keep the secret that means I'm keep the sad part and the good part but if I let go of it,I would be horribly wounded...So I don't know what to do and with the problem with my laptop,I already sent it to a shop and they'll see what's the problem but they said it might be 2 possibilities and both cost quite a,I really in trouble....

I still haven't make my decision and I don't have much time left because I decide if I want to let go of it,I'll do it tomorrow because tomorrow kinda related to the sad part of my secret....My laptop is fixed,BTW.There wasn't any major problem.So now I can online at home.....No matter what my decision is,tomorrow is still gonna be a sad day because of the sad part....I prayed to God tonight to give me a sign for me to choose...let's hope God will give me a sign,though I kinda made up my mind....


Monday, October 29, 2012

MY DIARY (156)

I realize that lately I'm kinda better,I talked a few more words but somehow,I sort of pulled myself back,try to stay quite,not on purpose,maybe because I'm getting use of being isolated.I hope I could be better,I don't want people to think that it's because of the secret but it's not,it's because I just don't know what to say...

My laptop went crazy again,I might not online today and maybe tomorrow too because it's Eid day(the same as in 'My Diary (5)')...I hung out with A and S today,I had fun though I didn't talk so much because I don't have anything to say(maybe)...but really,I did have fun...thanks guys..I was observing A and S and my theory(in '4th Member?') was true and luckily A didn't ask about it...I gotta say,from my point of view,I did kinda act like I wanted but not the being-quite-act,it was when I talked... :)

It's Eid day!!! I had fun today...A and S didn't come to my house,though I already invited them...Something funny happened today,my cousin's baby boy wanted me to carry him,for a few was a bit awkward for me because I never carry a baby before..Luckily I didn't drop him..LOL..

My laptop is still not working,I have to take it to a shop,maybe on Monday.I tried to fix it yesterday but to no avail.I'm kinda sad and pissed off to find out that I might not be able to online at home for a few days..I don't know what's the problem or is this a sign that I shouldn't think about the sad part of my secret??I don't know...

I dreamed about X this morning but it was a short one,nothing's strange,right??I didn't think about her before...I was actually hoping to dream about someone else but I got unfortunate...


Monday, October 22, 2012

MY DIARY (155)

OMG!!!!There are 2 things that kinda make me pissed off today.First,my sister,I talked a few words to her and she talked to me a lot.I was like "WTH?I said a few words and you think I will listen to every word you say?" but I didn't say it to her face.I mean,I'm still who I was,I'm still being quite...duh!...Second,is my brother,he asked me to help him do some research for retail.He wanted to open his own shop.And suddenly,he want me to work with him.I know it's a good thing but I don't think I can work with him,I can't barely stay with him for a day and he wants me to work with him?And just now,he insisted that I install What's App on my phone,so that we can communicate easily...WTH!!..I mean,I could help him a bit and I did but I don't think I can work with him...

My computer when crazy this past few days.I don't know what's the problem...but I thinks it's kinda okay now(hopefully),I might online again tonight or tomorrow...

I had fun today,my computer is getting better,so I online for a few hours.I will try to update my blog tomorrow.I did something crazy today,it was raining this afternoon and there wasn't any thunder or lightning,so I decided to let it pour on me...yeah,I was standing in the rain,I twirled and just enjoyed the moment,it was fun,truly...I was very spontaneous ,I rarely did something like family don't know about it(I think) LOL... and right now,I'm watching 'Hairspray' on tv... :)


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MY DIARY (154)

Tonight,we had a surprise party for my sister's birthday.It's not a big party,just me and my family.We all had a great time,though there's a few things I wish I have but I didn't but it's ok because,there's a reason why I didn't have it,so I'm fine with it and I really had fun tonight,I laughed so hardly when we were playing with the cake's cream.... :)


Monday, October 15, 2012

My Drawing...the latest..latest

If you know who this person is,you can leave your guesses on the comment below...


 There's a few changes a made,just to make it look better....

