Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Tomorrow would be the last day of's kinda sad to say goodbye to 2013 since it's been quite a great year because I met a lot of new people and make a few new friends,though there was hard times and the times when I feel horrible or disappointed or sad but there was also times when I was happy,proud,grateful and not to forget that I also met a few people which cause me to smile without a reason... :) ..and also those who have been supporting me and cheering me up when I was feeling down....2013 have been the year where I learned to live on my own without my family for the first time..2013 was also the year where for the first time I got 80 page views in one day.. :) ..2013 was the year I feel interested in a Southern is also the year where I learned to use Whatsapp,WeChat,Insatgram,Tumblr and few others social network...2013 was one of a great year in my life....I would also like to say THANK YOU to those who helped and supported me in everything I did in 2013 and those who make me smile and cheer me up whenever I was sad and THANK YOU to my family and my best friends for being there for me all the time,though sometimes through online chat...haha...and to my college friends who helped me in my studies and those who was being a big contribution in helping me being who I am (you know who you are) and finally THANK YOU to all of you who kept viewing BLOG AROUND THE CORNER,though there wasn't any new updates sometimes..haha
For 2014,I hope it's gonna be much,much better year.I hope I will manage to go through any circumstances and solve all my problems that I know I will I hope there will be more viewers and maybe you all could leave some comments..haha

FAREWELL 2013!!!!!!!


Friday, December 27, 2013


In about a week,we'll enter a new year..isn't time move fast?? also means that n about 3 weeks,I'll start my third semester..*sigh*....sometimes I wish time would slow down...I haven't talk to anyone from my college for a while now,since I don't have any credits or internet in my phone.....I read a couple of tweets from K that says like she feels as if this person is getting further away from her,that this person isn't calling or texting her..I don't know if she means me or someone else but I think it's someone else because I'm sure she doesn't care if I text her or not,I know I don't..haha....I feel kinda sad to think that I'll be back to college in less than a month and again,I have to let go of a few things so that I could focus on my's kinda terrible..


Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I think I've made a mistake by thinking that Y was trying to use me because this morning,she helped me find the link for my final result which I still couldn't find and she said she wanted to help check it for me but I said she doesn't have to and that I will check it myself because I don't want her to see my result before I do,I was worried that it might,the thing is,I feel bad for accusing her,luckily I didn't say it in front of her...


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I just got back my family was great,we all had an amazing weekends,I'm sure I was...haha..There's isn't much to tell,but the day before we came back home,I found out that the result for my final exam was already out...I was pretty nervous but I decided that I'm not gonna check it at that time because I don't wanna ruin my holiday mood,especially if I got a horrible grade..I was texting with K this morning until about 3 am,she asked me if I've seen my result and I said no and she checked for me but I told her not to tell me what my result is.I also told her what I was thinking about Y and she gave an advice(kinda)....Now,that I'm at home,I thought I wanna check it out but that thing have to wait because right now I'm helping my sister with the charity that she held for the Malaysia's Flood Victims...

We arrived home at about 9 pm and I was so tired and I slept early and woke up at about 7 am,this was crazy but I'm glad because I slept real good for the first time in a long time.....I tried to check my result but I couldn't find the link,so my result is still a mystery.. O.o


Thursday, December 12, 2013


Last week,I texted Y and we talked for a short while..she also asked me to help her out with the subject registration which I am not so sure how to do it either,but I didn't say I would help her haha...Actually,it got me thinking,what if what I thought about her before is true??What if she's being nice to me so that I could help her out with stuff??..I'm not trying to be negative or paranoid but you all know what happened between me and G,I mean,what other reason there is for a girl to be friends with me??unless they feel sorry for  me for being alone or....they wanna use me...A talked about this before,he said,sometimes he feels like some people wanna be friends with him because he can help them in study,what if that's true for me???


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I know I haven't write anything for like 2 weeks,that's because I don't know what to write..but now I know...first of all,I wanna tell you all something that I had refused to write about before but I think I should write about it now.You see,my roommates,which is also my housemates starting next semester,they can be a jackass sometimes.You all know about my transportation problem and my sisters told me that I should just go to college with my roommates since they both have a motorbike and I can pay for the gas.So I think that's a good idea because from where we gonna stay,it's hard to get a taxi and I'm not that rich to buy a car or a motorbike and I thought they're thinking the same thing but "amazingly" that was the last thing that came out of their mouth,at first they said I could go with my other friends that live nearby...I mean,how "genius" is that??...I was kinda pissed off and frustrated....but I guess,my previous motto was right,that I shouldn't count on other people....but I don't want to think about that now,because in about 2 days,my sisters and I are gonna go for a vacation!yea!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning,very suddenly and I couldn't sleep after that,so I continued reading this book that I bought a couple of months ago...actually,this had happened to me twice since last week..I don't know why...BTW,I feel kinda crappy because I forgot to wish A a happy birthday last week and I only remember it because he told me yesterday,when we were Whatsapp-ing...I feel so guilty,what kind of best friend I am that I could forgot his birthday???..I already said I was sorry and wished him a very belated birthday and he said it's ok...but  I still feel  bad though..I don't know exactly how I could forget but maybe because I was caught up with exams and stuff...but still,that's no excuse for forgetting your best friend's birthday....he said,he might come home this weekend,so I hope I could hang out with him...


Friday, November 22, 2013


We just got a house to rent for next semester,it's quite far from my college but I'll figure it out later..because what's important now is that we have place to stay.....Right now,there's a lot of emotions inside of me,and I don't know what it is,I don't know if I'm feeling happy or sad or nervous or stress or even all of it..but it's really disturbing and I couldn't focus on my study...maybe the cause of it is that tomorrow is my last day here before semester break and tomorrow is also my last 2 final papers and I got a new house and I have to think about the transportation and I saw that a lot of other students are going back home for the,I guess that could be the reason...I hope I could answer all the questions tomorrow and I really can't wait to go home...


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hey everyone...All I wanna tell you is that in about 2 days,I'll finish my second semester..yea!!..but before that,I still have 2 more final exam papers..wish me luck!....I don't know what else to talk about,just that I've been busy for quite a while,hence,that's why I didn't write anything before...BTW,we've finished our shooting yesterday,finally.....You know what,maybe I wasn't meant to share my interest with people...I have to say that I sometimes have new interest after another in even just a few months but it's not like I changed my interest,just that I add a new one...but my sister act like as if she wants me to stick with one's just that,when I'm interested in something it's because that something have what I like or what I want to be or what I hope I that's why have interest in a lot of stuff...but maybe my sister just got tired listening to me talking about my new interest...but sometimes,the only reason I talk is because she told me what interest her,which have the same point or the same I guess when I have new interest,I should just keep it to myself or write here maybe and don't get any comment from you guys...haha...


