Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Tomorrow would be the last day of's kinda sad to say goodbye to 2013 since it's been quite a great year because I met a lot of new people and make a few new friends,though there was hard times and the times when I feel horrible or disappointed or sad but there was also times when I was happy,proud,grateful and not to forget that I also met a few people which cause me to smile without a reason... :) ..and also those who have been supporting me and cheering me up when I was feeling down....2013 have been the year where I learned to live on my own without my family for the first time..2013 was also the year where for the first time I got 80 page views in one day.. :) ..2013 was the year I feel interested in a Southern is also the year where I learned to use Whatsapp,WeChat,Insatgram,Tumblr and few others social network...2013 was one of a great year in my life....I would also like to say THANK YOU to those who helped and supported me in everything I did in 2013 and those who make me smile and cheer me up whenever I was sad and THANK YOU to my family and my best friends for being there for me all the time,though sometimes through online chat...haha...and to my college friends who helped me in my studies and those who was being a big contribution in helping me being who I am (you know who you are) and finally THANK YOU to all of you who kept viewing BLOG AROUND THE CORNER,though there wasn't any new updates sometimes..haha
For 2014,I hope it's gonna be much,much better year.I hope I will manage to go through any circumstances and solve all my problems that I know I will I hope there will be more viewers and maybe you all could leave some comments..haha

FAREWELL 2013!!!!!!!


Friday, December 27, 2013


In about a week,we'll enter a new year..isn't time move fast?? also means that n about 3 weeks,I'll start my third semester..*sigh*....sometimes I wish time would slow down...I haven't talk to anyone from my college for a while now,since I don't have any credits or internet in my phone.....I read a couple of tweets from K that says like she feels as if this person is getting further away from her,that this person isn't calling or texting her..I don't know if she means me or someone else but I think it's someone else because I'm sure she doesn't care if I text her or not,I know I don't..haha....I feel kinda sad to think that I'll be back to college in less than a month and again,I have to let go of a few things so that I could focus on my's kinda terrible..


Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I think I've made a mistake by thinking that Y was trying to use me because this morning,she helped me find the link for my final result which I still couldn't find and she said she wanted to help check it for me but I said she doesn't have to and that I will check it myself because I don't want her to see my result before I do,I was worried that it might,the thing is,I feel bad for accusing her,luckily I didn't say it in front of her...


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I just got back my family was great,we all had an amazing weekends,I'm sure I was...haha..There's isn't much to tell,but the day before we came back home,I found out that the result for my final exam was already out...I was pretty nervous but I decided that I'm not gonna check it at that time because I don't wanna ruin my holiday mood,especially if I got a horrible grade..I was texting with K this morning until about 3 am,she asked me if I've seen my result and I said no and she checked for me but I told her not to tell me what my result is.I also told her what I was thinking about Y and she gave an advice(kinda)....Now,that I'm at home,I thought I wanna check it out but that thing have to wait because right now I'm helping my sister with the charity that she held for the Malaysia's Flood Victims...

We arrived home at about 9 pm and I was so tired and I slept early and woke up at about 7 am,this was crazy but I'm glad because I slept real good for the first time in a long time.....I tried to check my result but I couldn't find the link,so my result is still a mystery.. O.o


Thursday, December 12, 2013


Last week,I texted Y and we talked for a short while..she also asked me to help her out with the subject registration which I am not so sure how to do it either,but I didn't say I would help her haha...Actually,it got me thinking,what if what I thought about her before is true??What if she's being nice to me so that I could help her out with stuff??..I'm not trying to be negative or paranoid but you all know what happened between me and G,I mean,what other reason there is for a girl to be friends with me??unless they feel sorry for  me for being alone or....they wanna use me...A talked about this before,he said,sometimes he feels like some people wanna be friends with him because he can help them in study,what if that's true for me???


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I know I haven't write anything for like 2 weeks,that's because I don't know what to write..but now I know...first of all,I wanna tell you all something that I had refused to write about before but I think I should write about it now.You see,my roommates,which is also my housemates starting next semester,they can be a jackass sometimes.You all know about my transportation problem and my sisters told me that I should just go to college with my roommates since they both have a motorbike and I can pay for the gas.So I think that's a good idea because from where we gonna stay,it's hard to get a taxi and I'm not that rich to buy a car or a motorbike and I thought they're thinking the same thing but "amazingly" that was the last thing that came out of their mouth,at first they said I could go with my other friends that live nearby...I mean,how "genius" is that??...I was kinda pissed off and frustrated....but I guess,my previous motto was right,that I shouldn't count on other people....but I don't want to think about that now,because in about 2 days,my sisters and I are gonna go for a vacation!yea!