Monday, November 21, 2011


My leg is getting better,thank God...About the 3 of us going out tonight is still not 100% confirm because S said he might not make it but I don't know....we just have to see about it.BTW,listening to 'Holes Inside' by Joe this song!...I did something crazy today but  I have to do it because that's the only way to not live in the past..eventhough at first I was doubting it but now I feel relief... :) We didn't go out tonight because A is stuck at somewhere far away,so we cancelled it but I did say goodbye to S(by text)...Luckily,he will have his break on Christmas,for a week....Yea!!!!

My nephew cam yesterday,he actually stay at my house until I can only online at midnight because if not,he will want to use it and watch YouTube...imagine that,YouTube...he's only 8 but he want to watch YouTube but just watching cartoons obviously.....we sometimes messing with each other but  mostly he started it..LOL..but actually he's kinda adores me..hahahahahaha... :P This afternoon,I saw a girl with her boyfriend and that girl looks like the girl that I know(the one that mentioned in 'Mood=:(')..I was so surprised.She went to the shop next I was like talked to myself "Is that her?"..and when she walks to her car,I looked again but she's not the same girl that I know...I'm not sad because if that's her,I'm just ok with that and if she's not,I'm still ok.... :)