Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MY DIARY (149)

Lately,I rarely talk to my family about anything,not even about Zac Efron that I used to share with my sister.At first,I thought maybe because of the secret I've been keeping but then I realize,it's not just because of that,it's because there's no point on telling them because they don't even interested.So,if I read about Zac or anything that I found on the internet,I seldom  talk about it,I just keep it to myself.They are nice to me and take good care of me but they just not interested in what I'm trying to say sometimes.So I decided to write it here.I'm gonna tell you guys about Zac Efron.You must already know that he's in Philippine now,being kinda a spoke person for a fashion line,Penshoppe.I saw a couple of videos of him being interviewed and when he talks about Vanessa and said that she's his ex-girlfriend,kinda makes me sad but they broke up in a good way,so I'm supporting their decision.I also did watched a few other videos of Zac,it feels so long since I watch his video on YouTube,kinda bring back the old days...LOL