Friday, August 31, 2012

MY DIARY (133)

I don't know if I told you guys this but I started reading 'Inheritance' for the second time,it's been a while now and I'm close towards the end...


Thursday, August 30, 2012

MY DIARY (132)

Yesterday I didn't do much thing but I did continue making that house model,by myself...S is already gone back to Penang and A will leave to Pahang next week(for real this time)..I've made my decision that I'm not gonna meet my classmates again because I behave badly when I'm around them and it's not like I have a lot of things to talk about or them to me,so what's the point??It's not like I'll be depress if I didn't see them,more like the opposite way...So,yeah,I think it's the right thing to do...

I feel like I wanna runaway from my work place because there's this Malay woman,baldy's friend who work at an eye specialist(I mentioned in 'My Diary (107)'),she asked me about my studies and stuff and she also said "congratulation" to me...I feel so guilty...Now I feel grateful because(I'm just gonna make it short)I have to look for this thing and I couldn't find it at first but when I almost give up,I found it..I was so grateful to God for helping me...Hopefully nothing will happen that might ruin my mood...


Monday, August 27, 2012

MY DIARY (131)

I still think about the way I behaved at my open house,you can say that I'm still frustrated to find out that I still haven't change..BTW,S is leaving tomorrow and I thought I want to ask them out...I already did,actually but there's no confirmation yet...we've planned to meet at McDonald at midnight today.I feel kinda guilty because A and S are going to their relative's house and they must be tired to meet tonight..but we'll see about it..

We went out yesterday night,well midnight more likely..I had fun yesterday talking about ghost stories(real events) and making jokes about a lot of things...though the actually reason I wanted to see them is because I want their opinion about how I'm suppose to change myself but we were sort of distracted because of the stories,so that subject didn't came up but maybe just for a short while...but I don't mind because when I think about it again,this problem is something that I have to deal with by myself..the important thing is,the 3 of us had a wonderful time yesterday.. :) *2 thumbs up*


Friday, August 24, 2012

MY DIARY (130)

Yesterday,my open house went well,though it was awkward,awkward as hell because I haven't seen them for quite a long time and before we went to my house,we had to go to 2 other houses and they were talking about studies and stuff,so I just kept quite at both houses until at my house  but still I didn't talk so much.I sucks at being host of a party.Maybe because I was too shy I guess...but also I kinda hate myself yesterday because I was sort of being who I was in high school,which is I hope I'll never be again.I never told you all about this but when I was younger,I was kinda like a sissy lala,though not on purpose,I hate who I was,that's why I want to change and I thought I have but I was wrong.I wish I could turn back time and not act as I was yesterday..BTW,S wasn't at my open house because he went to his relative's house but we(the 3 of us) went out yesterday night and watched a movie,'The Bourne Legacy',that movie is awesome!..but I'm not gonna write  a review,sorry guys.. :P..I'm at work right now...


Thursday, August 23, 2012

MY DIARY (129)

At work right now and it's raining outside...Tomorrow would be my off day..yea!!!! and also an open house at my place.I invited my best friends and my classmates..I don't know if it's a good idea but I've discussed it with A and we both decided that I should invite them,though I don't know if they're coming or not...but I don't really mind,we just have to see...but A is confirmed to come.. :)


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MY DIARY (128)

I'm so sorry for not updating my blog these past few days because I was busy with Eid and there wasn't any internet connection at my aunt's house.So today I'm just gonna sum up everything that happened.We headed to Perak on Saturday morning but apparently the highway was jammed,crazily jammed and we arrived at my aunt's house  late afternoon.We stuck on the road for like 7 hours.."amazing".Later that day,we break fast in the car because we went to the bazaar which is quite far from where we were staying and we went there a bit,it's predictable...The next day,was Eid day.After we done our prayer,we went to my other aunt's house and after that we just stayed at home because my uncle's family came and they stayed until night.Yesterday was supposed to be the day we left but was cancelled because the road was jammed,quite bad.So we decided to stay another day and we headed home this morning at 2 a.m. but we arrived at about 7 a.m. because we took a break a few times.All and all,I had fun at my aunt's house,though the jammed was horrible and we had to face it for a few times..Now,I'm at work..a bit tragic,isn't it??LOL...It's raining outside,quite heavily but no thunder or lightning.


MY DIARY (127)

I didn't go to work yesterday,I told baldy that I have stomach ache but the truth was I woke up late,my dad didn't wake me up,so I decided not to go,though at first I thought I should just come to work but when I think about it again,I better not go because baldy would be pist-off and grumpy the whole day if I arrived late to work,I know baldy will pist-off that I'm not coming to work but at least I'm happy at home.. :) ...Beside online,I clean my house yesterday and rearranging the furniture(a tiring work)...Now,I'm at work.I'm pretending that I'm recurring from my illness.Tomorrow would be my off day and me and my family  will go to my aunt's house at Perak because we'll be celebrating Eid day there.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

MY DIARY (126)

Earlier,there's was an Indian girl came to apply for a job here..I don't know if baldy want to hire her and I'm not sure if that girl is confirm to work here...but hopefully she will,so that I can leave on the 5th September... :) ..I went to the clinic on Sunday night,I do have fever and the doctor gave me an injection of Penicillin on..well,let's just say on my "cheeks"..LOL...It was quite embarrassing..but now,my fever has ceased,thank God... :)

3 more days before Eid day and 2 more days before my day off start!!!yea!!!!...Our plan for breaking fast together might be cancelled because S have to go out with his family but he said he can meet with us after that.I told him it's ok,we'll meet some other time because I'm sure he'll be tired and besides I have a lot of things to do,clean my house and help my sister with her maybe I might not have time to meet with them