MY DIARY (153)

I haven't write anything for the past few days because I was kinda busy with editing my novel and I continue making the house model,I almost finish it...but the main reason is,I don't know what to write...I gotta say,I'm getting worst lately,what I mean is,I'm more quite and isolated myself more often...I just realized it today,actually....and as I always said,I'm gonna find a way ti fix it..sometimes I get annoyed hearing myself saying that because sometimes I didn't do anything or I couldn't find a solution to fix thing...You what else I hate?Myself,I hate myself right now because I'm suppose to be happy,the secret I'm keeping is a happy one,though yes,there is a sad part but it's not the time yet,I still have a couple of weeks to be,I will find a way....I just hope I would and I hope god will help me too...


Thursday, October 11, 2012

MY DIARY (152)

Earlier today,I went to the 7-Eleven to buy a credit top-up.There were a few girls at the counter.I asked the first girl for the credit and while I was waiting for her to do it,I went to the back to buy some candy and when I got back to the counter,the other girl scanned my candy,so I pay for it but she didn't scanned my top-up,so I wait and instead of asking me,she asked the other girl why I was still standing and when I saw it,I quickly about the top-up and you know what she said?She said "Oh,you can talk?I thought you can't.What planet are you from?...WTH!..but me,being a stupid polite boy,just laugh and walk away.I should slap that girl in the face.She didn't know the different of being weird...

My sister starts to realize that I'm being different.She asked me why,she thought maybe I need some space,that they're bugging me but all I said was "Nothing".I couldn't say that I'm keeping a secret or I need them to listen to me,it might be weird or awkward.After a few times she asked me and I gave the same answer,we then decided to change the topic..


Monday, October 8, 2012

MY DIARY (151)


Thank you all for your wishes.I really appreciate it... J...I think this process of making myself who I was,might take sometimes because I don’t know why but every time I try to be as usual,something happen that pissed me off, I think it will take a while...

I went to my work place this afternoon to pick up my check for my last month’s salary.Baldy told me that he fired the new girl because she steal stuff... :O..quite shocking and now baldy work alone while waiting for a new worker....I gotta say,honestly,I kinda miss my job....I’ve been thinking,since that I might forever be like this(not a funny guy),maybe I should just enjoy it,maybe there’s a reason for all this...


Saturday, October 6, 2012


These are a few of the birthday wishes for My Blog that I received:-

By Email:- - "Happy Birthday My Blog! Hope you'll stay update!!!!!!" - "Happy birthday my blog" - "Happy birthday my blog...You are awesome"

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By Facebook:-
Hanna Lulu - "Happy birthday my blog.I hope you will update more stories and thoughts.You
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Jacksonville - "Yo!Happy 2nd birthday My Blog!
Jinnie Phillips - "Happy Second Birthday My Blog...."

If there's more wishes,I will try to post it here.Once again,thank you for your support!!!!!


MY DIARY (150)


I’m kinda worry lately because I’m sort of becoming a different person and not in a way I wanted.I’m not grumpy but I’m just not the funny guy that I use to be,especially with my family.I don’t know exactly why but I thought maybe because of the secret or maybe influence someone but then I came up with another conclusion,maybe I was somehow mad at my family for not interested in what I’, trying to say.....or it’s just that I’m dying...which is pretty ridiculous,right??..I’m worry that I’m gonna be forever like this,it’s not like I wanted it,but I just couldn’t find a joke or anything funny...but I’m gonna try to find a way to be happy and funny again since that Saturday is my blog’s second birthday.. J...There’s a lot of events this month,besides my blog’s birthday,it’s my sister’s and brother’s birthday and it’s also an Eid day...quite a lot,right???

Tomorrow is the big day,can’t wait,though I don’t plan on making anything....BTW,right now,I’m trying to find a way to be happy...well,not happy because I am happy,just that I’m not funny anymore,so now,I’m finding a way to make me who I was,the funny guy...wish me luck.....I can’t,I can’t be myself again....I tried but I just can’t...I don’t laugh at funny jokes,though I did smile but I just can’t be funny anymore...I’m gonna take a nap,hopefully everything will be better....I just woke up but I don’t feel any different...a bit better maybe but nothing more...




