Monday, November 14, 2011


2 days ago,G texted me and asked me to buy her a phone credit.She said she'll pay me back..This is actually the second time...The first time,I helped her and she paid me back but this time I didn't because I was short of money but what I told her was,"I'm busy"..I don't know why I did that...G wanted it so much because she said that her friend texted her and apologized,so she needs to texted her friend back because G's friend said "If you accept my apology,text me back"(so ridiculous)..G said that her other friend and her brother didn't want to help her and she said she was too lazy to go and buy it(WTH) to me,she was like "Pleaseee" and I said  "I see what I can do" but I didn't buy her that credit because I don't have enough money.....I wonder why she didn't force her friend to buy it,like he did to me????.........Besides that,she also said that she's not texting with other guys because her mom will check her phone,her mom was asking her about I said to her "What did you say?",she didn't answer my question,she just said to me"I couldn't say boyfriend because you never say that we are a couple"...I was like surprise,so I said to her"I thought we already decided to be just friends,besides,you want Chinese and I want Vanessa Hudgens,"and I asked her again what she said to her mom but she didn't reply...Hmmm weird but you know what,I don't care.Lately,I didn't try to be too nice to her,just like I was nice to her but at the same time I was kinda messing with her,just like what friends do...OMG!!!!!!!!!Tomorow is the big day,first day on the making of house model... LOL


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