Saturday, November 2, 2013


Yesterday,I was at my college for the extra class and continue our shooting but got a couple more scenes to shoot...FYI,I left my assignment that I have to submit next Wednesday,at my "amazing"..but I didn't tell my family because they are going to freak out and babbling at,no,I'm not gonna tell....BTW,I should tell you that by next year,I'm gonna stay at the hostel,me and my roommates are going to rent a house,since we cannot stay at the hostel anymore,college's wish me luck to find a new,appropriate house and for my final exam....

You know what,one of my roommates,he has this attitude where he doesn't want people to notice weakness or mistakes.How he does it,is like when he said the answer is A,when the truth is the answer is B and I told him that and then suddenly he would say "yeah,the answer is B," as if that was his answer...or when I gave an idea and he would say "I think about it too," like he always you guys get the picture?'s annoying sometimes.I don't wanna say anything to him because I know that one day everyone would notice his attitude..haha..



Thursday, October 31, 2013


Sorry you guys (like always) for not updating anything,I was quite busy last week with classes and shooting for our English assignment,yea,the play was canceled,so we decided to make a video instead...we still haven't finish shooting...BTW,I'm kinda the co-director for this film...haha...but I also have a small part in it....My classes for this semester have finished,just waiting for the final exam....About the making #BATC and #3years trending is not really happening but I still have 2 more days before November,so maybe I'm gonna give it a shot...I should tell you i'm fine,my bruises are gone (I think) and my body isn't aching anymore...thanked God...
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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Something shocking happened to me yesterday...I fell on my kitchen's floor and knocked my was quite funny,though it hurts like hell and my family was freaked out,maybe I was too.They were worried that I might have a serious injury but I wasn't,just some bruises and ache in my body.....I'm at college right now and my family is still worrying about me..but so far everything is fine....BTW,my EidAdha yesterday was great,I had a great time until I fell down..of course..haha..and guess what,I watched Zac Efron live on the livestream for his upcoming movie,That Awkward Moment,it was awesome but too short I think...

Here are some other birthday wishes that I received for BATC:-

": Happy belated birthday!!"



Saturday, October 12, 2013



It's been 3 years since I started blogging.I still remember my first post,I was saying hi...haha.The first I wanna say now is THANK YOU for all of you who have viewed and commented and followed Blog Around The Corner,or previously known as My Blog.For the past 3 years,I have reached over 8000 views,so it means a lot to me,I never thought I would gain that much views,though most of it came from those who read my Zanessa's news but again,thank you.I still can't believe that 3 years had past,a lot had happened to me,personally and also to this blog.Since it's Blog Around The Corner's birthday and I know that it's probably hard to you and me to type this blog's full name,so I decided to call it 'BATC''s easy right???...And also,I managed to get a few wishes from other people,not to mention that Christopher Paolini also wished happy birthday to BATC!how awesome is that??!...I will continue to try and get more wishes from celebrities,maybe..haha wish me luck! and the only best thing I could do for BATC,is that I'm gonna try to make BATC or 3years,trending on Twitter for this entire,hopefully I could do it.


: Happy Birthday!

: happy Birthday for the blog!!

: Happy belated birthday Blog Around The Corner...

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Last Saturday was 'Blog Around The Corner's birthday but I didn't get the chance to do anything,just that I wished on Twitter and Facebook and got a few wishes from other people....I think I'm gonna post something for 'Blog Around The Corner's birthday.. :)...I'm at home because next week is our Eid day,AidilAdha...yea!...About my college,there's 2 things happened,first,my friend,accidentally lose my earphone.. :o..but he said he's gonna buy a new one.Second,I was mad at K and one of my girl friend because they did something that made Y misunderstood for something bad and she was mad at me but K explained to me and I explained to Y and apologized to her and she forgive me but I didn't tell K that I forgive them too..haha...because I want them to learn to think before they do something....


Saturday, October 5, 2013


Today,something of our lecturer was pissed-off with us,I don't wanna tell you exactly why because it's a long story but I can tell you that this is not the first time and this is the worst ever...but it's not really my fault...I feel so horrible....I called K and talked to her about it and honestly,I was so sad,I kinda,sorta..cried in front of her,but not like a baby,more like a teenage boy's cry...I feel quite embarrassed..haha...but luckily she was there to accompany me...but,I feel kinda different after we talked together,I don't know what it is but it's surely not love...just that I feel more comfortable to be open to her......That's all right now,I really hope everything will be ok...

Today,me and my classmates,we went to meet our lecturer and tried to talk it over and apologize...she forgives us but she still refused to teach us...too bad.....I got a text message from my lecturer a couple of hours later and she said she wants to continue teaching us,she also mentioned that she changed her mind because she met my dad on the academic day and saw that my dad loves me,so she don't want me to break his heart and she also said that I already make her proud and she knew that it's not my fault.....I feel so relief....Even though it's ok now,but I still hope that everything will get better.....


Saturday, September 28, 2013





Friday, September 27, 2013


I wanna say how sorry I am for not doing the twitcam last week because I was kinda busy with assignment and stuff....I might do it this weekend,maybe...BTW,I did go out with K and I already bought a shirt for tomorrow...Tomorrow is a big day for me..I hope everything will goes well...

Yesterday went well...I received a trophy for my achievement..yea!!..I had fun,though I didn't got the chance to take a picture with Y...too bad..I'm on my way home right now,tomorrow I'll be going back to college with my dad for the academic day which I have to meet with all of the lecturers that's teaching me this semester...but then I'll be home again and perhaps I could be on't wait to get home.. :)

It's horrible last weekend because I couldn't online,the reason is a long story...I really hope I could online this week and be on twitcam...Honestly,I don't know why but I don't feel very happy,it's like my body is here but my mind is somewhere else,I don't know what to talk about with my friends,I just keep quite...hopefully I won't feel like this for too long because I don't want my friends to be worry about me...K was worried,she thought I was mad at her(she always feels like that),but I told her that I wasn't mad,I'm just tired...I feel guilty sometimes when I accidentally makes her feels as if  was mad at her...but I also told her just now that she doesn't have to worry so much about other people,if it would affect her concentration...

I feel much better....or maybe I just pretend to feel better..I don't know...I'll be going home in 2 days..I hope I could be on twitcam this weekend...I should tell you that on my twitcam,I will talk about things that I haven't write in My Diary and I won't write it again on My Diary after hope you'll be there...


Saturday, September 14, 2013


OMG!!! One of my college girl friend has already found out that I write novel because she caught me printing it.. :O..but I made her promise not to tell anyone,including K...but I feel kinda guilty to hide things from K....BTW,next Thursday will be the graduation day for seniors and a dean's list awards for those who got a pointer of 3.5 and above last semester and since I got 4.0,the highest grade,I was invited to accept the award...yea!!..I'm so excited...One other thing,I don't know if I told you this but for our English subject,we have to do some acting,kinda the same as the one we did last semester but this time,we'll be doing it with a lot of audience and for our group,we'll be doing 'Pitch Perfect',which means we have to sing...that is crazy!!....Luckily I'm not the main actor..haha..wish me luck!