Monday, August 13, 2012

MY DIARY (125)

My guilt has gone...Earlier,baldy asked me to pull this spring thing on a spectacles and I did but what happened was that my hand was kinda wet,so it slipped and snap,it didn't broke,just that it made a loud noise and he's mad at me because of that accident..WTH?!..I think he was shock from the noise..LOL..served him right..I'm curious right now,you see,there's a page on twitter that I followed.The page is about sad quotes,the thing is,the picture of the page is a girl but she covers her face and from the color of her hair and her pose,it looks like M...maybe I'm wrong(I hope so)but if it's true,I'm in trouble,maybe I'm being ridiculous but what if she did the page because of me???It make sense(I think),I mean she's not in my friends list,she blocked me or something and now,she tweets about unrequited love,ok,maybe it's for her ex-boyfriend but what if it's not??...I really have to find out about it...

I didn't write anything yesterday because I was busy writing our customers' date of birth(for whatever reason)from yesterday until late afternoon today.Now,I'm free :)....I'm not feelingn vry well lately,I think I might have fever but I don't want to not fasting...BTW,A is on his semester break and he wasn't actually at Pahang before,he was just about an hour drive from here...He decided not to tell me before because he want me to think that his at Pahang..(what??!!)..but he'll be going(for real)on September...We've been planning to break fast together but we didn't know when S will be we just have to wait and see..

Tomorrow is my day off...I will cut my hair tomorrow...I still have my fever,tonight I'll be going to the clinic...


Thursday, August 9, 2012

MY DIARY (124)

I had fun yesterday,shopping for Eid day,went to Ramadan bazaar and slept in the afternoon,which exhausted me,I feel like I can sleep the whole day..I give baldy the letter on Sunday,before I went home...It went well,it went too well till I feel guilty for lying to him..but it's done and he already stick the sign for vacancy..According to the letter,I'll be leaving on 5th of September but I told baldy that if he couldn't find anyone to replace me by that day,I will stay until he found one or until  15th September,which is the day I'll leave to "college"..I feel kinda sad to leave this job,not just that it's a great job but if it's not because I'm working here,I wouldn't find 'Inheritance Cycle',which is now become my favorite books and if it's not because for this job,I wouldn't find something that makes me smile at night.. :)


Monday, August 6, 2012

MY DIARY (123)

Today is the day you all.... :O...I'm hoping for the best...I already told my dad,he supported my decision but he asked why...though it was hard,I managed to explain to him my situation and he understood(I think).It's hard for me to explain the problem that I have with baldy.I couldn't just say he's evil because his just not that evil,annoying?maybe.So it's quite hard but I know my dad understand,that's why he agreed....I told my sisters about a few arguments between me and baldy,so they can imagine my problem now...One last thing to do,give baldy the letter...I really hope everything went well...Did I tell you guys what reason I'm about to give to baldy?I think I haven't,so the reason is that I got accepted to a college...hopefully he believe me...It's about 2 hours before I went home,that means I have to wait for another 2 hours before I could give the letter to baldy....


Sunday, August 5, 2012

MY DIARY (122)

Tomorrow would be the day I give baldy my resignation letter,a big and scary day.. :O..Hopefully nothing happen that causing me not to give the letter tomorrow..Actually,about this thing,I haven't told my dad,I only talked with my sisters.So I plan to tell my dad today...


Friday, August 3, 2012

MY DIARY (121)

I wrote the letter,so I'll give it to baldy on Sunday.Hopefully everything will be fine...I'm listening to 'I'll stand by you' by The Glee cast.I wish someone could say that to me.. :(


Thursday, August 2, 2012

MY DIARY (120)

Yesterday I didn't bring my book where I write all of this,to work.So I couldn't update my blog but maybe I'll update it tonight...Nothing really happened yesterday,just that I got my salary!yea!...Based on my countdown,it should be another 30 days before my last day here but I might have to stay for a few more days because I haven't give baldy my resignation letter,not that I wrote it already.."amazing",right?..Today I will discuss with my family about mu decision and my plan..hopefully they'll agree...About my hoodie,there weren't size M,only L and XL.."genius",I stick with the size L..Honestly,right now,I don't know whether I should stay or quit my job because yeah,my sister was right,I should make sure that there're vacancies but at the same time,I can't work with baldy anymore,sure that right now there's no argument but what about later?..I'm really confuse right now...

I already have my decision...but I'll tell you later.First,I'm gonna tell you all about my sister's problem.You see,she and her friend have this acquaintance,a girl,younger than both of them.Long story short,this girl keep BBM-ing with my sister and her friend but they're busy with work and studies,so they couldn't really have a long conversation with her but she keep sending,so it's kinda bothers them.So the thing is,my sister told me that she decided to just kinda ignores that girl but I told my sister that she shouldn't ignores that girl without an explanation or something because I don't want that girl to keep wondering why my sister suddenly "disappear"..I don't want that girl to feel the way I felt but I didn't say that to my sister.My family doesn't really know what happened between me and my friends,now my classmates LOL..I hope my sister will do what I said and if that girl's still bothering her,then she have the right to ignore that girl because at least my sister already give an explanation...Back to my decision,I decided to quit my job..Tonight,I'll write the letter and give it to baldy maybe on Sunday..Now,the problem is,telling baldy about it,it's not that saying it,that would be easy but how will baldy react?What would he say?That's the thing that I have to prepare,wish me luck..