It's My Blog 2nd Birthday!!!
Thank you to everyone for viewing and following My Blog.
I hope that this blog will be viewed much more and maybe more comments and followers in the days to come...
And I as admin will try my best to make My Blog more interesting and better...


Friday, October 5, 2012

THE BIG DAY!!!!!!!

~6 OCTOBER 2012~



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MY DIARY (149)

Lately,I rarely talk to my family about anything,not even about Zac Efron that I used to share with my sister.At first,I thought maybe because of the secret I've been keeping but then I realize,it's not just because of that,it's because there's no point on telling them because they don't even interested.So,if I read about Zac or anything that I found on the internet,I seldom  talk about it,I just keep it to myself.They are nice to me and take good care of me but they just not interested in what I'm trying to say sometimes.So I decided to write it here.I'm gonna tell you guys about Zac Efron.You must already know that he's in Philippine now,being kinda a spoke person for a fashion line,Penshoppe.I saw a couple of videos of him being interviewed and when he talks about Vanessa and said that she's his ex-girlfriend,kinda makes me sad but they broke up in a good way,so I'm supporting their decision.I also did watched a few other videos of Zac,it feels so long since I watch his video on YouTube,kinda bring back the old days...LOL


Monday, October 1, 2012

MY DIARY (148)

Today,I feel happy but a bit sad.I'm happy because I got what I want but I feel sad because it would be the last for a long time...but hopefully it won't be too long...Tonight,G text me after a long period of time.She asked me how I'm doing and stuff...everything was ok,I told her I'm not working and I'm writing a novel now...but then,I asked her why suddenly she text me and she said she was busy and she also said that she'll text me everyday.The thing is,I asked her that is not because I'm pist off at her or something,I just wanna know why,maybe she want me to buy her phone credit or maybe there's no other guys in her life or she has some important question to ask.Actually,I don't really mind is she didn't text me anymore because,you know how I feel about her,I don't love her,I'm not so sure if I like her anymore after what I found out about her.Right now,she haven't reply my text after I said I didn't intend to ask her to text me everyday.I don't know if she thinks I'm mad at her or what but the truth is,I'm not...I just don't want her to text me everyday....She replied my text,we talked for a while,she asked me about my novel but then we cut off...

I know I'm suppose to feel happy today because there was something that would make me happy but I don't know why I'm not a very good mood...maybe because G suddenly popped into my life again while I was in a great moment...and I don't know why but every time she text me or something,I don't feel happy,maybe because we sometimes we end our conversation in an argument,instead,I become grumpy ...weird,right??...I'm gonna take a nap,hopefully I will feel better.....I do feel better after I woke up,though G text m again today but I didn't reply because I was too tired... :P

My nephew came this afternoon but he didn't stay so long because he got school tomorrow...but he did accidentally pisted me off.I didn't mad at him so much....BTW,I don't hate children,I just don't favor them...


Friday, September 28, 2012

MY DIARY (147)

My sister told me about this girl who don't have a muscle on her face(for real),so she doesn't have any expression,she couldn't frown or smile or sad,right??So,it makes me think how lucky I am to being able to smile and everything,I'm very grateful for it...and I also think about those people who decide to be grumpy all the time or refuse to be happy or laughing...I mean,God gave you a chance to have any expression you want and you decide on being grumpy??frowning all the time??being expressionless??why???'s really stupid,right??...I don't think I'm able to understand them...


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MY DIARY (146)


I was kinda pisted off this morning because I was supposed to watch ‘Stand By Me’ and I woke up at 6 a.m. for it but there were some problem with the cable station,so that movie was cancelled..WTH!!!!!....I don’t know why but problem are kinda scared to say hi to me because they said I look fierce or kinda snob... :O...yeah,maybe I’m not too friendly but once you know me,you’ll see how I really am,though I can’t really classified my characteristic...maybe I’ll ask A and S...