I'm at home for the weekend and for the Malaysia Day holiday....There's 2 things that I'm gonna do tomorrow,first is I'm going out with K because I need to buy a new shirt for the award(award??haha)...second,I'm gonna on my twitcam again tomorrow night...hopefully everything will be going well.. :)


Saturday, September 7, 2013


I'm gonna be on twitcam tonight (for real) at 10 pm Malaysia time..hopefully everything will goes well,meaning,the internet connection is perfect and there will be viewers...hope that all of you reading this will be watching me.You can ask question about Blog Around The Corner or about myself and I will try to answer all of your questions...So,I will keep updating on my Twitter @zacrin and on my Facebook @Zac Shurtugal Nazrin...See you all in a couple of hours!BTW,I might also tell a few things that I haven't write on My Diary...

Friday, September 6, 2013


First of all,I would like to say I'm sorry for not doing the twitcam the other day because there were some internet connection problems...typical..maybe I'll try again this weekend..haha...Tonight,I was having dinner alone because my friends were all busy with stuff...something happened to me at the restaurant,the waiter had accidentally spilled my drink,luckily it didn't spill on me,just on the table...but I wasn't mad,instead,I was laughing because it was quite funny and since he apologized,he changed my drink with a new one.He told me that I don't have to pay for the drink but I just paid it anyway because it wasn't a big deal and he already change my drink...funny story,huh??

Yea!! I'm going home tomorrow for the weekend..hopefully I could be on my twitcam...haha...The girls had started saying hi to me again..I guess I'm not such a snob after all... :)..BTW,my mid semester test have already finished..thanked God....Remember the girl I told you that I kinda sorta have feelings for??Yeah,I'm gonna put her as 'Y'..we've been talking sometimes through phones and actually I'm communicating with her right now..haha...That's all for now I think...can't wait for tomorrow!...I will be on twitcam tomorrow night...I hope you all would be there...


Saturday, August 31, 2013


I have decided to do a twitcam tonight but I'm not so sure what time I'll be,we'll have to wait for my update on Twitter @zacrin and on my Facebook @Zac Shurtugal Nazrin...I tried to ask A and S to join me but A haven't respond anything and S kinda shy about being on public attention,so I'm gonna be alone...but I hope you won't be too hoping about my twitcam because if anything goes well,then I'll be on but if not,I will online some other,wish me luck!


Thursday, August 29, 2013


I know that I rarely talk about what happen in my college..but now I have something to tell all of you...Do you remember K??She's one of my college girl friend..we are close and people think we like each  other but the truth is we're not...we like each other just as friends..I don't have feelings for her and she doesn't have feelings for me..we cleared that out....and honestly,I like our relationship right now,I mean,I like it that though we are a girl and a boy but we can be friends without any romantic feelings for each's great...I hope we could stay like this... :)...I'm gonna go home tomorrow..yea!!..can't wait...BTW,my friends are still gossiping about me and the girl that they thought I like...but....I think  kinda do have feelings for her...oops..but I think she has a boyfriend...too bad...


Sunday, August 25, 2013


My brother had an eye operation because of cataract yesterday,he had successfully gone through the operation and he is now at home trying to recover..I really hope everything is okay and his eye will recover quickly...Yesterday and today,I went to 2 different open houses.Yesterday was my cousin's and today was one of my college girl friend's....and now,I'm alone in my room at my roommates aren't here yet...BTW,next Saturday would be my open house,though I haven't officially invite my college friends,but I have invited my 2 best friends..I miss them so much...The sad thing is,the next day will be my first mid semester "amazing" is that??It's on Sunday!!!! Argh!!!!!...wish me luck..

I wonder,am I really a snob??...I don't know if I told you guys before but I think I did,about this bunch of girls who talked to me last semester...but after a few months until now,they never said hi to me anymore,which is I don't really mind but it makes me wonder if that means I'm a snob...I don't know if they doing because I don't really said hi to them,it's because I told you,I'm not really friendly and I'm a shy guy...or is it because they often saw me hanging with my girl friends...I just don't know...maybe I'll try to say hi to them...


Thursday, August 15, 2013


Sometimes,I just feel like I wanna be a carefree person...not to be too serious about some stuff,not to worry about things and just to be happy...but unfortunately,I can't,sometimes when I do it,something bad will happen or when I want to,but something bad will happen that makes me change my I just can't,maybe I was created to be a serious person..too bad..but I hope one day I could.....Yea!! I'll be going back home tomorrow because the class on Friday was cancelled...


Monday, August 12, 2013


Hey everyone,I know I haven’t written anything for a few days because I’ve been a bit busy with Eid day preparation and,as you all know,I’m still in my mid semester break but I will go back to college on Wednesday.. L...Ok,all I can say is,I had a wonderful Eid with my family and relatives..I watched ‘Percy Jackson:Sea of Monsters’ was awesome because I watched it in 3D..wohoo!!!...So far,I could say that I had a great holiday..not to mention that I “discovered” some new stuff that makes me kinda happy... ;)..That’s all for now,I hope I will have some time to write again...

I know I told you guys that I had a great time so far but now that I know I will be leaving for college in a couple of days,kinda make me not so happy..though I have the person-who-makes-me-feel-better right now,but I know that when I start my classes back,I might not have that person anymore...I know this is confusing for you guys but don't bother figuring out who that person is or try to understand,I just want to share...


Friday, August 2, 2013


This Thursday I'll be going back home because Friday is a public holiday...yea!!..I can't wait for Thursday..

Yesterday I had quite fun time because I had iftar with my college friends and after that,we celebrated 2 of our friends' birthday (who's not on the same date),later on,we played with (I don't know the exact name) snow flakes and ribbon spray..haha..I got sprayed twice...It was fun,though it was tiring too... :) and today I have quiz in about 4 hours,so I'm gonna go study..wish me luck!..BTW,I'm coming home tomorrow for Eid holiday and mid semester break...yea!!..I forgot to tell you guys 2 other things,first,something embarrassing happened to me the other day,"thanks" to one of my roommate for telling this girl that I like her,which I'm was embarrassing because the girl was one of my classmate....Second thing is,last month(I think),one of my girl friends,had been troubling herself and her parents,to pick me up from the commuter station which is about 2 km from my hostel and send me to my hostel at night because there was no taxi,not to mention that she live miles away from my hostel...I owe her a lot...


