Sunday, February 24, 2019


Hi guys!

So this week I'm not gonna write about tips or a how-to post, but instead, I'll be sharing about a theory that I kinda made but probably other people are thinking about it too. However, since this is my blog,so I'm gonna say it's my theory...haha..

I know you guys must be wondering what the hell am I gonna write this week with that confusing title.

So I'll break it down for you. Please bare with me...haha

Before I begin, I would like to say that this theory is based on my 26 years of observation....well maybe not exactly 26 years but who's counting? LOL.

Okay,here we go..

I believe there are 3 types of people when it comes to talking and listening. Each have their own good side and bad side, same as everything else...haha

1. Talk

This type of person is more to talking than listening. Or might possibly not listening at all. So the good side of this type of person is that he/she can help break the ice or to not make things awkwardly silence. And you can use this person as your escape plan to not talk..haha. The bad side is that they only talk. So they are not a very suitable option when it comes to sharing your problem or if something bothering you. They might seem to listen but there are high possibilities that they are actually not.

2. Listen

This type of person is the opposite of the person above. The good side of this person is that they will listen to you, like really listening. So if anything you wanna share, you can share with them. However, the bad side of it is that you can't expect to bring them to a party and talk because I'm 90% sure that they won't. They might not even go to that party. You can say that those people who listens, they are kind of an introvert. And they might also not be sharing their problems or thoughts with you, which can be harmful to themself.

3. Talk + Listen

This type of person, you could say that they are the complete package...I think..LOL. They can be a great companion because they listen and they can help avoid awkward silence. But, there are downsides of this person. There might come a time where this person end up being either one of the above type. How, you ask? Okay, when he/she realized that they are not actually being listen to, maybe because they are surrounded by the TALK person, they will think that their opinion or topic are not interesting or not good enough or maybe not even useful. So they will decide to be the LISTEN people and keep what might be a great thing to themself. Or, when he/she started to feel too confident because they think that whatever they say people will listen. They might turn to the TALK person without them realizing it.

So that's my theory.

I might be wrong about this but this is what I have experienced or seen in my life.

I know you guys must desperately (😉) want to know which one is mine. I have to say that I am in another category,which I don't listen or talk...haha..

So that's all I got for you guys this week. I hope I didn't offend anyone...LOL

Let me know what do you think of my theory or maybe you have a similar theory but with a better explanation...LOL.

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Love Always,

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