Thursday, October 11, 2012

MY DIARY (152)

Earlier today,I went to the 7-Eleven to buy a credit top-up.There were a few girls at the counter.I asked the first girl for the credit and while I was waiting for her to do it,I went to the back to buy some candy and when I got back to the counter,the other girl scanned my candy,so I pay for it but she didn't scanned my top-up,so I wait and instead of asking me,she asked the other girl why I was still standing and when I saw it,I quickly about the top-up and you know what she said?She said "Oh,you can talk?I thought you can't.What planet are you from?...WTH!..but me,being a stupid polite boy,just laugh and walk away.I should slap that girl in the face.She didn't know the different of being weird...

My sister starts to realize that I'm being different.She asked me why,she thought maybe I need some space,that they're bugging me but all I said was "Nothing".I couldn't say that I'm keeping a secret or I need them to listen to me,it might be weird or awkward.After a few times she asked me and I gave the same answer,we then decided to change the topic..


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