Have you ever feel that you’re interested on something that you never know about before but then you realize that you had a lot of chances to see it but maybe at that time you just didn’t know or not perceive it and now you found out you might not have that chances again???..I don’t know exactly what feeling is it,maybe a mixture of frustration and anger and sadness??maybe...but whatever it is,it sure make you feel like you have a time machine so you could turn back time and take every opportunity you have...but you couldn’t and it sucks...all we can do is hope that we might get another chance somehow...


Monday, September 24, 2012

MY DIARY (145)

I'm gonna tell you all something.I'm actually not a nice person as some people think I am..because sometimes I like to cursed and I did it quite a lot of times..I've said F*** to people but only when they pisted me,there you go.I'm not so nice now,am I??


Sunday, September 23, 2012

MY DIARY (144)

I told my sisters a small part of my sadness because I couldn't bare the feeling on my own...but I didn't told them the whole thing,I didn't tell them the secret,I didn't even said that I'm sad...but I think they almost figure it out,hopefully they won't find out because sometimes they like to make of something,especially if they don't know how serious it is for me...I feel better this morning but kinda regret telling my sisters because they kinda almost figure out about my secret... :O

I feel a lot happy today,thank God...I had fun at home,though I didn't do much thing.. :)..I hope everything will be better tomorrow and the days to come... :)


Friday, September 21, 2012

MY DIARY (143)

I'm in a deep sorrow most the time today,"thanks" to Pan's Labyrinth's Lullaby...Remember that I said I have a secret?Actually,I'm not planning on telling anyone and I'm not gonna write it here,I just want to tell you the reason why I'm feeling sad today.The secret that I'm keeping now is actually a happy one but there's also a sad part and I knew about it and I knew that something will bring up that part,I just didn't know it would be today,this quick...I'm so sorry for not telling you the secret because I can't and I don't wanna write about the sad part because I'm afraid I might cry and couldn't stop.I'm writing this because I want to share how I feel right now because the feeling is too strong for me...I hope you all understand...and don't worry,I'll find a way to be happy again,though maybe it might take sometimes...




Thursday, September 20, 2012

MY DIARY (142)

I got a phone call from A late last night.We'd talked for a while but mostly I do the talking..LOL..but I was kinda mumbling a few times,I don't know why but I mumble lately,it's weird...I don't know if I wrote about this before but I'm just gonna write it again.Sometimes I want to be a different person,you know,sometimes I wanna be the player or the class clown or the grumpy or the mysterious guy but I couldn't do that because people will think I'm I guess maybe that's why I feel like I wanna be an actor sometimes...haha what a stupid thing to think about...

It's been about 2 weeks I become unemployed but the thing is,I don't really feel any different...yeah I don't have to go to work but I don't feel any different,as if I'm still working and I don't know why....I was watching High School Musical 3 when suddenly there's no electricity.I can't believe that that movie was almost 4 years ago and a lot of things has happened since that,like I had a job,I am not who I was,though I hope and still trying,Vanessa and Zac broke up and I met a few people that helped me to improve myself somehow.I can still remember how excited I was to tell A and S the day after I watch High School Musical 3 in was a good time.In the movie,Gabriella said "I always do the right thing,maybe I wanna be a little crazy this time," but what I always tell to myself is "I want always to do the right thing but somehow,I just can't,"...funny,right???