Sunday, July 21, 2013


Nothing much really happened in my life lately,just that I had fever yesterday,so I didn't go to class but I'm back to college now and tomorrow I'll be going back home again for the weekend...BTW,today something quite amazing happened,you see,my English lecturer asked 2 of us to stand in front of the class every time we have English and we have to speak in English about anything that we want to share,except about our self,our lecturer call it 'the in prompt to  speak' after 2 weeks,today was my turn to speak,yes,I've planned about the topic that I want to talk about(we all did) but I didn't prepare any text or anything since we weren't allowed to do so...well,I got up in front of the class,terribly nervous because I worried that I might bore them...but the thing is,I managed to do it quite okay and my topic was about hope..(I won't write what I said because it's too long and I don't even remember most of it LOL)..I was kinda proud of myself for doing it and my lecturer said that it was,yeah,I did it...but we all have to do it for a few more times about something,that's all for now...I can't wait to go home tomorrow...One other thing that I forgot to tell you all,yesterday,when I was at home having a fever,something happened,something that makes me kinda cheer up a bit..but I won't tell what it is,you have to guess it...but honestly,I was happy to see it....


Friday, July 12, 2013


I'm so sorry for not been updating anything for a few days.I'm just gonna rap everything that had happened to me since the last time I write anything.So basically you already know that I've started   my second semester,so far so good but I'm not in the same section with my previous semester's friends except just three of them,which is not my girl friends,because we got a good results for the final exam and I got the highest grade.. :)..BTW,last Wednesday was the first day of Ramadhan,the fasting month and for the first time I break fast far from my family...and I got the hostel...So,I guess that's just it,everything else was just the usual thing...oh,I forgot to tell you guys that I went to Genting Higlands with my best friends 3 weeks was fun!.....I would like to say thank you to all of you who keep viewing Blog Around The Corner..I really appreciate it... :)


Wednesday, June 26, 2013



I'm going to register for my second semester next's quiet fast,right?? feels like I haven't had enough holiday...that's the first thing that I wanna tell you all and the second thing is that all of my friends and all of the student that's the same batch as me,including most of the seniors(I think) aren't allow to stay at the hostel because the new students are too many.. :O..WTH?!'s crazy,right??....I mean,we all had pay they deposit but now we couldn't stay there?? first,my friend/my roommate wanted to go to our hostel to ask for an empty room but then he said he would just call for it...we'll have to wait and see how it goes...I know that I said I don't like staying at the hostel and I still feel that way but this happen at a last minute,so it's kinda stress me out because we have to find a place to rent because I couldn't travel from home everyday because of the cost and also the time....BTW,I had fun these last few days,I watched 'Man of Steel',I shopped and hang out with A and S and we might hang out again on Tuesday..can't wait!....


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Happy father's day to my dad and to all dad out there... :)....I just want to say,it's sucks when you couldn't share your problems with people,right??...I know that because I'm one of those people that couldn't share problems with people sometimes,especially when the problem involve family..I couldn't share with my friends because they might think my family is horrible and I don't want to ruin my family's reputation and I couldn't share with my best friends because I don't wanna burden them with my problem...*sigh* sucks!...BTW,my whole life,I haven't met someone that I could talk about all my problem to and respond,except my best friends,though I didn't tell them all my problem...I don't know,maybe I will meet that person or maybe I'm just created to keep my own problems and help others with their problems because so far,it looks like that...


Saturday, June 15, 2013


I dreamed about someone...but it's not someone I know,though I didn't saw the face,it's because of  how I feel about that person in my dream...What I really want to tell you all is that this person has the characteristic that interest me,I hope the person is real,despite that my dream was crazy and a bit scary...I don't know exactly how to describe this person's characteristics was but it sure does make me happy and honestly,almost fall in with this particular person..'s ridiculous,right???....but what the hell?it makes me feeling happy... :)



My sister said that I shouldn't be mad at friends for not coming to birthday party...well,it's a lie if say I'm not but I don't feel it anymore,I'm not mad at them anymore,just that it open my eyes to make sure that I'm not gonna put my hopes on them...because all I would get is frustration,so I hope they would do the same thing to me...So I'm not mad at them anymore and since something happened to me earlier today but I won't tell you what it is(sorry) but it does make me kinda happy,made me forget about what had happened on last,yeah,I'm happier now.... :)...Tomorrow I might go for a shopping again..haha...BTW,I haven't ask S about how's his job was so far...that doesn't make me a horrible friend,right???....


Monday, June 10, 2013


Bought all the stuff for my birthday party tomorrow...I’ve invited all my college friends yesterday but none of them reply yet..I didn’t invite my high school friends since they probably won’t even remember me because they didn’t wish my birthday...and besides,if I invited them,I’m pretty sure I’ll feel awkward...A wouldn’t be here tomorrow,since he’s still in Pahang.. :( ...but S said he might come...My sister said I don’t have to invite my other relative except my uncle and aunt because it’s my 21 birthday,I should celebrate it with my friends but I want to because I know that my college friends might not come tomorrow because a lot of them live far from me....but I just did what my sister asked me to...

I party just finished....the person who came to my birthday party was just my aunt and uncle....pretty sad,hah??...S couldn’t come because he went out with his mom to buy a new shirt since he starts his first job tomorrow...Good luck S!!!....but he did stop by for a short while to give me my present... college friends didn’t come,not even one...Actually,I knew that this would happen since this afternoon,when no one ask me how to get to my house.....I was kinda pissed off at my sister...but not anymore because for my sister,maybe she didn’t aspect that my friends wouldn’t come....I guess my college friends is no different than my high school friends...K always remind me to not forget about them,and one day,I want to say to her that I won’t forget my friends,I never was,not even my high school friends,but I know she will...that’s just who they are,they always remind us not to forget but they are the one who will forget because they don’t need our help anymore....but though none of my friends come,I still enjoy my birthday with my family... J...thank u for celebrating with me...
One of my college friends called me just now and he apologized and wish me a happy birthday...I just said thank u and ok...



I write this for a certain people(I’m not gonna mention names),i’m not writing this because I’m mad or something,just that I wanna tell you that I’m there though I know you don’t see me or even notice my existence...haha...maybe it’s my fault for not being out loud or to try to get your attention but you see,I’m not that kind of person(no offends)...I prefer to watch you from far(not creepily),just waiting for the right time to maybe say hi,when you might notice it....The point is,I just want you know that I’m always there,between those tons of people... J...I know it’s silly to write it here but who knows,maybe one day you came across this blog and read this particular update and finally notice me(though I’m not putting my hope so high)....Well,that’s all I wanna say for now...For you and everyone who read this,I hope you’ll have a happy life...


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Sorry for not updating anything for a while,it’s just that I’m kinda busy with my final exam which ended yesterday...yea!...and I also have finished my first semester after all the sweat and tears and stress,i finally did it...There isn’t so much thing to say,just that tomorrow is my 21st birthday.. :P...I’ve plan to have a birthday for me but I have decide the day yet since my family are busy this,we’ll see...BTW,honestly,I don’t really feel relief about finishing my first semester,maybe because I still have 5 more semesters to go and my second semester starts in 3 weeks...but I feel happy because I could stay home for 3 weeks... J...and today to watched ‘Now You See Me’,that movie is amazingly awesome!... J... 


Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm at my hostel right now..("great")..My plan was to go back to my hostel tomorrow,since my exam is on the afternoon but my girl friends asked me to come back today because they said they wanted to study together...but none of them came to meet me though they know that I'm back...and  K apologized to me because her father wanted to meet her tonight,suddenly,because she didn't go back home this week...The thing is,I'm made at them for making me come back here when I should   be at home with my family and my family wouldn't mind if I want to go back to my hostel tomorrow,in the first place...can u imagine how pissed off I am??...but when K asked me if I'm mad(silly question),I said I'm not..WTH?!!!!.....I don't know,maybe because I don't want her to feel   guilty and make her lose her focus on study...but I was suppose to say what I wanted to say,let it out of my chest because I feel mad at them and sad that I'm here when I was to be with my family....

OMG!...Today is the first paper for my final exam and I already made a silly mistake! "amazing"...I hope my grade won't sucks....I haven't tell the truth to my girl friends,I just don't know why but I just couldn't say "yes,I'm mad at you,"...I have to tell you all that maybe some of you might think that I'm acting ridiculous for being mad at them,since that for you,it's just a small matter but for me,it's a huge deal,I don't know if you all realize it but I'm very close with my family,a bit spoiled,that's why I'm mad at them...and maybe some people might say that there's no different between staying at home and staying at my hostel..but actually there is,I'm more comfortable at home than here,in a lot of ways,though I've stayed here for many months...and they took that comfortably by asking me to come back here early to study on my genius was that??(cynically)

Done my second paper..I feel like I did it well but we never know...Tomorrow is my third paper and  also one of the hardest wish me luck...About me and K and my girl friends,we're cool...I said what I wanted to say(most of it) and now everything is fine... :)...Tomorrow after my third paper,I'll be going home..yea!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In about a week,I'm gonna do my final exam.. :O..that means I'm not gonna be in my hostel too often..(that's a good news)...but I'm quite nervous to face the final...wish me luck!...BTW,lately I did or said a few things that I wish I didn't do or say because it was either annoying or was embarrassing... O.o ...I hope people won't remember it so that I could change...I'm at home right now but I'll going back to college tomorrow..."great"..

Yesterday I did something embarrassing and irritating...God,I don't know why I did that..I was kinda lose control...I don't know if I told you guys before but 3 of my girl friends borrowed my English novels about a month or 2 ago,including K and today I asked for them back since they didn't read it so much because they said they don't really understand (own,please)...I'm kinda disappointed with them because I thought they are interested to read...The thing is,I don't really know why but I was kinda more angry at K..I don't know,maybe because she was the one who was excited to borrow my novel,so I gave her 'Eragon',hope that we could share it the story...but I guess not...maybe that's why I was extra mad at her...but I feel kinda guilty too..maybe I'll apologize to her later....I'm on my way home right now...haha....I have apologized to her and she was sorry too....we're ok again... :)


Sunday, May 5, 2013


Well,this week is still a stressful one,though I had already passed most of the challenges because I still have a quiz tomorrow...wish me luck...but yesterday we had fun because it was one of my girl friend's birthday,so we went out for lunch and for a karaoke... "amazing"... :P...I did have fun even though I had a fever at that time but not anymore...thanked God...I have to admit I was stress,kinda is,since there is still a few things that I have to finish...

I had a slight of misunderstanding with my girl friend(the one that I mentioned before),let's just call her 'K',so I had an argument with K,this was a bit different than before,more slightly serious,for the first time...but we managed to solve it tonight and now,we're ok...and I'm going home since there's no class tomorrow but I have a test on Saturday.."amazing"....wish me luck!


Sunday, April 21, 2013


OMG!This week is officially become a horrible week.I said that because,first,I lost my pencil case together with my USB flash drive,my pencils,pens,and other stuff.."amazing"..Second,I received a cheque from the loan thing and I thought it will be a good news but unfortunately,there's some problem about my name on the cheque,so I have to send it back on Monday and God knows when I'll get it back..but I hope as soon as possible..Third,about my student ID,it's a new one but I could take it because I didn't submit the ID form that I don't even remember if someone told me to give it to the administration...I really hope nothing bad will happen anymore..On the good side,I did quite well on the acting yesterday.. :)...and also,I have done my presentation,quizzes and one of my test,though I'm not really satisfied with it....The day after tomorrow,I will have another test,so I'm not going home tomorrow,too bad...Oh,I totally forgot one other thing.Do you remember the girl that I mentioned in 'My Diary:Life as a College Student (8)',one of my girl friend?You see,yesterday,she has a problem with her friends who also my friends and she was hungry last night and wanted to have a dinner with her friends and me but her friends was sleeping and refuse to go,so I kindly accompanied her,since I was hungry too...The thing is,today,she was ok again with her friends and I was asking her when will they go out for dinner,she said at 8 but I was starving and it was about 6.30(almost as the same time as we went out yesterday),so I said I'm going for a dinner now and just said ok.I mean,I don't really mind and I'm not really surprise but I thought she would say "yeah,I'll accompany you,"..but I guess maybe she wasn't,this will be my second reason for me to be isolated,like I was a few weeks ago...

I'm still at my hostel although it's Friday.. :O...because tomorrow morning I have a test.."great"...wish me luck!....About the ID thing,I already took care of it but I will get my new ID next semester...Yesterday,I had this feelings,I don't think it was sadness but it's more of anger because I stupidly didn't continue being quite and isolated...but from now on,I will be,since I have two reasons...


Saturday, April 13, 2013



This week is a busy week for me and my classmates.I have 2 quizzes tomorrow,a presentation,which I have to act(though it’s kinda exciting)on Wednesday and I have a report to do...”amazing”..OMG!!something surprising happened.You see,my plan was that I want to know the time table for my next semester and see if it’s not too crowded,I don’t want to stay in the hostel,I want to travel from my house to college because I still don’t feel comfortable staying here.So,I thought that my plan is a good plan but I just found out this afternoon that we have to decide whether to stay at the hostel or not before this Friday.. “awesome”...’s crazy!!!...I really don’t know what to decide...I wasn’t suppose to think about it now,right??This was suppose to be happen next month or so,right??...I really hate this...

Argh!!!!!I hate this!! I started being talkative again..I hate not just because I’m afraid of acting sissy but it’s just sometimes I might say things hurtful,though not on purpose..I think I’m gonna be quite again,although my friend might think I’m a psycho but at least I won’t say something that I will regret...

