Saturday, December 31, 2011


OMG!!! 1 day to new year!!! I might get my salary tomorrow.. yea!!..I think I'm gonna text A & S to confirm about tomorrow night,I wanna ask them to hang out.... :) A is confirmed to go but A is still haven't decide...Speaking off new year's eve,do you remember my sister,the one that I had a fight with but not the recent one,the one that I had fight with a few weeks ago???.....Well,she watched 'new year's eve' last Wednesday and she said that the movie was amazing..and since that,she was like "I wanna watch new year's eve again,"for a few I said to her "That's a bit overacting," and then she said "Well,I like that movie because it's good,not like you(me),you like ti because of Zac Efron," I was like,what??..I mean,I do like new year's and it's just because of Zac Efron,that movie is awesome but I'm not overrated like her....but we didn't argue,we're ok right now..I'm just telling you guys because I feel like I want to share it...I'm thinking whether I should apologize to my sister or not because tomorrow is new year's eve and it's about second what do you guys think??Should I do it or just continue ignoring her like she ignores me????

Happy new year's eve everyone!!!..OMG,I'm not so sure if the three of us c ould go out tonight because A's grandmother came to visit him...I tried texting A but his phone is switch off...I'm still not confirm about tonight...I think I'm not gonna apologize to my sister but maybe some other time because it's seems a bit funny,you know because it's new year's eve and that's why I want to apologize to her,it's funny,sounds fake....LOL...Maybe I'll apologize later or just wait until we both forget about why we were fighting...LOL..OMG!!!..I'm celebrating new year on my own...I mean I could celebrate it with my family but my family isn't going anywhere,so I would go out,alone because all my BFFs are celebrating with their family,so that left me alone.."genius",right???.. :( but it's ok,maybe this is a chance for me to watch a movie alone because I sometimes feel like watching movie by myself....Sad story,I didn't watch any movie because all movies are on midnight and tomorrow i have to go to right now I'm at my house,online....but it's ok because I could update my blog.... :)HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!