Saturday, September 8, 2012

MY DIARY (137)

Yesterday night,I accidentally squeaked at my dad because I was so pist-off but I regret it so badly,though I haven't apologize..LOL..I never done it to my dad before and I don't even remember if I ever did that to any of my family members...I think I will apologize to my dad,though I know he didn't notice it yesterday....I already apologize to my dad.It was a bit awkward and I was right,he didn't notice it...Though I'm gonna be working here for about 3 days,baldy still pist me off,maybe because I accidentally pist him off but it was an honest mistake.What he did was,he asked me to find a screw driver that he lost it.Actually it was missing since yesterday and I did help him look for it yesterday and today,he asked me to do it again.I couldn't find it and he asked me to do something else...what an asshole...

I was so busy yesterday because I have to start typing again and surprisingly,the new worker start working yesterday I have to teach her everything I know and I have taught her.She's ok,though a bit slow and she type the computer freaking slow...The thing is,I haven't finish typing and yesterday,I didn't have time to write or read 'Inheritance',so my everyday routine has changed.. :(...Today,I didn't go to work because I have "fever"..LOL..and I will M.C. tomorrow too...LOL..The sad thing is,I thought my last day would be this Sunday and I will relax the whole day but well,sometimes things aren't working as plan...Whatever it is,I'm happy because I don't have to see baldy's face anymore...LOL..