Monday, January 9, 2012


I've told you guys that I got accepted to college before...last year to be exact.So,lets just make it simple..I got accepted and the college was in Melaka which is 2 hours drive from my,it's kinda far..There are a few reasons why I quited..First,that place was far away from the city and far from grocery stores,so it's hard for me to buy stuff I need,eventhough I stayed there for only 3 days LOL..but still,if I did stay where should I buy all that stuff??..Let me tell you how,we have to take a bus and go to the town,which is kinda like an old town and we have to get back to our apartment before 6 pm.."amazing",right???because our curfew starts at 6..Second,we have to share the apartment,8 students in one small apartment..the entire time I was there,my bed was at the hall because there's no space in the bedroom because there's only 1 bedroom...imagine that..Third,my roommates sucks,they turned the radio up until I think the whole building could heard it..and the music was techno,which is I hate the most..and not just the radio,even the tv..what an asshole..and the weren't friendly too.They were a bit weird,they like to be in dark,even in the afternoon..but I made a few friends,they were my classmates..I actually crushed on one of my friends apartment because I can't stand sleeping in mine...Forth,the facilities were hopeless,the library open until 6 pm,a small grocery shop rarely open,the IT lab never can you live like that??..The good thing is just we have a swimming pool,cafeteria with cable tv and my classmates were nice to me,that's it....and another one is,one of the librarian was so pretty but she's older than me... :P,that's all I have to say,that's the reasons why I dropped off college...Let me tell you what happened while I was there.So lets start from the first day..ok,I arrived there pretty late,it almost night was sad to be apart from my family.So honestly,I cried but just a little.. :P ..what??It was kinda sad,ok....the thing is,there were a holding class that I must attend,which is something that I didn't know..that class was already started a few weeks the next day,I went to that class and there were about 20 students were already on their seats.Once I entered the classroom,all eyes was on I was like so nervous because I don't like people stare at I was just acted cool and luckily,there was a guy said hi to me and asked to sit next to him,so I did it.Since that,I was always sat next to him,eventhough all my classmates was nice to me.Oh,did I mentioned that my apartment was the most popular room??because my roommates they sell cigarette to other students.."amazing" know what,on the same day of my class,I slept my friend's apartment,the guy who was the first one said hi to me..I slept in his room every other night because his roommates was a senior,so they were having their semester break..He was nice,eventhough his knowledge about celebrities and English not is as great as my BFFs but he's friendly but not with my other classmates,I don't know why....I remember there's one of my other classmates,he's tall,wore glasses,he's nice to me too and he's the one who force me to mingle with the other classmates but there's one time,we met at the library..we talked for a while but then he said 'Don't tell anyone about this meet," I was like "Why?" and then he said "I don't want people to keep asking me about this,'..I was a bit surprise and confuse but I said's weird,right???..I spent most of my time alone,outside of my apartment,I usually go swimming or hang out at the cafeteria or the library...The third day,was my last day,I left on the afternoon,after I finished swimming...LOL...There's one thing I regret,though,is that I lied to one of my classmates..I told her that I got accepted to a college which is close to my house..I shouldn't lie...I said that because I don't want them to think that I'm a wimp..."genius",right??..So that's all that happened there... :)


Nothing happened yesterday,thanked God...lets hope nothing bad will happen today...BTW,I might have to stay back at work today because my boss wants to teach me how to close the shop because he said I might have to close the shop on Tuesday..I don't know why,he didn't tell me(like usual)..about the Tuesday,I'm both excited and nervous,I'm excited because I will be alone,so could pretend to be the boss..LOL but I'm also nervous because I'm not very good at selling spectacles..he looks pretty sure about his absent on Tuesday and Wednesday..that makes me 20% excited,80% worried..hopefully everything goes well..OMG!!!My boss don't know about pomegranate,he never heard or saw or ate it,our customer gave him 1 and I thought him how to eat it but it looks like he's not like it so much...LOL...He already thought me how to close the shop which is not so difficult and I might not be alone on both days.....I'm so nervous about it....wish me luck you guys....