Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Yesterday was exhausting because I did a lot of chores,I washed the dishes,my clothes,I took out the trash and I cooked for lunch...but it's quite awesome..and healthy for me.....LOL.. *showing my teeth*..Today,A will be going to Pahang,it's been advanced,supposedly on 14th sad is that??but he said that he will be home maybe once every 2 weeks..."amazing".. :( BTW,I watched a few scenes from 'Romeo and Juliet(1968)',the guy that played Romeo looks kinda like Zac Efron,not exactly but almost....I told A to text me before he leave but he haven't text me yet....Well,A already arrived at his University this morning,after I'm the one who text him...Now,I'm alone here,not in the shop,I mean here,at my place...I totally understand how Eragon felt when Roran left... :(..When I think about it again,I'm not so sure if I could start reading 'Inheritance Cycle' again,it's not just it's long but it's kinda hard to start over,you know..but we'll see about it...Not in a very good mood.I bought 'Eragon' with me,I read a few pages,even though it cheers me up a bit but I'm still not happy about parting with A and S... :(