Monday, August 13, 2012

MY DIARY (125)

My guilt has gone...Earlier,baldy asked me to pull this spring thing on a spectacles and I did but what happened was that my hand was kinda wet,so it slipped and snap,it didn't broke,just that it made a loud noise and he's mad at me because of that accident..WTH?!..I think he was shock from the noise..LOL..served him right..I'm curious right now,you see,there's a page on twitter that I followed.The page is about sad quotes,the thing is,the picture of the page is a girl but she covers her face and from the color of her hair and her pose,it looks like M...maybe I'm wrong(I hope so)but if it's true,I'm in trouble,maybe I'm being ridiculous but what if she did the page because of me???It make sense(I think),I mean she's not in my friends list,she blocked me or something and now,she tweets about unrequited love,ok,maybe it's for her ex-boyfriend but what if it's not??...I really have to find out about it...

I didn't write anything yesterday because I was busy writing our customers' date of birth(for whatever reason)from yesterday until late afternoon today.Now,I'm free :)....I'm not feelingn vry well lately,I think I might have fever but I don't want to not fasting...BTW,A is on his semester break and he wasn't actually at Pahang before,he was just about an hour drive from here...He decided not to tell me before because he want me to think that his at Pahang..(what??!!)..but he'll be going(for real)on September...We've been planning to break fast together but we didn't know when S will be we just have to wait and see..

Tomorrow is my day off...I will cut my hair tomorrow...I still have my fever,tonight I'll be going to the clinic...