Tuesday, September 18, 2012



MY DIARY (141)

I'm sorry for not writing or update my blog for a few days.There aren't so much things happened,just that I went for a shopping last week,went to my cousins' open houses on the weekend,did some chores everyday and online...There's something I wanna tell you all.I don't know if I told you before.It's about secrets.A secret,whether it's a good thing or a bad thing,will slowly change yourself because when you decide to not tell anyone about something,you will avoid confrontation and then you start to isolate yourself,you don't hang around with people and  you don't talk so much and finally,you become a different people,you might be a grumpy person too.The worst thing is when the secret is something that makes you happy but you couldn't talk to anyone because you scared they wouldn't understand or wouldn't agree with it...I'm telling this not because I want you to not have a secret,I'm just telling you the risk and consequences of it...BTW,I just want to say that I'm fine,done worry..I'm happy actually....


Thursday, September 13, 2012

MY DIARY (140)

I was quite busy this morning with chores but I was free after that,so I online for almost the whole day.. :)...I got an offer from this college to further my studies.It is kinda ok but the intake is on October but I don't know when exactly,anyway,it's a bit too soon..but I'm still considering it...The important thing is,I feel happy today..why??..shhh,it's a secret...LOL.. *showing my teeth*


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MY DIARY (139)

I'm thinking about something.I'm pretty sure a lot people think about it too.You see,we like a certain quotes that certain person that we like said and sometimes we wish we could find that someone who said the same quotes as that person...but the question is,would we like it?Would we be the happiest person if we did found someone who said the same quotes as that person?What if that someone doesn't have the criteria or feature like that person but said the same quotes as that person??...That's what I'm thinking right now and I'm searching for the answer because I'm not sure myself....BTW,I'm gonna fill my schedule with making the house model and editing my novel...


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MY DIARY (138)

I'm officially not working at my shop anymore..yea!!!!...I was busy yesterday because I went hang out by myself and I went to my brother's open house.. :)...I don't know what to say,so I guess that's all for now...


Saturday, September 8, 2012

MY DIARY (137)

Yesterday night,I accidentally squeaked at my dad because I was so pist-off but I regret it so badly,though I haven't apologize..LOL..I never done it to my dad before and I don't even remember if I ever did that to any of my family members...I think I will apologize to my dad,though I know he didn't notice it yesterday....I already apologize to my dad.It was a bit awkward and I was right,he didn't notice it...Though I'm gonna be working here for about 3 days,baldy still pist me off,maybe because I accidentally pist him off but it was an honest mistake.What he did was,he asked me to find a screw driver that he lost it.Actually it was missing since yesterday and I did help him look for it yesterday and today,he asked me to do it again.I couldn't find it and he asked me to do something else...what an asshole...

I was so busy yesterday because I have to start typing again and surprisingly,the new worker start working yesterday I have to teach her everything I know and I have taught her.She's ok,though a bit slow and she type the computer freaking slow...The thing is,I haven't finish typing and yesterday,I didn't have time to write or read 'Inheritance',so my everyday routine has changed.. :(...Today,I didn't go to work because I have "fever"..LOL..and I will M.C. tomorrow too...LOL..The sad thing is,I thought my last day would be this Sunday and I will relax the whole day but well,sometimes things aren't working as plan...Whatever it is,I'm happy because I don't have to see baldy's face anymore...LOL..


Thursday, September 6, 2012

MY DIARY (136)

I have this feelings,I don't really know what it is,either sad,happy,anger,excited,nervous or all at once but I know what's the cause and I'm gonna keep it to myself,it'll be my own little secret..even if I tell you guys,you wouldn't understand..but the problem is,the feelings make me wanna throw's strange...Luckily,after my break,I don't have the feelings anymore,maybe because I don't think about it so much...



I've been thinking lately about adding one more person into our group(me,A and S)...A and S have said about it before but at that time,I didn't really think about it because of the reason they gave...but now I think we should.The reason is kinda's because I want it.The thing is,there are 3 of us,though I always said that they're my best friends,I don't really remember if they have said the same thing about me...maybe they have and I just forgot and now I kinda start to believe what people said,that we can only have 1 best friend.When I was in high school,I feel like I'm close to S but then,I feel like I'm closer to A because he helped me a lot and S is kinda far away but sometimes I feel like A and S are closer than I am with any of them because they have a few things in common,I had the same thing too but as time goes by,I just don't really interested anymore...So,that's why I think we should have a 4th member,someone that habe something in common with me..I know it's hard,impossible maybe but I hope we could find him or he find us...I know A sometimes view my blog and he might be pist-off when he read this.So,if you do read this A,I am really sorry if you're mad but I don't know to whom am I suppose to share what I feel,I can't straight away talk to you,that'll be awkward and I can't tell my family,they might think I'm being ridiculous or maybe not but I don't wanna take a risk...once again,sorry A and S but it's the truth...


