Sunday, March 15, 2015


Once again, I would to say I'm so sorry for not writing anything for a few days because you all know that this semester it a tough one and I had a lot of assignments to do even though it's my mid semester break(but it's all done now), so that's why I couldn't update anything but now I'm free until tomorrow and I will be back to my new house on Monday("awesome")...I went to the Graduation Night last Tuesday and it all went well,I got the Best Student Award(I got to get on stage) and I had a great time, with people taking my pictures,I feel like a celebrity...haha...I spent a lot of time with my family too,we went out for dinner a couple of times but of course,other times I had to use it to finish my assignments...I don't know if I told you this before but Y and I are starting to talk again but not so much as before and yesterday night when she text me,I almost kinda sorta told her the reason why I stay away from her but she didn't really get it...and as for others,I only answer their questions if it's really important. On Monday is our Dean's List Award and they are doing it at 2 p.m. which I have class on that time and we have a lot of assignments to submit on that I don't know if I will go and I don't know if NZ will go,because he's my ride....but my sister said,if I don't go,it's must be sad for K because this is her first time and she probably wants me to be there but even so,I won't be sitting with her on that day because I have to sit at other table because we don't have the same grade....but I don't know,we'll see....Anyhow,I would also like to say thank you to those who viewed Blog Around The Corner and cause my pageviews to increase to 12 500++ and thank you also to those who have commented on Blog Around The Corner...I really appreciate your support. Keep viewing and commenting on Blog Around The Corner!



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