I started to feel comfortable... :O....I’m worry that I might get bad again....Well,the decision have been made...I will stay at the hostel for next semester.... “wuppie”..I will pay for the deposit tomorrow....Good news,I’m going back home tomorrow evening...yea!...because my Friday’s class was cancelled... J...I did the acting thing but unfortunately,I didn’t do so well...but luckily our lecturer is nice,so she gave us all a second chance to do better next week..wish me luck!...I was suppose to go home today and come back here tomorrow since 2 of my classes was cancelled too but I was helping my friends with their assignment and then it was raining heavily and I don’t have a transportation... “amazing”..I really can’t wait for tomorrow...


Sunday, April 7, 2013


Remember when I said I wanna lay low?Well,actually it's not really working because the "spotlight" is already on me since I'm one of the 'A' student in my class...but I'm still trying and I do appreciate the attention,just that,you know how I will behave if I'm being too comfortable...I wanted to be a wallflower,though it sounds crazy but I think I'm better like that...BTW,about me being tease at school for acting like a sissy,I never told my family because I don't want them to worry about me,I know they'll freak out if I tell them and they will find those people who called me 'sissy' and,that's why I keep it as secret from my family but my best friends know about it,obviously......

I'm pretty sure that being lay low,isn't working because the attention is still on me and I've started to talk more again...I tried to lay low but my surroundings doesn't let me...Tomorrow I'll be going home for the weekend by commuter but not alone this time,I'll be with one of my girl friends(the one that I mentioned in My Diary:Life As A College Student 1)..I'm thinking about telling her why I acted strange a couple of weeks ago but I don't know if it's the right thing to do.I'm worry that if I told her how I behaved in school,she might see me differently,but maybe not in a bad way...I really don't know...BTW,there's a lot of things about myself that my friends here don't know,like they don't know I like cooking,playing guitar,drawing,write novels and few others...I know all of you must be wondering why I didn't tell them,it is because I just wanna keep it to myself,so that they won't ask me questions or something ,hence,the "spotlight" won't be on me,though it's already is but at least if I don't tell them about my hobby,the attention won't be too much on me...


Sunday, March 31, 2013


Sorry for not updating anything for a long time because I was busy with my mid term tests last 2 weeks and I had a terrible fever.I was travelling back and to college from home everyday that week.And last week was my mid term break and I was recovering from my illness,so I was resting and not doing anything(not really) the entire week but I took a chance to meet with A since he's in on holiday too and I think he still is.We had fun watching movie,'Jack The Giant Slayer',that movie was amazing!...We really had fun,I told him everything about what happened in my life now and all the problems that I have to was great,I wish I could meet him again...

There's 2 things that I told A that I wanna do here,at my college or hostel.I did the first one,just now,which is to cry my eyes out and to let my sadness out,though I'm not so sure if it's all out...but I still haven't get the chance to do the second one,which is to speak in English with my friends.I'm not trying to brag or anything,just that me and my best friends always speak in English to each other,so I wanna do the same here but I don't really have the guts to do it.I told my lecturer about it and she said I should just maybe I will..wish me luck!...about me crying thing,don't tell anyone,ok?... 

I watched 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' yesterday and it hit me,makes me realize how I had behave here in college when I feel too comfortable.You see,when I was in school,I acted kinda like a sissy(not on purpose) and because of that people always tease me.I hate myself or acting the way I did,so I plan not to behave the same way but I'm worry that I might acted sissy when I'm too comfortable without realizing it,though so far not one tease me of being sissy...the thing is,I kinda trying to be alone and not feeling too comfortable but my girl friends think that I'm mad at them.I want to tell them the truth but I'm afraid they might not understand,so I really don't know what to do....


Monday, March 4, 2013


I'm back to college.. "amazing"...There's something I wanna tell you all,something that make me feel kinda guilty.You see,everyone in my college knows my name,Zac,so a few of my guy friends,started calling me Zac Efron,especially when they found out I like to play basketball...but the thing is,I never said or admit that I like and adore Zac Efron..I mean,I didn't say I hate him but I also didn't say I adore I feel like I'm lying to myself.The reason why I don't say anything is because I'm afraid that they might think I'm being ridiculous for using the name of the person I adore....I know for some people like myself and my best friends would totally understand but people here are kinda short minded...just,do you think what I did was a good thing or should I just admit that I do adore Zac Efron??.. *sigh*

OMG!....I did something that make me feel so guilty(again)...I cheated on my quiz!!! :O...I've never did something like that before...but it wasn't just me,my friends ans a lot others(I'm sure) also cheated...but for me,it's a huge deal...I feel so,so guilty....about that Zac Efron thing,they keep calling me Zac Efron and somehow,try to make me admit that I adore him...though it's true,I can't admit that to them,they'll laugh at me because they are short-minded person...There's 2 thing I wanna tell you all.First,I brought my laptop to college because I have a presentation to do tomorrow..but sadly,there's not internet connection in my room,so if I wanna online,I have to go to the lobby... "amazing"....I don't really know why but I feel like I wish my laptop is at home,so that i would feel excited when I'm going back home(other than to meet my family)...strange,right??I'm also worry that someone might stole my laptop(hopefully not),that's why I don't tell everyone that I brought my laptop...Second thing is,I think I might have a fever..but I hope it won't get any worse..

I felt like an ass yesterday because my friend told me that her friend(who is also my friend)said I'm different that who I was a month ago and that differences is not really a good thing because yesterday I was like mad at them for like the whole time.I don't know if I realize it or not but it was horrible.I said sorry to my friend but not yet to the others but they didn't seem to hold a grudge on me...I felt terrible for what I did...and what hit me the most is when she said(nicely) "Is this who you really are?"..I was speechless...but I know that's not who I am..I'm not trying to make an excuse but the reason that I was grumpy,could be because of my sore throat(I get moody every time I have it) and a small part(maybe) of anger towards them for meeting me late for an hour the day before yesterday,one of them said that they want to do the discussion at 11.30 am but they met me at 12.30 pm..(but I didn't say that I was mad at them) maybe that's the reason and also maybe because of my fever...I don't know but everything is fine now..just that I'm trying to pull myself slightly away from them,so that I won't "lose control" again....


Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm so sorry for not updating anything for like awhile,that is because I was busy with the loan application,which is very complication and a lot of stuff to do....I skipped class yesterday,3 classes to be exact...I did that all because I have to go home to finish the application that requires the  signature of  the commissioner of oath... :O..."amazing"..Now I'm back to college,I arrived yesterday night by commuter and I'll be sending the forms today...hopefully everything is ok...I'll be going going back home tomorrow... :P...I should tell you that I might  not be able to update 'Blog Around The Corner' starting next week because I already have an assignment to do,plus next month will be my mid term test,so I'll be busy studying,I might not have time to write...but we'll see about that...


Saturday, February 16, 2013


I had fun on my holiday(from Friday to Tuesday),I hang out with my best friends,we ate at Nando's :P,I miss them so much but we had the chance to talk about our life....On Monday,me,my brother and 3 of my sisters,went to Malacca on the afternoon and went back home at night.It was fun,though tiring.We had the chance to shop and ate was great... :)...I can't wait for my next break...Sadly,I will going back to college tomorrow morning because I have class at 12 p.m... :(..BTW,I have a fever,luckily it isn't so bad...