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MY DIARY (135)

I had fun yesterday,online for almost the entire day..LOL...I'm not so sure if tomorrow would be my last day because since the Indian girl,I haven't seen other people apply for it.....I don't know if it happened when I wasn't around but I doubt that...maybe I'll try ask baldy..He haven't ask me to key-in yet...hopefully he won't...wish me luck...Ok,it's official,I will stay for the rest of the week because there's isn't any new replacement....There's this Malay(I think) woman came and apply for the vacancy.She looks ok but I don't know whether baldy want to hire her or not...hopefully yes..LOL...


Monday, September 3, 2012

MY DIARY (134)

Today is our Independence Day,so,HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO MALAYSIA!!!!! and my family are preparing for our open house but this time for my relatives and my sisters' friends but unfortunately I'm at work all of my family is on holiday because of Independence Day.."great"..BTW,today was suppose to be my last day but I gave the resignation letter 5 days late,so I have to stay until 5th of September and I told baldy that if he couldn't find my replacement,I'll stay until 14th of September...One other thing,the house model is still in a working progress..LOL..

The open house went well yesterday...I watched the movie 'Stand By Me' this morning.I've seen it a couple of times before but this morning when I watched it,I just realize that neither one of us(me and my best friends)are like Chris,a character played by River Phoenix.He's brave,quite mature,kind to his friends and he protect his friends.Non of us have that in on person,especially being able to protect others,though A was like a big brother because of his appearance(sorry A),he's friendly and he's the one who drive us if we're going out but still,I haven't seen him protecting us and S,I don't think he could.Maybe because we haven't face a situation where we have to protect each other,though,I don't know if A and S remember this but when we were in high school,sometimes I did try to protect them,if someone said something bad at them,I will say something back and that's why I feel like I should be the one like Chris but the problem is,I couldn't,I'm not brave or strong enough...but I hope,I really hope that if circumstances force me to do it(hopefully not),I could do it...

These past few days,I've been listening to sad songs and reading sad quotes...I don't know why,maybe because I don't want to feel happy at work(you know why)...but I'm happy at home,though sometimes I tried to be happy,not because of my family but just I don't feel happy's weird,right??....Me and A was suppose to be going out tonight but I haven't got a confirmation from A....Me and A are confirmed to hang out tonight...Uh-oh,I think I will habe to key-in the customers' records because baldy asked me to arrange the new records in alphabetical order.. :O


Friday, August 31, 2012

MY DIARY (133)

I don't know if I told you guys this but I started reading 'Inheritance' for the second time,it's been a while now and I'm close towards the end...


Thursday, August 30, 2012

MY DIARY (132)

Yesterday I didn't do much thing but I did continue making that house model,by myself...S is already gone back to Penang and A will leave to Pahang next week(for real this time)..I've made my decision that I'm not gonna meet my classmates again because I behave badly when I'm around them and it's not like I have a lot of things to talk about or them to me,so what's the point??It's not like I'll be depress if I didn't see them,more like the opposite way...So,yeah,I think it's the right thing to do...

I feel like I wanna runaway from my work place because there's this Malay woman,baldy's friend who work at an eye specialist(I mentioned in 'My Diary (107)'),she asked me about my studies and stuff and she also said "congratulation" to me...I feel so guilty...Now I feel grateful because(I'm just gonna make it short)I have to look for this thing and I couldn't find it at first but when I almost give up,I found it..I was so grateful to God for helping me...Hopefully nothing will happen that might ruin my mood...


