Monday, December 19, 2011


Now I really feel like I'm having a fever..but hopefully it's not gonna happen because I can't not go to work because of fever again...oh God,please don't let me get the fever :( ...I didn't post anything about Zac or Vanessa since I've started writing about myself..I hope I could blog about htem tomorrow.. :) ...I haven't heard from G or 'It',maybe they're busy..I don't really mind because if they did contact me,I'm not so sure if I have time to reply or call back,I'm kinda busy myself :P ...Right now,I'm controlling not to burst into a big laughing,you see,I have this customer,he's a Chinese guy,he came to my shop with his family...they live in Australia because of his brother is studying there or something..the funny thing is,this guy,he's acting like some white hip hop guy,I know he's pretending to be when obviously he's pure should see this guy,the way he dress,the way he walk,he's like in a wrong trend at a wrong place.. LOL..what a funny guy :) ...I hate those 2 freak ass old Chinese women,which is also my customer..I don't know why,because they were speaking in Chinese but they laughed at me,like really laugh...I was talking to myself like "What the hell?"...they were crazily laugh,eventhough I don't know what they said,but I know they were laugh at me...what an asshole are they??but u  know  what,when they'll come back to collect their glasses,I will get my revenge..hahahaha...I'm so determine to learn Chinese right now,so that I could understand what they say and insult them in a language they don't understand..but that would be in English of course,I'm sure they don't understand it  from they way how trashy they are..LOL..BTW,I've finished reading "The Novice",overall it's ok but there's one part that frustrated me...but still,it's a great novel... :)