Saturday, November 19, 2016


Hey guys, it’s me again! So this week I don’t have any specific topic that I’m gonna share because I was so freaking busy this week with work and stuff, but mostly work. Therefore I didn’t get any chance to create a topic. I am actually writing this like this morning. Okay, I should tell you that previously I didn’t write them on the same day as the day I post it, normally it would be like a few days or a day before because I have to make sure that it goes smoothly, not just jumping from one point to one point back and forth....and now I don’t know what to write.....

Okay, so yes, I was busy so I don’t have like 1 exact topic, so I’ll just randomly writing about a few stuffs. Let me tell you how busy I am, I have to go to the office in a couple of minutes (but by the time I’ll post this, I’ll post this I would already get back home) because there are 2 of my customers are gonna pick up their banners and shit.... “great”!

Other than that, I guess I should tell you that Boboy (my kitten) was sent to a shelter a few days ago but we’ll have to pick him up back because my sister’s friend is gonna adopt him after my sister nagged her to take Boboy because she felt so sad for Boboy staying at the shelter (what a wust) (I don’t know if I spell it right). So yeah, he is no longer in my life. My sisters expect me to like cry or being miserable (maybe not miserable) because I’m letting go of Boboy, but, this may sound as if I’m a total asshole, but I don’t really feel sad but that doesn’t mean I feel good about sending him away. I don’t feel sad because I know this is the best for him and for me ( I guess) because I would feel horrible if he’s still with me and I couldn’t give him my attention or my time to play or clean him and stuff.  So, it’s better this way. Okay, I know some of you don’t agree, so fine, judge me all you want...haha...

*Searching for topics to write*

Well, I guess I should just tell you that I’ve sent my full manuscript to another 3 publishers last week (I think), so, wish me luck! And I’m actually in a middle of writing a short story which is in full English language and I’m planning to write the second story in the same series as the full manuscript I keep sending to publisher. I should also tell you that the manuscript I sent to a few publishers last week is actually my second full manuscript. So the next time when I mention second full manuscript, you’ll know which one I’m writing about.

I’m pretty sure most people or writers, will keep this information as a secret until the book gets publish but I just spread the information away...haha...But I guess it’s because I know that there’s a big chance it won’t get publish, so I’m just like “Whatever”.. *hair flip*

*A few minutes later*

Oh, I have like a confession to make, about something that I just realized recently, I think I have it my whole life and my sister just told me about it the other day, is that I’m kinda fussy sometimes, about certain things. My sister said that I’m fussy when I’m eating at my office because I don’t wanna eat rice at my office or anything heavy and I try not to eat something oily. Yes, it’s kinda fussy but on my point of defence is that I really don’t feel like eating anything heavy at my office and the oily part is because I need to use the laptop and the phone, so it’ll be a mess if my hands are oily from the food.

Related to that, I also just realized I’m fussy when doing a checklist or notes. I want it to be neat and well arrange. If the number is 1), 2), 3), I need it to be like that for the wholelist, I don’t want it to be like 1), 2), and then like 3. , I will like erase it and change it to 3). And this actually sorta happened yesterday, when I asked the intern in my office to write a note on the white board (which is something I did on my own but since he’s sitting next to the white board and there isn’t much space for me to stand) and long story short, he didn’t write in the same way I do, so I was like “It’s okay, I’ll write it myself” but I was laughing when I said that and I said “I’m kinda fussy on this part”, and that was like the first time I ever say it out loud. So yeah.

I guess that’s all for today, I’ve been rambling some shits. I’ll post again next week, hopefully with a topic.

So this week I wanna what do you think of what I did regarding Boboy? Am I being horrible for giving him away? Have you ever done the same thing? Do you have something that you’re fussy about?

Leave your opinion and answers on the comments below. Share this if you have friends that similar to any of these topics or share if you want to. And follow BATC for more posts.

Love Always,

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