Woke up at 6 a.m.Get ready to go back to college by commuter...I arrived at my hostel at 9....Though I've stayed here for like a month(kinda),I still can't think of this as my second home yet...strange...My friends and my roommates asked me to join them play footsal at midnight tonight..but I said no because I have fever,though it's not so bad but I don't think I have the strength to play it,much less I'm not good at footsal or they are gonna play tonight and leave me in my room alone.."amazing"...I hope everything will be ok..wish me luck...

Last night was horrible,I couldn't really sleep well...I wanted to sleep at the room next door(the one that share bathroom with me),I knocked a couple of times but no answer.They were already I try to sleep in my own room.I told my sister that I couldn't sleep and she suggested that I read the novel that I bought,so I did...luckily it did helped me but not so much,I still woke up for like every half an hour and at about 4 a.m.,I woke up and couldn't sleep again,so I read but this time I was really luckily because as I'm about to fall asleep,my roommates came back,so I finally sleep well...This morning would be the first time I ever made my own Milo drink here,before this I just go and buy it...


Friday, February 8, 2013


Back to college after I spent my weekend at home...Thank goodness I can sleep well here last night,hopefully tonight and any other night too...I will be freaking busy this week because I have to assignments and 2 quizzes... *sigh*...Luckily our Chinese New Year holiday starts this Saturday until next Tuesday... :)...I hope I could go home early this Friday,not like last week,since that I'm going back by commuter again,last week my family picked me up....I really hope everything will be ok....wish me luck with everything....

OMG! I just have the awkward or freaky experience.You see,there's this few girls talked to me,they were like "very friendly",so they creep me out a bit.They took my phone number and they borrowed my marker pen today,the first time we meet.How weird is that??,long story short,I just hope I don't have to sit with them again because they made me feel uncomfortable....

Done 1 presentation,1 more to go...I still have 1 more quiz,which is tomorrow...Out of all the presentation that I've done,I think today is the best,I feel satisfied with it... :)...Since that it is holiday next week for 2 days,one of my roommate who's from Terengganu,want to go back to his home town today and he's living tonight... :O...I do feel jealous but I was surprise because he's one of my group for the presentation tomorrow..I'm not mad at him because he haven't go back home for like,asked my other group member to cover for him...wish me luck..BTW,after like a month I'm here,it never really rain but it starts to rain since this Monday morning,but not continuously(thank God)...strange,right??...


Saturday, February 2, 2013


I'm in college for like 3 weeks now.I got a few assignments to do.. "amazing"...Everything is ok so far...but I miss my best friends,I haven't call or text them for a while now...Funny story,there's these 2 senior(but they are younger than me),girls,wanna be friends with me(awkward),they texted me a couple of times,just talking...but it's ok,maybe I could refer to them if I don't understand something.. :)...About the girl that I mentioned before,my sisters kept teasing me with her,like they think I have a feelings for her or something...owh,please...I don't like,like her...we're just friends...OMG!I have a presentation tomorrow morning!..I'm so nervous...I've done it before(presentation) but it didn't went so well,so I'm worry it might goes the same..but hopefully not..wish me luck...

OMG!Something scary just happened in my class.It was on the first class..ok,I'm just gonna be straight of my classmates,a girl,was possessed by a demon or a ghost,I don't know.It was a bit terrifying for me because it was the first time I ever saw something like this happen right in front of me,not to mention that she pushed my table until it fell down with my other stuff...they said it happened because that thing was in the class but later,they said they saw it in the girls' hostel....actually they(the girls) was being disturbed since a few days ago and so is a few guys at our hostel..thanked God it didn't happen to me..lets hope it will never happen to me...I've said to myself and my sister before that if I'm being disturb by that thing,I will not gonna stay here anymore,even the slightest disturbance...

I couldn't sleep well last night,I don't know why,maybe because I was thinking too much about that thing,since we(me and a few of my classmates) talked about it last night...I can't wait for tomorrow,though I have to go home late afternoon tomorrow because there will be a briefing about our student loan that I want to apply.. "amazing"...BTW,I really hope I can sleep well tonight and any other night..


Monday, January 28, 2013


I'm so sorry for not updating anything last week,it's because I was busy with assignments and quiz and "amazingly",I left my diary at home last week...I wish I could tell all of you what happened every second of my life in college but obviously it's quite hard to do,so what I can do is to write what I can about my everyday life or if something big happen...So,I'll try to update Blog Around The Corner this week...I want to say thank you to all of you who keep viewing Blog Around The Corner though there isn't any new update,I hope you'll keep on what you're doing and keep supporting Blog Around The Corner... :)...Wish me luck in college...:)

P/S:You all are the best,love all of you.. <3


Saturday, January 19, 2013


Let me tell you my college life so far.First,my roommates.I have 2 roommates,one of them live not so far from my home.They both are ok,though it's new,who knows what would happen next.Second,my studies.Everything's ok,I can cope with it and as you already knew,I had a presentation yesterday and I still have report to write.Third is lecturers,they are all ok,some of them are really nice.So I hope that will help me focus on my studies and have a good grades.And then,there's my classmates,well the girls are nice to me but the guys,some of them are acting like children and I think they are jealous of me because most of the girls like to hang with me...but I don't care if they do because they should be jealous..haha..Last is my college,as you know,it's quite far from my hostel,so yeah,it's tiring to walk back and forth everyday but it's a good exercise.. :P..but all and all,everything is fine.So,that's all for now.I'll update again later...



Today's the day guys...I slept at 1 a.m. last night and woke up at about 6 a.m. this morning...It took us(me,my brother,my dad and my sister)about an hour to get there...As soon as I arrived,I have to fill up a few forms..after about an hour,I finally checked in to my hostel...Each room has 3 students and for every 2 rooms has 2 bathrooms,share..."amazing",right?...We are allow to make a complain about our room if there's damage or something and I did made a complain about our doorknob and it's already changed but after a few hours,the door was jammed,we couldn't get in,luckily there was this facilitators and they helped us out through the next door room because our  bathroom is connected...One problem solved but then there's another,unfortunately one of our bathroom cannot be locked and I told the facilitator and he said they'll get it done..what he told me was right,I should have checked it earlier(but he said it not in a harsh way)..."genius",I orientation starts at 5 p.m.,which is in about half an hour..wish me luck...

I'm so sorry for didn't update anything on Blog Around The Corner,it's because I forgot to bring my diary back home on Friday...Right now,I'm back at my hostel..My class start tomorrow.. :(...The truth is,I didn't got a chance to write everyday last week because I was busy with orientation.So all I could say is,my orientation went well,though exhausting.I was chosen as a group leader for the orientation and unfortunately my teammates was horrible...but everything was ok..I went home last Friday.I miss my family so much and I hope I could go home again next weekend..wish me luck...oh BTW,my roommates are ok so far...

