Thursday, December 22, 2011


I did something amazing today,well..maybe not so amazing and the thing is,I repaired a pair of glasses and  I did it quite successfully but my boss didn't say anything...usually(well,not usually,just twice I think)if I did something good,he would say "you did it,"but not this time...this was something I never did and I did it pretty good but he didn't say anything..isn't it "amazing"?..The other FAOCW came and I didn't got a chance to insult her too because she came with her family but as usual,I made a disgust look...this one,honestly,she looks like a pig...seriously,her head is small but her body is huge and fat...and today she wore pink...a complete combination... :)



It's official,I have a's started yesterday and now it's still the's not getting better and right now I'm working...sad,isn't it??Eventhough I'm not feeling well but I still managed to post a story about Zac yesterday,I wanted to post about Vanessa but her story was with Austin Butler,which I think not suitable to post here,right??since that this is a Zanessa's blog...I hope I will feel better tomorrow...One of the freak ass old Chinese woman came tonight,she picked her own glasses..I didn't got a chance to insult her because my boss is here and she being nice to me but all I got to do is,I looked her in disgust...I don't know if she saw,I'm waiting for the other one to come... :)

I'm still not feeling very well but still,I'm at work...I didn't get a chance to update my blog yesterday,maybe I'll do it today but I don't know,we'll see about it....I don't really know why but  I'm thinking about something and that something is,have you ever feel like you know someone and like them for who they are but then you found out that they are not who we thought they are??..well,I did,eventhough it's hard to admit but I have to say,it'd hurt like hell...but I got through(I think),I cured myself but we can't never forget what happened...I know that I've and a lot more people said "Forget the past," we said it because it's the right thing to say to make people feel better,but we all know that we can't forget the past..we can not live in the past but we can't never forget the past because the past is a part of our life..unless you had memory lost or something... :)