Monday, August 27, 2012

MY DIARY (131)

I still think about the way I behaved at my open house,you can say that I'm still frustrated to find out that I still haven't change..BTW,S is leaving tomorrow and I thought I want to ask them out...I already did,actually but there's no confirmation yet...we've planned to meet at McDonald at midnight today.I feel kinda guilty because A and S are going to their relative's house and they must be tired to meet tonight..but we'll see about it..

We went out yesterday night,well midnight more likely..I had fun yesterday talking about ghost stories(real events) and making jokes about a lot of things...though the actually reason I wanted to see them is because I want their opinion about how I'm suppose to change myself but we were sort of distracted because of the stories,so that subject didn't came up but maybe just for a short while...but I don't mind because when I think about it again,this problem is something that I have to deal with by myself..the important thing is,the 3 of us had a wonderful time yesterday.. :) *2 thumbs up*


Friday, August 24, 2012

MY DIARY (130)

Yesterday,my open house went well,though it was awkward,awkward as hell because I haven't seen them for quite a long time and before we went to my house,we had to go to 2 other houses and they were talking about studies and stuff,so I just kept quite at both houses until at my house  but still I didn't talk so much.I sucks at being host of a party.Maybe because I was too shy I guess...but also I kinda hate myself yesterday because I was sort of being who I was in high school,which is I hope I'll never be again.I never told you all about this but when I was younger,I was kinda like a sissy lala,though not on purpose,I hate who I was,that's why I want to change and I thought I have but I was wrong.I wish I could turn back time and not act as I was yesterday..BTW,S wasn't at my open house because he went to his relative's house but we(the 3 of us) went out yesterday night and watched a movie,'The Bourne Legacy',that movie is awesome!..but I'm not gonna write  a review,sorry guys.. :P..I'm at work right now...


Thursday, August 23, 2012

MY DIARY (129)

At work right now and it's raining outside...Tomorrow would be my off day..yea!!!! and also an open house at my place.I invited my best friends and my classmates..I don't know if it's a good idea but I've discussed it with A and we both decided that I should invite them,though I don't know if they're coming or not...but I don't really mind,we just have to see...but A is confirmed to come.. :)


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MY DIARY (128)

I'm so sorry for not updating my blog these past few days because I was busy with Eid and there wasn't any internet connection at my aunt's house.So today I'm just gonna sum up everything that happened.We headed to Perak on Saturday morning but apparently the highway was jammed,crazily jammed and we arrived at my aunt's house  late afternoon.We stuck on the road for like 7 hours.."amazing".Later that day,we break fast in the car because we went to the bazaar which is quite far from where we were staying and we went there a bit,it's predictable...The next day,was Eid day.After we done our prayer,we went to my other aunt's house and after that we just stayed at home because my uncle's family came and they stayed until night.Yesterday was supposed to be the day we left but was cancelled because the road was jammed,quite bad.So we decided to stay another day and we headed home this morning at 2 a.m. but we arrived at about 7 a.m. because we took a break a few times.All and all,I had fun at my aunt's house,though the jammed was horrible and we had to face it for a few times..Now,I'm at work..a bit tragic,isn't it??LOL...It's raining outside,quite heavily but no thunder or lightning.


MY DIARY (127)

I didn't go to work yesterday,I told baldy that I have stomach ache but the truth was I woke up late,my dad didn't wake me up,so I decided not to go,though at first I thought I should just come to work but when I think about it again,I better not go because baldy would be pist-off and grumpy the whole day if I arrived late to work,I know baldy will pist-off that I'm not coming to work but at least I'm happy at home.. :) ...Beside online,I clean my house yesterday and rearranging the furniture(a tiring work)...Now,I'm at work.I'm pretending that I'm recurring from my illness.Tomorrow would be my off day and me and my family  will go to my aunt's house at Perak because we'll be celebrating Eid day there.