OMG! I got a few shocking news.First,I have "hostel" orientation every night starting tonight until Wednesday night! WTH!'s freaking ridiculous!..I hope it's not something horrible because if it is,I'm not definitely not going to stay here...Second,both of my roommates are in the same class as mine....what?!...I was hoping we're not because it'll be too boring and annoying to see the same faces everyday...Right now,I'm in my room,eating crackers for breakfast because I don't have the appetite to eat something heavy..BTW,our bathroom is still the same but they already told me how to really close it....Finished all classes for today.In one of the classes,I'm in the same group with one of my roommate.. 'amazing"...but I rather choose that than be in the same group with one of my horrible orientation group...I have assignment to do...again,"amazing"...Tonight,at 10 p.m. until 12 a.m.,is the hostel orientation...argh!!!!!....My plan is,if the orientation is too ridiculous or too exhausting,I'm gonna pretend like I have gastric,since I do have the history of it...wish me luck...

There isn't so much to say,just that it's tiring to walk for about 400 meters to my college..imagine that...I found a few new acquaintance ...yea!(not really)...The truth is,I don't whether it's because there are too much to write or too little that makes me not very eager to write it here...but don't worry,I will try my best to write.. :)...BTW,I have to act/perform tonight for the orientation...wish me luck...Tomorrow,is the last day of hostel orientation..yea!...My act was,well,pretty ok,though I don't have a lot of dialogue but I was confident than I expected.. :)

One of the member of my group assignment kinda like show off,he act like he's smart and like everything else is not important..WTH?!...I think,between the 3 of us,I am the one who is excited to finish the assignment but my roommate was ok but the worst was that guy..I really hope our presentation went well tomorrow and I could do the report amazingly...Now,I'm gonna get ready for the last day of hostel orientation..I forgot to tell you that I was late to class this morning.I was mistaken with the time table,I thought my class starts at 10 a.m. but it was actually at 9 a.m..."amazing"..I lost RM4 to pay for the cab to take to college....The orientation is done!yea!,I just have to worry about my presentation for assignment tomorrow..wish me luck..

I have this girl,she wants to be friends with me because she told me(through text)that I often being alone.She's one of my classmates.I told her ok and today,when I was walking back home,her friends insisted me to walk with the girl,so,ok,I did and we talked about each other a bit...but honestly,I was so embarrass.She didn't believe me when I said I'm not always quite,that I'm funny and like to tease people sometimes...but overall it was ok...About my presentation,it went ok but not very satisfying because the lecturer asked me a question that I didn't know or taught yet...BTW,I have spent about RM50++ for reference books and I still have to buy a few more for about another RM100++..."great".I really have to control my expenses.I know my family won't be happy if I told them that but I want to because I know we didn't have a lot of money but so far,I have enough food to make me blown up..haha...


Monday, January 7, 2013

MY DIARY (192)

2 more days and I'm gone to college.. :(..Tomorrow would be the last day I'll be updating 'My Diary' until weekend,if I could go home on weekend...I should tell you all that when I'm in college,'My Diary' will be change to 'My Diary: Life As A College Student',since I am in college..I hope you like it...I also hope everything will be ok and I can go home on weekend..wish me luck..

Today is the last day before I start my new life and today is the last day for 'My Diary'.Starting tomorrow,it will change to a new name..There's a lot I'm gonna miss :( ...My sister asked me if I'm excited about studying and I said no because I feel nervous and sad more than excited and I think I don't feel excited at all...I got some last minute stuff to do,I still have to finish packing.. *sigh*...I'm done packing.Tomorrow is the day...wish me luck..


Sunday, January 6, 2013

MY DIARY (191)

The result is here and I'm healthy,just a slight problem in my urine but don't worry,it's nothing terrible... :)..I'm leaving in about 3 days.. :(...There's not so much things to do.I'm halfway done packing,maybe I'll finish it by Monday...I'm sure I'll miss a lot of things and people...I might be coming back home on weekend,if there isn't any activities or stuff that I have to do,lets hope I'll be free on next weekend...


Saturday, January 5, 2013

MY DIARY (190)

I was so busy these past few days to prepare for my college but I always find a way to update Blog Around The Corner..but still,I'm freaking tired.Luckily,not so much thing left..thank God...I hope there won't be much problem...BTW,I did an X-ray today and took a urine test yesterday for my college (ridiculous).It was awkward as hell because I never done any of it before.The result is not here yet,maybe tomorrow.I hope I don't have any health problem...I will go to the clinic for medical check-up and to get the result for my urine test tomorrow..wish me luck...


Friday, January 4, 2013

MY DIARY (189)

I know now why I always feel sad or depress every time I got accepted to a college..yes,it is because I don't want to let go of my life but it's also because I know I would feel nervous,like I am right now.I feel nervous everyday and I'm tired of it but I couldn't get rid of it because it's always there...and the horrible thing is,when I'm in college,I don't have the thing to cheers me up like I have here.At home,when I feel down or nervous or sad,I always have something that help me be happy again,like my laptop and the internet of course...but when I'm in college,how am I suppose to do that??My sister told me to bring the laptop there but I said not yet,I want to make sure that it's safe and suitable to bring it,so meanwhile,I will have to either find another alternative or just pretend that everything is fine... *sigh*

Thursday, January 3, 2013

MY DIARY (188)

I'm tired,I just got back from a bank after 2 and half hours there and was treated horribly by an asshole Indian women who work there..WTH?!!...When I was there,I feel like I wanna throw up because I never did a registration at a bank by myself.I felt that not because I was sick but maybe I was nervous and tired and maybe I was kinda sad  that I'm going in about 6 days and I still have a few stuff to do..I don't know really...but now I'm at home and I really need something to cheer me up...Oh,I forgot to tell you that A called me on new year's eve,he got home sick..poor guy..we talked until midnight and wished each other a happy new year...


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MY DIARY (187)

It's the first day of 2013! I really hope this year will bring happiness and joy to everyone and myself..I'm going to college in exactly 1's sad,I know :(...but I have to do this,I want to do this,it's the right thing to do...but I hope everything will be ok,no more problems,no more stress thing and mostly,no more bad things will happen..wish me luck...BTW,I just got back from my cousin's son's birthday party.I had fun there,the food was quite delicious and so is the cake.. :)..That's all for today,Happy New Year Everyone!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MY DIARY (186)

Today is the last day of 2012,it's kinda sad to say goodbye to this year,since from my point of view,it was a great year for me.I got a job,I went to a vacation,twice :),I met a few new people and other awesome things that had happened...Tomorrow would be a start of something new and also means that I'm leaving in about a week..I really hope 2013 would be a much,much better year for me,my family and to everyone... :)



HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!!!!!!!!