Saturday, April 7, 2012

There's new blog in town!

This new blog is by my sister's friend.She made that blog for business,just like what I did before...but she's not selling cloth,she sell Hijab(specifically for Muslim women).It's quite interesting and I like the layout,simple but interesting.To know more,go and visit the blog,Classy Kirana and


Today,I'm gonna review about the movie 'Wrath of The Titans'.Starring Sam Worthington,Liam Neeson,Ralph Fiennes and few others.The story is awesome,well organized and no questioning scenes,you know.The score is amazing but a bit short(the movie) and the last battle,if they could make it longer,I think would be much better.So all and all,that movie is amazing.You guys should go and watch it...


Yesterday I jogged for 1.9km and walked for 2.2km... :) You know what,yesterday there's this girl,she's amazing because she could jogged for a couples of rounds non-stop..I think she's an athlete.......or a robot..LOL.Yesterday,after I had my big breakfast and cooked for lunch,I went for a little shopping and guess what I bought??.....'Inheritance'!The last book in the 'Inheritance Cycle'!I'm excited and nervous to read.This book is bigger than the first 3 books.So long story short,I had a great time yesterday... :).Today I brought 'Inheritance' with me to work and gonna read it...Today,I'm a bit busy,so I don't have a lot of time to read but I stopped for today at page 26...

I'm alone at work right now....Baldy is back....I thought about going to watching a movie tonight but maybe I won't because I think A and S might wanna watch a movie this weekend...but we'll see about it.. :).I stopped reading 'Inheritance' at page 95... :)

5.4.2012 know what,I did watch a movie yesterday.. :P I went with my sister actually.We watched 'Wrath of The Titans',that movie is amazing!!!!..There's 2 things that makes me happy today but I'm not gonna tell you guys what it is...LOL.. :) I stopped reading at page 144...

Ok,yesterday there weren't just 2 things,it was actually 3 but one was an unhappy thing.The thing is,I was too eager to find out the ending of 'Inheritance',so I read the last page and I found out that the ending was kinda sad("great",right).I didn't write it yesterday because I thought I could pretend that I didn't know what the ending was but I couldn't ,unless I write about it(I hope it works).I stopped at page 209....

Hey,you know what,I just found out that Zac Efron also like to draw and painting.Looks like we have something in common... :)..I stopped reading 'Inheritance' at page 255....